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  1. I have hit both. Like any club, the design and looks will influence how you as an individual will deliver the club into the ball. Those influences will ultimately determine your performance. In general performance should be about the same; it will come down to how the club performs when you miss hit the ball. Why not add the Tsi1 to your list since it is the driver Nellie Korda uses.
  2. I have problems that I can't solve myself . I use an instructor to help me with the fundamentals of the swing. I use a coach to help me effectively get around a course and have realistic expectations on shot results. Don't worry, I am not a slow player and don't analyze my swing every moment I am on the course. IMO, I do agree that there are some people on this forum that overdo it when it comes to switching equipment and instructors and I mock them some but at the end of the day it is their choice on how they want to enjoy the game.
  3. this is your opinion and we could build a laundry list of things that each of us believe people waste money on. Not sure what your definition of constant instruction is, but I don't think there are many people on here doing constant instruction for years. Ultimately you are entitled to your opinion, but this topic was a discussion on the role of a coach vs. an instructor and not about them being a waste of time and money. If you are happy with your game then keep doing what you are doing. I want to improve and I have been pursuing both coaching and instruction, don't believe that I have maxed out my potential or optimized my scoring spread, and don't think just working on grip, posture, and alignment will help me get better.
  4. I was finally able to get to the course today and was able to repeat your test with my putter. What I found was that balls I attempted to roll 25 feet hit the back of the cup and the majority ended up in the hole; a few bounced up and landed on the green behind the hole. I then did a few experiments and played with loft at impact and was able to get ball to jump over and miss the hole. The intent of high CG is to lower launch and spin and your putter does that. I still contend that there are other ways to accomplish the same thing; one of which is a loft adjustment; which was done with my putter. I also believe that green speed would impact the results of your test.
  5. So to get better, you are recommending instruction? Really confused now..
  6. Lofts are really meaningless. Generally when looking at clubs you should look at the carry distances for each club and try to get about 15 yards between each one. Once you know your gaps you can then start tweaking lofts and getting clubs to fill the gaps from the top to bottom of your bag.
  7. Some people enjoy taking lessons, some people enjoy buying new equipment, some people enjoy playing overpriced golf courses. as you said, go out and enjoy the game. That is what we are doing on this forum, talking about the game we enjoy and how we practice and work to get better. You may be enthusiastic about the game, but I think most people would say you don't play a lot of golf. You may easily be able to beat me; never said you could or couldn't. I simply asked how you learn about strategy and improve your game.; I guess you have no interest in improving. You said to learn the basics; where do you learn the basics and how do you develop a "natural" ball flight if you shouldn't waste money on golf instruction?
  8. How do you learn about correct strategy and what you need to do to fix your swing? What are your golf goals; are you trying to get better? Update: I just looked at your fist post and you said in your other post that you play 4-5 times a year; so I would agree with you that you don't need a coach, instructor or lessons to just go hit the ball a few times a year.
  9. Usually it is a couple of weeks after they announce; this gives people time to send in donations.
  10. They are all good sets of irons. If you aren't going to hit them any one of them will work and it is personal preference (looks, cost, etc). Your best option is to hit them to see what configuration works best for you.
  11. Here you go: https://www.golfclubspec.com/iron_results.php?id=19
  12. Wasn't disagreeing that they are crazy expensive. For someone that really isn't that into golf I wouldn't recommend new clubs but some people like that new club feel.
  13. Yep, the cost of new clubs can be high; but you can also get some great deals on lightly used clubs or if you want new DTC brands like Sub70 are great options.
  14. Looks like a new update to the product is out. Wireless options, support for mobile devices, and ability to adjust slope/slant in practice mode to name a few things. Wondering if there is a way to update the current model?
  15. AFter thinking about this for a while and since I need a new coach/instructor; I'd buy into the performance school that one my local golf coaches offers. Basically a year of coaching and instruction for $2K.
  16. Our courses have had signs that usually say no outside coolers. Against Virginia ABC regulations and the courses risk loosing their license.
  17. I'd say you can't wish for it since you already know you will have it. I am guessing over hosel graphite putter shaft.
  18. Will it be released before Christmas?
  19. Sounds like you got to try a lot of options and found a great fitting club. I personally wouldn't refer to the ventus red as "stock" as it is a $345 upgrade from Titleist.
  20. TXG has started another instructional series of videos and I just watched the one linked below and really enjoyed the topic. Definitely a huge difference between an instructor and a coach and what they are trying to achieve. Listening to the conversations in the video makes me think about the various questions on the forum and whether people want/need coaching or instruction.
  21. Search youtube for: Golf for Beginners. You will find hundreds of videos that are targeted at helping beginner golfers. I am sure the lesson quality varies and the instruction depending on the individual some will be better than others.
  22. Sheils and Crossfield don't really do a lot of club reviews any more.
  23. No reason to get new irons if you don't want to. Yes, technology has changed but doesn't mean you will hit your clubs any better. The general benefits of new technology is that the shafts bend profile may be better for your and that you may get more forgiveness on miss hits. You have made some other posts about playing better and your getting back into the game. Talk to your instructor about clubs and what he recommends.
  24. You should keep the really good ones, they are the far end of your dispersion pattern. Need to determine the full pattern, not just the ones you fell like you hit normal. That is why you look at standard deviations.
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