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  1. yep, looks like a mallet cover. It is a limited run cover made by SWAG golf and they sell out very quickly. Cost will vary based on the release numbers. secondary market costs are in the $165 and up range. https://swag.golf/collections/headcovers
  2. No the decade app doesn't do this, but Scott provides lots of videos that show how to do that. If you know DECADE, the circles really aren't important for an approach shot. He uses them mostly for education to explain why you are picking specific targets. DECADE instructs you on how to identify the right green target. For tee shot, using google earth can provide a lot of help. He goes through that aspect on his youtube channel in a sample video.
  3. I didn't think you were being argumentative. We are just having a discussion on course strategy and how we see things and possibly help people play better. 22 yards wide is relatively standard size and will fit a normal dispersion pattern. 115 yard shot starts to give you a green light to go pin hunting. unless it is placed close to edges. With red pin location the yellow target seems right.
  4. yep, steering toward DECADE type stragegy. Seems like you are looking at everything correctly on this hole. Lets look at more details. Your first post was about stroke gained and losing shots; par on this hole loses you .1 strokes and based on your description par is a good score and you should walk off happy with that score. The strokes gained number reinforces that. Based on the quoted post: Short Is dead, long is dead, left is dead, right is meh. Google earth shows this green is 15 yard wide and 30 yard deep. Drawing in a dispersion pattern that is probably close to accurate; it will skew long left and short right as shown by the circle. At 142 yards with a 15 yard wide green you want to be slightly right of the greens midline from front to back to favor the right miss since every other direction is dead. Target line for the green in the picture below is probably just left of the right bunker. If the pin is back, you can probably move the line a few yards left. you mention being on the right tier; based on a dispersion pattern like the one shown, some will be on the right tier and some won't.
  5. you are still aiming at flags, just accounting for the draw and not taking the total dispersion pattern into consideration. This potentially results in difficult up and downs and the lost strokes gained shots that you talked about in the first post. My point wasn't that Jiminez was aiming at a spot to hit the flag, but aiming at a spot to minimize the chance for a bogey.
  6. I've seen shot by shot mapping of Tiger's strategy in tournaments in conditions where the announcers said he was pressing or had to work shots into pins. Shot mapping did not show this to be true; he followed the same strategy as prior rounds with no deviation. This is the strategy that many players on tour are following. From a ball flight perspective, like you said, playing a stock shot is probably the best approach....definitely off the tee and probably in 95+% of the shots you hit elsewhere. Tiger's real strength was his ability to not let the situation sway his strategy; he had the best mental game and was able to maintain it for 72 holes.
  7. I think there is more going on with that one club than just the grip. All the other Ping clubs fairly consistent and could be tweaked. My guess is that to fix the 8 iron correctly it would require a new head. Wonder what the individual weights of all the components are in relation to spec weight. Grip a little higher, head a little lower, shaft trimmed in the wrong spot and you get way off on the SW.
  8. Not really just your personal opinion. Stats show that the way to score better is bogey and worse avoidance and not more birdies.
  9. You can play whatever strategy you want but how do you know he was aiming at the flag? He could have been aiming 20 feet right and pulled the shot. What is more important to understand is the dispersion pattern. Here are Rory and JT hitting 50 shots from 148 yards on a tee with no on course pressure; look at the total dispersion of balls. https://www.golfdigest.ie/news/rory-mcilroy-and-justin-thomas-had-100-attempts-to-make-a-hole-in-one-and-the-results-were-staggering
  10. From my understanding tip weights are standard practice for doing what you want to accomplish.
  11. You cannot just look at a clubs loft and determine if it will fill the gap; you have to know the distance and hit the club to determine what club fills that spot. As you switch clubs it could be a club with more, less, or the same loft as the club above it or below it in the bag. With a hybrid you generally have setting you can change to alter loft to help dial in distance.
  12. It isn’t aim at the center; it is aiming at the correct spot based on dispersion. Everyone hits balls left and right of their target and by a wider margin than they want to believe. I also don’t know you green sizes. The reason I asked how far you think you should be front the hole is people very often have unreal expectations. And based on your answer I am guessing you really think you should be closer than you are hence this thread. PGA tour average proximity to the hole is 37.6’; from 125-150 the average is 23.6’ and they hit the green on average 70% of the time; from 50-125 they average 19.1’ from the hole. Arccos stats are fine, but let’s look at the numbers it is based on. I don’t know the baseline for Arccos but Strokes gained numbers on the PGA tour are: 150 - 2.95, 140 - 2.91, 130 - 2.88, 120 - 2.85….. note they are all under 3. LPGA dips below 3 at 130 so that means if you don’t birdie from 150 and in you are losing strokes. Here is a great example ; let’s say every approach shot you had was 100 yards and you got a par on every hole. You shot 72 but lost 3.6 strokes because stroke gained for 100 yards is 2.8
  13. While one of the moderators posted how selections are made, I am sensing you don’t know how to apply. If you could provide more details on the issue, someone could help you through the process
  14. So are the birdies that everyone wants.
  15. First goal should be to hit more greens which may Mean not shooting at all the pins. let me ask this: how close do you expect to hit the ball from these distances. I personally don't think this is a single answer so break it down however you normally would break something like this down.
  16. cnosil


    Low scores being posted. These pros are definitely good!
  17. Monte Scheinblum; he is an instructor that has developed some videos to help the average golfer. Use the bounce is his big short game video. The No Turn Cast Drill is his big full swing instruction. You can find the early videos of the drill by searching for “Monte no turn cast”. He has a new version; which is what very one is discussing and is it very inexpensive. https://video.rebelliongolf.com/programs/noturncast?utm_medium=social&utm_source=linktree&utm_campaign=no turn cast! - the definitive move for your swing!
  18. I know you said new, but for me, the joy of clubs isn’t unwrapping the clubs but the new clubs themselves. I agree you don’t want a beat up set, but you can get high quality used clubs. Being in the US I don’t know the European market but the advise you got about not fitting and just finding something from the last few years is probably a good direction. If you want new, the I would look at Sub70, they have a European presence: https://sub70golf.nl
  19. you're losing strokes, are you missing greens and trying to hit more? Are you hitting greens and just not getting it close? short isn't bad if there is trouble long. I'd personally reassess the strategy of aiming at every flagstick; but that is just me. I think you need to have a better understanding of why you are losing the strokes. There has to be more too it that just saying 150 and in.
  20. My clubs are what seem to work for me so I guess they were selected to match the conditions I normally play. I don't swap clubs out based on conditions.
  21. I'd challenge you to look a little deeper and see if your swing is really why you are losing those strokes. What is your proximity to the hole from say 30-75 yards, 75-125, and 125-175? Are you shooting at pins or are you selecting good targets and not trying to force shots to make birdies?
  22. I am going to give you a little different perspective about the wrist set. I am sure that there are lots of approaches and thoughts, but Mark Crossfield made a video the resonated with me and helped stop me from trying to cock the wrists too much. I think it is a great visual on setting the wrists.
  23. Wonder how much Garmin's R10 device pushed Bushnell to get into this market.
  24. Final match of my companies golf league regular season; we got the win which will keep my team at least tied for the division lead. Assuming the other two teams win we will finish third based on tie breakers. Top 8 from each division make the playoffs. But how did I play? Course handicap is a 1; ended up 3 over for round. My ball striking was some of the best I have had in a long time. Hit one terrible shot (50 yard pitch that I chunked) that resulted on a bogey. 39 (6 pars 3 bogies) 3/7 fairways (none of the misses were terrible). 7/9 GIR 19 putts (1 3 putt)
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