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  1. I am pretty sure you have to wait until you have completed the testing [emoji16]
  2. I guess you aren’t interested in 3D printed golf clubs since you will never get 3D printed and forged; at least in my mind? Casting, milling, forging, and 3D printing are all processes. Milling is the only in that can be combined since it can be used as a cleanup process. Note: This is a question to better understand, not challenge what you are saying.
  3. I gave those up when I was a teenager. But you are inspiring me to find a club somewhere just to hit one again.
  4. I gave those up when I was a teenager. But you are inspiring me to find a club somewhere just to hit one again.
  5. Hope everything went well yesterday with your wife's surgery.
  6. Have heard about them and seen a few pics. People that have seen them say they are nice. Wedges will be my next purchase. I would really like to do a fitting (titleist Thursday would be fine ) to learn a little bit and make sure I had lie angle correct. I have Cleveland wedges in my bag and would be fine with putting Cleveland’s back in the bag.
  7. Are you referencing the zipcore wedges?
  8. Thanks, the doctor was surprise she isn’t in more pain and not surprised she can’t put weight on her foot. He said the progression when she fell was the ankle twisted which broke that little triangle piece off which allowed the angle to twist more which tore a ligament which allowed more twisting which cause the break in the other bone.
  9. I am not an MGS employee but as a tester I have some insight on what clubs are included in testing. There is criteria and manufacturers generally elect to participate and provide equipment. If a major OEM does not want to participate often MGS will purchase that equipment to include in testing; which may result in limited configurations for fitting testers. MGS generally won’t pick a niche product to include in testing. I have heard reference to the fact that the company also has to have a level of manufacturing to produce a particular level of product. If the product wins, sales generally rise and the manufacturer has to be able to support that increase. Additionally, MGS has testing schedules and the company has to submit product within that schedule to be included. Actual Test time is another factor; the more clubs tested, the longer testing takes. Testing is done based on tester availability and it generally takes a tester 4+ weeks to get through testing a set of drivers. This may not be everything that goes into selection of a product for testing and is my opinion looking at things from a tester perspective.
  10. cnosil


    Haven’t bought balls in years. I have a bunch of pro v1, z star, TP5 type balls that I have found I can typically make it through a a round with a single ball. Probably average one lost ball every 3 rounds.
  11. When someone says they shoot any score I think combination of Birdies, Pars and bogeys. All Pars would be fun, but that doesn’t mean you played the hole as intended. On a par 4 driver into the fairway bunker. Second shirt if the green, chunked third, and thinned fourth that hits that flag and drops in is a par, but I don’t think the architect drew it up that way [emoji1787]. But yes, an 18 par round would be fun.
  12. Thanks everyone. Going to be a little road to recovery. don't know all the details but know it will be 6 weeks of not putting any weight on her leg and then probably another month of rehab. Will find out more tomorrow.
  13. Father in law had reloaders for all the various gauges; tons of powder, lead, etc. He would spend hours in the garage just reloading. Shot skeet with my father in law a few times. He was an avid shooter and participated in the World skeet championship as a shooter and a referee.
  14. Just as an aid.
  15. I try to avoid answering; generally say I wasn't paying attention. Fortunately that doesn't happen very often with my friends. If it is a stranger the answer is generally " I just swing the club; and don't know how to figure out what someone else is doing wrong"
  16. Just worrying about my wife; she slipped last week and thought she twisted her ankle. Still couldn't put any weight on it today so we took her to the doctor. Two fractures; surgery scheduled for tomorrow.
  17. I happen to have the golf channel on and the show playing lessons from the pros is on and the guest is Matthew Fitzpatrick. He uses the flat cat on his driver as a training aid to help him feel square.
  18. Since PW was the test club for today I was able to incorporate some full swing work. Focus was on back swing length and downswing pattern to reduce fat shots and get more center contact. Key seems to be the path the club takes on the downswing and if I do it right, contact is great. Today was one of the best ball striking days I have had in a while. I did pull hook a few but less severe than I normally see. Have a series of practice drills to work on swing mechanics and sequencing that I will be doing while watching TV.
  19. You have definitely found a place where people appreciate golf equipment.
  20. cnosil


    I haven’t compared golf balls side by side but the top level your type balls should all spin in the same range. Amount of spin is probably more dependent on the swing dynamics: spin loft, path, etc. There is such a too much spin which while in theory would reduce curve, it could increase lift and result in less distance.
  21. I am not worried about being off topic; we do that all the time in threads. MODS may hate us, but oh well [emoji9][emoji2957][emoji16] I would suggest looking at some of Mike Adams stuff which is based on biomechanics and how the body works. He provides example of golfers that post up on their left side, right side, and around the core. He shows how players trail hand grips need to be different. Also pressure plates have shown that the older fundamentals that were taught are not necessarily accurate. There have been lots of advancements in understanding how people swing the golf club over the years. I am glad you have found an instruction approach that works for you, but not every golfer fits with your model. It is perfectly acceptable to disagree with me; and people do all the time....especially my wife. I am not an expert in analyzing goof swings but realize every golfer is unique in what they need.
  22. Several have; GMAC withdrew from same reason. Have heard rumors of others.
  23. While we all want to help, keep in mind swing advice from a golf forum isn’t always the best for you. Personally, I wouldn’t follow this advice in this post because it disagrees with how my swing works. Each of us is different in our feels and thoughts on what we think we do; however, that may not be the reality of our swing.
  24. Was the ball OB or lost? My reading your post makes it sound like it went OB farther back than where he played what should be his fourth shot. Here is the USGA info: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-changes/golfs-new-rules-stroke-and-distance.html
  25. Shows that the specs on the site don’t always match reality. While the odyssey was the lowest loft there were several at 2 or under and not all of them performed as well. So Yes potentially it helped since loft is a component that influences speed. I say potentially because that lower loft could negatively impact golfers as well. Each golfer should be fitted for loft to ensure they achieve proper launch conditions.
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