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  1. I’ll say you swing what is labeled by the shaft manufacturer. Callaway was famous for overrating shafts in their clubs to appease the male ego. flex and weight designation isn’t standard so unless actually measured, you just won’t know. It really comes down to how well the shaft/head combo works for you. From my experience, Unless you hit the center if the face every time, newer heads will tend to be better than a 2004 head. To validate, you need to hit them side by side and see how they compare.
  2. That’s pretty much what you have to do; All-in shafts are only an optional upgrade with Cleveland putters
  3. Unless you take time off to leave the area, a day off just means take time off to do things and not to relax.
  4. Some get that thought; others seem to think it is about forum tests. Maybe tweak the title to communicate that. Maybe: what equipment have you tested/tried/experimented with? (Not as a selected forum tester)
  5. Should use Snoop on the stoop and Martha instead I’d the elf
  6. It could be lots of things perhaps it is your setup and you completely change you swing with the driver, could be that the club is too heavy and it rotates too slowly. Could be the shaft and the feel won’t let you release the club. Could be that the appearance of the head makes you setup with the face open. Could be that you are trying to rotate so fast you are leaving the club behind you and have to make lots of compensations. Could be a million other things. Without an assessment of you swing via video all anyone can do is give you a random tip that might or might not work.
  7. You test lots of equipment. You are always posting about the different things that you try.
  8. scroll up to the top of this thread and there is a listing of all the recorded calls.
  9. I'd say to put it in the what are you thinking about thread since you are thinking about trying something.
  10. True, it comes down to how much graphic processing is done on a sim round. I other than ball flight most of the imagery should be pretty static. General advice; which I said in my second response, is always get the highest end graphics card you can afford if you want high end display with lots of graphic rendering.
  11. We all watch for different reasons. I am fine with seeing the occasional shot and if he is near the top of the leaderboard then show him. I get that he moves the needle, but I have never liked the obsessive media coverage and things like a complete round recap when coverage starts.
  12. Define successful. He will complete 4 rounds. my thoughts…..yawn
  13. As I said earlier in the thread, not much golf stuff or really anything I want for Christmas. However, Over the last week or so I ran across some short game content from Dan Grieve. Lots of what he discussed is what I have been working on so I asked for his 3 Release book. time to start dialing in distance control to improve hole proximity and I think his 3 release and 3 address positions will be a big help.
  14. As I recall, LIV paid to be on the CW. Essentially anything that is broadcast on TV needs to generate revenue and generate an audience or the stations won’t broadcast. how much viewership do you think the Korn Ferry Tour would generate on network television. I have seen events on the Golf Channel schedule and have never watched one. You can also watch the PGA tour events that don’t draw the big names since they include the lower tier and Korn Ferry players that as you said are fighting for their cards. when taking about TV golf people often comment that the majors are must watch events for them and they adjust schedules to watch. If Korn Ferry is must watch for you, why haven’t you made time to see it?
  15. I would suggest ignoring what the pros use. The majority of them just play golf and have ZERO equipment knowledge and based on discussions play simply what feels good. Just like our other clubs stiffer isnt always better. The way the shaft feels influences how you swing the putter.
  16. We all choose to focus on specific areas of our game and speed/distance is often a top priority for many. While some may not agree with that mentality it is a path to improvement. The consideration/issue with speed training is that people tend to do it in isolation and ignore how/if it impacts your swing. This is largely because people do the training in the off-season when they can’t also hit balls.
  17. I would check with @GolfSpy_APH before making a new thread. The LIVt topics tend to get pretty controversial and push the boundaries of what the forum considers acceptable. For that reason they decided all LIV discussions would be contained to this thread. Note this is not to restrict your discussions, but to more easily moderate,
  18. Sure. It is an entry level gaming graphics card that is a couple of years old and is a little higher end than the R6 requires. Haven’t done a lot with the various sim software products but there probably isn’t a lot of motion that will require intensive graphics processing power. That said, when looking at something like gaming it is always best to get the highest end graphics card you can afford especially with laptops since you can’t easily swap them out
  19. Per the e6 site, they already support 4k. The PC requirements are: Intel i5 Processor | 8GB RAM Nvidia 1070 Graphics Card or equivalent (Dedicated GPU with DirectX 11 Support) 25GB of Hard Drive Space | Windows 10 64-bit (Required) seems like you have enough power to run e6 with 4k resolution.
  20. Pretty sure that trackman only displays the data if a ball has been hit.
  21. Thanks for the bday wishes, I am at the point of my life that I pretty much ignore birthdays, they are just another day, Next one to actually celebrate will be Nov. 30, 2030…..which is when I become eligible for Medicare and don’t have to work for health insurance.
  22. It is interesting that; from my recollection, no one is playing a standard length LAB putter.
  23. I’m with @TSauer, wedges. Wedges is just a clean classification of clubs to use a unique set of grips.
  24. Could also go with the Augusta National recommendation https://golf.com/news/how-augusta-national-repairs-ball-marks/
  25. Damn, chastised by @chisag again. . I love mechanical watches and it is hard to get them to be accurate as they typically run fast or slow. I also like fountain pens which occasionally drip and skip, is that bad too?
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