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  1. We will have to disagree about rotation. You essentially fit your stroke and setup to match the putter and its rotation. I was taught to setup to see the correct line and fit the putter to me. In my case instead of changing ball position and potentially how I see the putt i would Change putters to one that would end up being 0.1 degrees more closed at impact. Two approaches and both can work. As a player you just have to determine if it is easier to change putters or change you stroke to match a putter.
  2. I don't think it is presumptuous. i have gone through a SAM Fitting so I think I know my stroke pretty well and I know what it takes to start the ball on my intended line consistently and my putting instructor has given me drills to work on that skill. The items you identified are some of the putters design elements that influence rotation. Having the correct rotation is critical to starting the ball online. Edel focuses on fitting for aim and can help you aim perfectly, but if you don't have the correct rotation the ball can still go right or left. The big thing I never hear about with
  3. In the end if you can consistently start the ball on your intended line there is no real reason for an edel fitting. Once you have mastered that skill you can move on to distance control and free reading
  4. Agree with you 100% on the technical vs feel. Some are more technical while others are more feel. I am pretty sure that no one is completely one or the other. Aim point is a tool being a technical person it should be right up your alley. The concept is all about slope and how fast gravity pulls a ball down the slope. Ultimately it is a tool. Learning to read greens can only be done through experience and the ability to start the ball on intended line. Your approach is to judge break based on past experience. In the end knowing the break doesn't help if you can't execute the putt.
  5. Two comments. Most people are not 100% feel. I you think you are drop a ball on a green, close your eyes, and roll the ball some distance without looking at a target. If you can do that then you are feel only otherwise you engage technical aspects into your stroke. Second, isn't calculating green speed something everyone does over the course of a round. How else would you know how hard to hit the ball?
  6. I took a Vector Green Reading class which is based on the book "Vector Putting: The Art and Science of Reading Greens and Computing Break" by H.A. Templeton (also read the book) since my local instructor taught that method. Similar concept in that based on the slope of the green and speed of the green the break can be determined mathematically. The first premise is that you are able to evaluate slope by standing on the green. This becomes more complicated on putts with multiple breaks. Then based on the speed of the putt you can determine the break. I have dabbled with the Aimpoint E
  7. Thanks. It is a strokes gained approach to determining handicap.
  8. I am looking for more detail. Is it a strokes gained type model? Or some other statistical analysis? How is the handicap analyzed. For example I miss a green, chip to 5 feet and 2 putt or miss a green chip to 20 feet and 3 putt. How does it compute handicap?
  9. I am glad the analytics have worked for you. I guess my question is why was what the arccos system said you needed to work on different than what you thought you should be working on? How does the system evaluate your game to tell you the areas to practice?
  10. It does give me distances but I am pretty sure I have to walk to the ball after I hit the club. It can probably be done but I just can't hit ten balls 125ish yards and determine distance. These sensors are designed for on course play which for me is the limitation. If I want to judge the distance for each club my neo ghost GPS already provides that feature. The newest arccos product that was developed with Microsoft holds some potential since it can provide course management type information.
  11. Live analytical data from the course doesn't interest me at all. I tried doing a Shots gained spreadsheet, but that just became to overwhelming to manage. I keep basic stats via the Grint app so I know how I am doing on fairways, greens, and putts. For me I know my game well enough to know where I need work. Really the only think I would want is some kind of launch monitor so I can track distances with each club so I know how to play on the course and that is primarily for wedges so I know what to hit into the greens for any given distance. I have done this on a basic level on the dr
  12. I think I am like you, I try to shape the ball some when I am on the course and often I am not successful. I need to just stick to my normal shot shape.
  13. Worst case would be .610. I guess the next obvious question is did you preshrink? Is the diameter actually 5/8"?
  14. The deadline for player swaps is on the page next to where your player selection is displayed. It will look like the below: Round 1: Thu 2/2 9:30 am EST - passed Round 2: Fri 2/3 9:30 am EST - passed Round 3: Sat 2/4 10:50 am EST - passed Next Deadline (Round 4): Sun 2/5 10:50 am EST
  15. Congrats on the new gig; based on the work you have displayed here it is definitely warranted.
  16. 1. Pick the winning team - New England 2. Tie breaker 1: 34-24 - 58 total points 3. Tie breaker 2: Tom Brady 4: Tie breaker 3: 10 5: Final tie breaker: Heads
  17. We were talking about the MGS testing. Got off topic a little bit [emoji2]
  18. They may not but it would be harder to get rid of after Sam Snead used the side saddle method for so many years. I think since one of golfs legends used side saddle they won't permanently ban the method
  19. I personally enjoy the few match play events and then add on the Ryder and Presidents cups. On the LPGA side it is Solheim, International, and Kingsmill Championship ( volunteer at Kingsmill). Love the head to head competition the gamesmanship, the emotion, and that they are just different than the week in and week out stroke play events.
  20. I don't know a timeframe but I have been doing the putter testing and have 1 more session to go. Golfspy Sam told me that I am one of the farthest along. I think there are 8 sessions for putters (have lost count) and each session was about an hour long. Once everyone is complete they will have to compile the results and write and review the articles. My guess would be another 3-4 weeks for putters. Haven't started driver and irons yet although I have hit a few of the drivers in the simulator after my putter session.
  21. Was not the stroke that was non conforming. It was the actual putter an had to do with how it was shafted. I am sure he will make the necessary modifications and be back out the putting side saddle
  22. Let me ask you a question. Why do you want a new driver and what do you expect to accomplish? As others have said it will not magically improve your game or swing; you really need lessons and/or practice time to do that. If you just want new equipment because it is a new toy and you understand the fact that it may not be better than your current equipment then go for it. I would recommend you go to your local store get on a launch monitor and see which shaft/head combo gives you the best results and compare that to your current driver that you just tested on the same launch moni
  23. Subscribe to the golf digest stix email and you get the weekly WITB for the winners. Here is a link to Brittany"s http://www.golfdigeststix.com/golfdigeststix/02_01_2017/MobilePagedArticle.action?articleId=1072342#articleId1072342
  24. I had read the page which is where I didn't see path. Rotation is important, but rotation has to match up to path. Based on what I have learned and been shown regarding the putting stroke is that is that the vast majority of golfers do not have a perfect putter path an have a bias to the left or right which requires a putter that is open or closed to the putters path. Because of this square to target doesn't necessarily mean that that ball will start online.
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