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  1. 8 feet sensor to ball and 8 feet of ball flight. Have seen some recommendations that a room that is 16x10x10 is the minimum size.
  2. I am in to give people the opportunity to not end up on the bottom.
  3. a lot of people aren't aware that they should do that. People always ask the purpose of the towel when it appears in putting posts on instagram and twitter. https://golf.com/instruction/putting/practice-putting-green-etiquette-rules/
  4. The above post sums it up pretty well. Remember, if you are going to be standing in the same spot while practicing you should put down a towel to prevent damaging the green.
  5. Mark crossfield just posted a video and states he saw no performance difference when comparing an armlock and standard putter on puttlab.
  6. Harry asked me how far you hit your driver
  7. Are you referring to Craig Farnsworth? Based on what I have learned vision and perception have a lot to do with how we putt. There are quite a few instructors that teach setting up, based on how you see the line, it doesn’t “fix” anything but teaches you how to setup to see the line if the putt better. Mike Malaska has a few videos that explain this and a few other instructors such as Bruce Rearic and Phil Kenyon teach about adjusting younsetup to see the line correctly.
  8. Yes there are elevation changes. I don’t play the courses often enough to have that kind of detail but I’ll ask Harry if he has any tips to playing the courses.
  9. You seem to have answered your own question. Tape buildup is probably your best option
  10. wanted to make sure we were talking about the same thing Toe hits can be cause by raising your hands, moving your hands closer to your body, weight shifting back, etc. Neither lie angle or path are a direct cause of hitting the ball off the toe; they are more related to ball flight.
  11. A lie board doesn't really reflect path; it tells you what part of the sole hits the ground. your path might not be why you are hitting it on the toe. you can hit the center with an inside out or an outside in swing. Forgiving doesn't mean that you will get the exact same distance with an off center strike; it means you won't lose as much distance. Or maybe I don't know what you mean by a "hitting board."
  12. I know you were joking; but did want to explain that I wasn't just trying it for no reason.
  13. congrats @GolfSpy_APH; well deserved. Since you are now a moderator that means you can't use the golden ticket; if you want to gift it to someone I'd be happy to receive it; Just don't use it as trade bait for fantasy golf players
  14. I get what you are saying, but it is something that my coach has recommended and not a self diagnosis. While trying to diagnose my toe strikes, he discovered that when I transition to the downswing my right elbow separates from my left which causes me to manipulate the club and end up striking the toe. When I am able to keep the elbows closer together I make center contact. I have tried a bunch of the balls I have around the house and nothing works really well; too hard to use. I saw a video online of someone using something like a triangular sponge but didn't know what it was.
  15. Trying to understand what you are saying. You tested the lie angle of your clubs and found that impact was close to the heel. You would adjust the lie angle to move the marks to the center. You are also hitting the ball on the toe? Adjusting the lie angle probably won't fix where you hit the ball on the face as it is probably a swing issue. But you won't know until you fix the lie angle.
  16. I don;t think you are allowed to post in this thread.
  17. Have to be a resort guest or a member to play the river course.
  18. I have tried it for a little while but nothing too serious. the strap didn't bother me but I only used it for about 10 minutes Looking for an aid to help keep my right elbow from flying and have a few on my list: smart ball, shallower, structure ball, etc. Once the next club testing starts I am going to see if I can borrow the one MGS has.
  19. Have you ever tried the Tour Striker smart ball to make a comparison?
  20. Sized???? I think I have only seen a couple of brands that are sized; most seem to be one size.
  21. Not having the issues myself and I use Windows 10, iPhone and iPad. Might want to check the security settings and see if chrome is allowing the saving of 3rd party information. If not, it won't save the password and will require you to login.
  22. Maybe; maybe not. Tips are good for some people and not good for others.
  23. Went through my MGS stuff and am just going to post a picture of the stuff that is different from @808nation. what I have that matches: about a dozen MGS logoed balls, the black tees, leather MGS bag tag, leather divot repair tool, Driver headcover, and the MGS towel What I have that is different. The newer putter cover, and I have a bunch of tshirts (hitsquad, Lab X tester 2017, GSpy, MGS white and Olive), a hitsquad bag tag, and hitsquad towel.
  24. I do what I indicated. Fairway hit or not and for missed fairways, I can add a "bad" tag meaning I had was unable to realistically advance the ball toward the green.
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