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  1. For me personally the answer is no. Does a perfectly executed shot from the fairway that rolls off the green count as a green hit? Does the tee shot that rolls through the fairway and ends up 1" into the rough count as a fairway hit? Also I think you need to look at more than fairway hit or not hit. When you miss the fairway, can you advance the ball toward the green? You really need to also evaluate how bad the tee shot was. When I work as a walking scorer for the LPGA we are told to simply look at where they are hitting from and not how they got there. In your instanc
  2. Definitely got the gear; I don't have as much as you, but I do have some different items. I have t-shirts, towels, divot tools, bag tags, balls, driver cover, and putter cover. I'll try to dig it all out and add a picture.
  3. What do you want to know? I can try and help or if there is something specific I can reach out to Harry at headquarters; he is a member.
  4. Probably going to be hard to find someone with both of these sets. They were part of prior years most wanted testing so I can’t do a side by side comparison for you since they won’t have them at the testing facility any more. You can look at the data from 2019 and 2020 most wanted data to get some performance comparisons. As far as size, most everything you find in the players category will be roughly the same size. If size is a concern, you probably don’t want to be lookin at players type irons and may want something in the GI category. But if it comes down to those two irons the new lev
  5. @Golfspy_CG2 I didn’t pay that much attention to your earlier review but you point out in this on that even though you missed the fairway they were still playable. That is a key point and something that my coach has me look at. Fairways hit is a nice metric, it it is more important to look at drives that do not allow you the ability to make your next shot at the green. Might want to look and quality that fairway hit number a bit.
  6. They have been doing that on no putts given but they also list their clubs on the our team page. https://mygolfspy.com/our-team/
  7. Sometimes Media people ask the stupidest questions.
  8. While his statement is funny and How DJ responds is also numerous, there is a lot that can be learned from it. We don’t have a lot of control over where the ball actually goes and you just have to play what you end up with; almost not care.
  9. start with a slower swing, don't go all out with swing 1.
  10. There are a lot of drills that will help you hit more up on the ball. The best one I have seen is to put a headcover about a grip length in front of the ball and when you swing miss the headcover with your driver.
  11. Yardage markers on the course give you distances to a specific point (front of the green at tour events). Players then calculate then calculate the distance to the pin location. In most instances the yardage marker, the spot the distance was measured to, and the hole are not in a straight ling. I also doubt the distance arcs you put in your book are done at a granularity of 1 yard. As a result the more you are off from that straight line the longer your distance gets. Think of the hypotenuse of a triangle as the sides get longer or shorter so does the hypotenuse but not by the same am
  12. One of the courses I play will significantly vary the location of the tees on a few of the holes; generally it is roughly the same distance but the approach to the green is from an entirely different angle.
  13. I would say in general no but it depends on what you are working on and trying to accomplish, if the lessons are indoors, or how stubborn you are in believing what your coach is saying. For basic fundamental skills you don't need a launch monitor and can see things via ball flight. If you working on fine tuning skills like hitting a 5 yard draw then yes a launch monitor is very helpful. A launch monitor should be used in a support role and not drive what you are doing.
  14. Golf is hard and golf is frustrating. We have a good day and even periods where we play well and we have a bad day and periods where we play poorly and wonder why we even play the game. Everyone has gone through this no matter how good of a golfer you are. Play the game like you mentioned and try to enjoy the challenge; just try to accept the prior shot for what it is and try to execute the next shot to the best of your ability.
  15. Hitting the ball higher on the face is basically a miss hit and will probably travel shorter distances. You can club up to account for that or you can change the delivery of you club to not bottom out as low….essentially make you low point higher.
  16. I have talked to my coach about lies and he indicated it it mostly practice. Go when the grass is kind Of dormant and brush the grass in different directions and create different lies. a flyer lie is typically found in light to medium rough where you believe you will make good contact. Unfortunately grass, dirt, and/or water get between the ball and the club face and reduce the balls spin. A lower spinning ball will typically go farther than you anticipate. Hard to illustrate because it is simply a ball sitting in lighter rough. To anticipate, you have to guess how cleanly you will
  17. I was going to suggest the sleeves as well. This seems to be the go to strategy now at all levels.
  18. The biggest thing is finding a coach you connect with and explains things in a way you understand. When I was looking for an instructor, I took a lesson and asked questions about what changes were recommended and how they would work to improve my game and what type of communication was acceptable between lessons. Basically the first lesson is an interview. Doesn’t even have to be a full lesson maybe a quick swing evaluation. talk about you goals and objectives to see if they align. For example, If you want a couple of quick fixes or a preseason tune up don’t pick an instructor that wants
  19. Current gamer: custom Bellum Winmore. But I have a SeeMore coming soon to experiment with. Below was prior to it being shafted; has a black shaft now
  20. Does it putt well with the plastic? Great way to keep it lookin new
  21. This is why the European tour is so good. The experiment and try new ideas….mixed event, shot clocks, interviews while playing, etc. different tees help equalize the players so they are hitting the same basic clubs into green. Also shows that the ladies can play some great golf and showcases their talent thanks for posting this; just tuned in.
  22. Message a mod is the right process. For donor you need to provide you transaction Id so it can be verified. Don’t know which mod you contacted but there has been some turnover. @GolfSpy MPR is probably the one you should reach out too.
  23. Congrats on the new work opportunities sounds exciting and glad you aren't going away as I always like reading about your weekly bag updates.
  24. You could increase the loft on the 50 to 51 and see if that drops off 5 yards and then maybe deloft the 54 to 53. I'd think about making the 58 a 59 as well.
  25. I have 2 specialty wedges in my bag. Couldn’t tell you the grinds. Right now my 54 has 14* and my 58 has 12** I also have a 54* with 8. I don’t notice any difference when I play them as far as ability to make shots.
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