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  1. Static picture wasn’t that impressive so here is the unboxing video. There was no pre opening of the box, this was filmed as opened the package. More pictures and initial impression write up coming soon.
  2. Which model? Has it improved your putting? How did you evaluate?
  3. Sorry, I forgot you know everything and everything you say is correct. Now i remember why I stopped responding to any of your posts. No i didn’t ask for the median, the median is the middle value of a data set where 50% are above and 50% are below. I never specified the percentile rank I was interested in.
  4. .370 https://www.golfworks.com/oem-golf-shaft-replacement-guides/?gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAjrarBhAWEiwA2qWdCC8iPw9lUOS2Xl9phGjdmNoqS1YbU3RUzHPDPti_TkXrAwH5KprXLhoCP10QAvD_BwE
  5. You can’t really look at averages either. It also gives skewed results. For example if I hit 2 drives; one with a 2 degree open club face and one with a 2 degree closed club face my average face angle is 0 degrees yet none of my face angles were 0 degrees. give me percentage of golfers that swing above and below various swing speeds or various distances.
  6. Maybe I am just at an age where boring and predictable is a welcomed reality.
  7. I am actually with you on this. Personally don’t care in the long term what is done with the ball. I don’t think there will be much of a change at any level of golf.
  8. I’ve figured out how to deal with the ball rollback. I currently live at 15’ above sea level; I just need to move to a higher elevation.
  9. With opportunities also comes failures and yes, UPS sent me an email that my Sacks Parente putter will be here today. So yes, something big is coming
  10. what does accurate mean? A pros dispersion with a driver is about 60 yards wide. They miss greens, hit shanks, top the ball, hit it OB, chunk pitches As described by Scott Fawcett golf has shotgun accuracy not rifle accuracy. The key to your whole discussion here is in your first sentence “modern golf”. As people have learned more strategies have changed, long term good scoring is best achieved by hitting the ball as far as you can with each shot and not trying to shape shots beyond what your stock shot does. Modern golf isn’t about the clubs or the ball, it is about course management strategies. It is about using devices like trackman to optimize swings to maximize performance. IMO, Mark Brodie changed golf in 2014. No question on this. People can score better with but they will claim that what you describe isn’t golf. golf is a game that must be learned and what out are describing is that players shouldn’t learn on the course? They need to learn their game on the range and not hit shots that they aren’t capable of hitting 9 out of 10 times. What do you propose for the high handicapper that gets out once a month or even less and just wants to enjoy the time outside, drink a few beers, and doesn’t have the desire to improve? Ban them from the course?
  11. congrats on the personal best.
  12. My group cancelled on me because it was too wet so I made a tee time for myself to get out and pay since it was 70* today. When I got to the course the starter told me to head to the first tee to get ahead of some groups. Not a big warmup person but I like to hit a few pitches and roll some putts. Didn't start well; topped my first tee shot so I hit another one and topped it again. Decided it was going to be a practice round!. Went to hit my approach and topped another one. Next shot was hit well and flew the green. chopped on and one putted. Topped the tee shot on 2, topped the next shot, and then finally started hitting the ball acceptably. Didn't top another shot until the 10th tee Short game wasn't too bad; just need to make sure I finish the swing and don't fall back onto my trail foot. Overall just need some time hitting balls.
  13. Puzzled by your statement about their putters specs not having loft. All of them are standard at 3* and they say: NON-STANDARD loft / lie are provided at no charge where possible. As an example, the specs for the mallets are listed here: https://sacksparente.com/mallets Yes, putters need loft to lift the ball out of the depression they sit in on the green. Loft is also a factor based on your attack angle. Also, all balls "skid"; friction will start the ball rolling forward as soon as it hits the ground but will continue to skid for a period of time before pure roll. You can read more about the 4 phase of a putt here: https://www.paulhurrion.com/media/entering-the-drop-zone/. No, most professionals don't adjust the loft on their putters for different types of grass and they don't adjust their stroke other dialing in stroke length for speed, but their green speeds are pretty consistent. This is why they practice their putting on the putting green prior to the tournament and their rounds. I personally disagree with LAB that loft isn't important; just like I am not a huge believer the zero torque is all that big of a thing.
  14. short game....for the last 3 years. Finally getting the contact side to be more consistent; now I need to work on dialing in distance control.
  15. In my opinion it is a complete unknown at this time. All that is "known" at this time is that they will be a change in how balls are evaluated which will in theory create some kind of rollback to ensure balls meet the spec. How that will impact the masses is unknown as we haven't seen the new balls. Everyone speculates about how the different layers could be formulated to ensure slower speeds aren't penalized. If that is true, I would guess that they could build a layer that meets the evaluation criteria but has better performance for faster and slower speeds. The biggest problem is building those layers and ensuring consistency. Right now nothing is know for certain.
  16. It was foggy and rainy yesterday; got a call from my golf group that they didn't want to play since the course we had booked was messy and CPO today. Since it is going to be 70 today I made a tee time for 12:00; looking forward to a solo round. Don't care if I get held up by the foursomes in front of me, just want to enjoy being outside and work on my swing a little.
  17. I know it is officially Newton, but the discussion started under Sacks Parente since they are; I guess, the parent company for Newton.
  18. The Dr. Pepper scholarship contest isn't football, it is a contest to get as many balls into the hole as possible for $100K. since these participants aren't on the field, they aren't football players; therefore they choose the method that they believe will help them to accomplish the goal. Kind of like the various putter grips that people use to accomplish putting. I believe the chest pass approach started when someone using that method beat a person that was throwing passes. I'll reference Mahomes; should he be chastised for not "throwing a pass" here? https://www.chiefs.com/video/patrick-mahomes-improv-shovel-pass-to-travis-kelce-prevents-sack-and-moves-chain Or here: https://www.chiefs.com/video/touchdown-patrick-mahomes-spinning-flick-td-pass-is-pure-magic Or here: https://www.nfl.com/videos/mahomes-chest-pass-td-toss-dots-jetting-mecole-hardman Or here: https://www.insider.com/video-patrick-mahomes-chest-pass-andy-reid-saints-2020-12
  19. You can wait until you are the number 1 player in the world before you have to worry about putting. Can be the best in the world with a great T2G game.....Re: Scottie Scheffler. Finally got himself a putting coach! @vandyland; swings looking good; admire the dedication you have to keep working on improvement!
  20. I agree that the rollback won't have the effect that people believe it will have. Kind of like the groove rule for wedges. Players will use technology to figure out how to optimize the ball flights and continue to increase their swing speeds. IMO, the current strategies that define how to play golf won't change. I see posts from people thinking that golf will return to the "golden era" where players worked the balls into holes and had some thought of risk/reward; I don't see it happening. It will still be a hit the ball as far as possible to locate your ball as close to the hole as possible type game. Knowledgeable players did this before Mark Brodie stats were released and because this strategy is more widely publicized more and more players do it today. Professional players that don't perform well will be replace by players that do perform well and that performance will be driven by who hits the ball the farthest.
  21. While it wasn't something that was bought by me, it was something bought for me for my birthday. Comprises 3 things that I have wanted to try: ECCO shoes, boa lacing, and spikeless.
  22. Nothing in the MGS posts indicate any geographic limitations.
  23. Thanks. I follow his youtube channel and instagram so I knew it was coming out and watched it today. Definitely a good video; so are the Rick Schiel's and Gaz's Golf video that was done with Dan. Based on one of the videos I watched he indicated that there are things he doesn't discuss that are in his book and behind his website/app paywall. I also found a video where he talked about his three address positions to control distances (alternative to the clock system) that seems simple.
  24. I'll assume that you didn't read the information at the provided link since it says where to send the information. Per the article: Send these two items to contest@mygolfspy.com
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