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  1. They didn’t because those were the people that went. As mentioned I was invited to go along with the pool of testers that MGS has. Unfortunately the test was in the middle of the week during the day.
  2. I don’t think you will see much difference with the other clubs as well. You should keep the misshits and mediocre shots; the only ones you should throw out are severe outliers.
  3. I can’t really tell the difference. Maybe they launch a little differently. Iron shots get about the same amount if rollout. Pitches and chips are close as well. It could very well be that I just don’t have enough knowledge to test properly. I could go to MGS and use the launch monitor to get numbers, but how does that translate to improved play?
  4. The old adage was that there are no pictures on the scorecard; but I guess with today’s technology we are starting to get the picture that goes with the score. Even with the picture it is still a 310 yard bomb!
  5. You logic seems reasonable and it does appear that driver is a tough okay with your distance. My only comments are while the fairways are narrow and there are a lot of trees, are you blocked out by trees if you miss the fairway? My only question on 11 would be can you shift the cone left to not be in the the hazard? Being shorter leads to a long approach but it may just be one of those take par if you can but be happy with bogey.
  6. Interesting. You can still find it on the site; listed on the bottom of the webpage under products. When you go to the page it shows that it is sold out but you can request info.
  7. Interesting stuff. IMO, on well struck shots I don’t think there will be much difference. The area of improvement technology wise would be based on how consistent those numbers remain on misshits. What is the standard deviation on those numbers and how many shots are included?
  8. I have done a couple of Bridgestone in person fittings; they were done over 10 years ago and wee really just an extension of the online fitting since there wasn’t any kind of launch monitor. Having seen the Titleist fitting that MGS recently did I am kicking myself for not going as it did what I think needs to be done in a ball fitting. Basically same strategy as what @Middleris saying, but having someone that can actually interpret the shots better than I can would be valuable. I currently don’t have a ball that I exclusively play and play a wide variety of models and brands; nothing seems readily different between any of them which is why I haven’t locked down to a single ball.
  9. I think you answered your own question and are just looking for us to give you confirmation. Reading what you said is you want more help with the wedge gap and aren’t 100% sold on varying the swing. The top end of the bag is more about distance and you seem to have most distances covered. The club to pull would be 3w, 5w, or hybrid all depending on how much you use them. My lean would be 5w based on the numbers you posted and add the wedge.
  10. But, but, but that’s too mechanical Everyone just needs to become a good wedge player . Every hole is driver/wedge. Beginning to think that changing the numbers/letters on the bottom is just to make the golf course traditionalists mad and support the people hit clubs too far narrative. Maybe you are on to something with your statement, companies are getting out of the iron set business and just going to sell fairways, hybrids, and wedges. This supports the I need specific lofts in my bag group and gets rid of the numbers on the bottom. Ben Hogan golf was ahead of its time.
  11. Were you trying to get a lesson or a fitting? IMO, with putting you make choices about your stroke and once you have made those decisions is creates your stroke. You then fit the putter to that stroke. I personally view fitting a putter a little different than other clubs. If you are continually changing everything about your putting approach a fitting loses its value a little. You seem to be continually changing every choice you make about your putting stroke for what appears as no apparent reason. Do you have realistic expectations? What do you want an instructor to do for you? What did you tell the instructor that made him say he can’t help you. Maybe create a thread specific to you and your effort to improve your putting. In it explain what you are doing and what you want to accomplish. People in the forum give great advice on things they have learned and provide great support. Several people have done this and it helps create accountability and creates documentation on your efforts
  12. IMO, Their job is to help you minimize and focus on the right thoughts. but at least he told you up front that he feels he cant help you. Must have been an interesting conversation when you were trying to book a lesson.
  13. Am a ball 1 vote but I think any of them would be equally playable. My guess on balls is: chromesoft x You told us Bridgestone x maxfli Tour
  14. cnosil

    Homemade Pix Balls

    Yes, you have too much time on your hands.
  15. Looks like they played pretty close to their indexes which is what you want and the birdies/eagles don’t seem unreasonable. As I keep saying, you can’t just look at birdies and eagles to judge scores. If you really want to understand why they are those handicaps you need to look at scores above par too.
  16. Then go work on your putting!!!!
  17. I totally understand as it is always the complaint…are people cheating or do they somehow manage to score their career rounds in these tournaments. In most cases I’d lean towards people are cheating and agree with the lower handicaps. Since you ran the tournament, how many of each score type did the winner have?
  18. I am really looking forward to seeing how your numbers compare to the MGS numbers. I am thinking the difficultly is identifying the first ball. Once that is done, can we take the MGS data and lay it on top of your data and properly identify other balls based on your differences. With what you have now it is a random guess because we don’t know if you started with the most spin, least spin, or just somewhere in the middle.
  19. If I say 32 putts, did I have a good or bad score? How about If I say 38 or 28 Really isn’t enough information in just a number; need to factor in things like proximity to the hole, greens hit, maybe strokes gained, or feet of putts made. Maybe 38 putts is good if I hit all the greens if they were big and average proximity was 50 feet from the hole. What does better than average mean and how do you quantify? It’s really hard to throw out a single number and make an educated opinion. I think the point the OP was tying to make is that putting is the most important part of the game because you hit more of them than anything else. But that really is a false narrative because as I pointed out those 14 drives could be terrible or I could struggle with approach or short game. We as players can’t score well if we have a glaring weakness and that weakness could be any part of their game. Just getting better at putting won’t make a significant change in your score unless your putting is the weakness in your game.
  20. Yes, this is a great topic…leverage the MGS data and see how it applies to an actual swing to adjust what works for a player. read some of your comments and you older train of thought on spin relation to iron number. Newer numbers show that spin is generally less than that but is compensated by steeper descent angle. Multiple ways to stop a ball on a green and you have to see what works for the player and their course conditions.
  21. My initial thought is that you are trying to redo the handicap system because you don’t think it works. It doesn’t work when people take their handicaps. Statistics show that handicap differences aren’t related to getting more birdies and eagles but more about avoiding bogies and worse. You method seems to look at the birdies, eagles, and better that the higher handicap player is getting. Are they really getting that many more birdies in you events? How about look at bogey and double averages and add strokes to the higher handicapper score If they don’t do bad enough. I’ll beat your system as a high handicapper by just getting more pars.
  22. you can swing however you want but sequencing correctly makes the swing work better. would you start a ball throwing motion from anywhere other than the ground? you can do it but cant throw it very far.
  23. There are lots of aspects of the game that are important and if you aren't good at one of them your scores will suffer. Hit drives out of bounds or lose the ball off the tee and you will hit a lot more than 14. Hit the ball into the hole from off the green and you don't have to worry about putting.
  24. short answer: Yes. Longer answer: Distance is a combination of swing speed and resulting ball speed. Some people swing a shorter shaft faster and some slower, but it you are able to hit the center more reliably you will get higher balls speeds than off a mishit which could result in more distance.
  25. I know you have said that before in this thread. All I am saying it that Ping generally lists if a shaft is counterbalanced and they do not list that shaft as being counterbalanced. Looking at UST documentation it shows the Chrome as counterbalanced not the Chrome+
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