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  1. I think the other thing is that there is an element of trust involved in being selected. Some of the products have significant value and the MGS staff doesn't want to sent things to someone that might just disappear or simply want to flop it for profit with little to no return.


    There is a lot of time commitment involved in properly testing a product. All that is being asked is that you provide some non rewarded input into the site.

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  2. There are some very subtle differences in what will improve your game the most, depending on your skill level.

    High Handicap: Lessons and practice

    Medium Handicap: Lessons and practice

    Low Handicap: Lessons and practice

    Web.com tour or better: Club fitting, coaching and practice

    You don't seem to be an advocate of playing the best equipment for you. I think as you get to hit the mid handicap range fitting starts to become more important. A mid cap probably hits the ball well but makes mistakes that lead to big numbers or they struggle with a particular aspect of the game. Fitting help ensure that clubs aren't causing issues. When I am thinking of fittings at this level I am talking club flex, length, and lie angle type aspects

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  3. Technology will improve the consistency of the putter manufacturing process. A set of 40 year old bulls eye putters will probably all have a different feel and will probably have different weight and cog. All of these impact your ability to roll the ball well.


    You seem to ignore large data sets but in my opinion the large data set is what helps the fitter choose putters that will fit your stroke. If you follow the mindset of fitting a putter to your stroke you can look at the edel process and see how revising a players tendencies influences putter selection. If you look at the choices you make on how you swing the putter or setup to the ball you will need a different putter.


    Selecting a less than optimal putter doesn't mean you won't putt well but probably means you won't putt well all the time.


    Various opinions on this and it depends on how you process information. Some people just want a putter the looks nice. I look at my tendencies to identify the design characteristics that work best for my stroke.

  4. For some people, I believe it's a placebo effect. Sometimes the price and popularity of the putter make some people believe the feel is better, when in reality there are probably many putters that compete with said expensive putters in the feel category. Nothing against Scotty's, Bettinardis, or Evnrolls, it's really all about what you prefer.

    Feel is really sound. Some people like a clicky sound and some like more of a thud. Yes it is personal preference but there are factors that change the sound such as milling depth, face thickness, inserts, etc. and it isn't dependent on price. I say sound and not feel since that is really what people are interpreting. Studies have shown that if you take away the sound aspect people can't tell the difference

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  5. I use mine as much as possible, even inside 100 yards if I'm hitting a full shot. I do not use it for chips or pitch shots around the green (obviously).

    I am curious about your "obviously" for your pitches around the green. How accurate are you at judging 30, 40, 50, 60 yard shots.? This is the point where I really want to know distance.

  6. I just assumed that a better putter help drop it below 1.5

    I guess the question is what do you consider a better putter? Does the fact that a PGA pro plays the putter or that it costs $500 make it better?

    The best putter is the on you can start on you intended line and that you can roll a specific distance.


    Putters are designed in varying configurations to accommodate the way you putt. If you want to play a particular putter because it looks good just understand you may have to change your stroke to get it work properly

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  7. I have two rants for today.


    First the shipping costs for grips are crazy. I want to order a round non tapered grip for my putter and online stores are charging $7.00 to ship a $4.00 or less grip. Guess I will keep an eye on ebay until one turns up. UPDATE: found a discount shipping code so I was able to get shipping for $1.99


    On my regular course there is are separate chipping and putting greens. I really get annoyed when I am trying to practice my chipping to the 3 holes on that green and people walk up and start putting. Just across the walkway is a putting green with 9 holes. I know I could just continue but I am afraid I am going to blade one into one of the people putting. Just drives me crazy!!!!! :angry: :angry:

  8. Just off the green or putts. I would use a range finder off the tee or in the fairway for hazard carry distances and pin distances. I also would use it on the feel shots most people are describing because I am more of a this swing goes this far type of wedge player

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  9. How to you have a positive angle of attack, seems like I have a negative aoa even though I move my ball beyond my left foot (right handed)?

    You indicate that it "seems" like you have a negative angle of attack. What makes you think that it is negative? Have you had it measured on a launch monitor? If I were looking at numbers I would be more concerned with launch angle. It is possible to have what is considered to be an optimal launch angle even with a negative angle of attack

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  10. My thoughts on this are the following:  Some people are of the school that if a putter looks good to your eye that it will give you confidence and help you putt better.    Others are of the mindset that they don't want any technical data about a putters performance.  My mentality is that I want to understand everything I can and make a logical decision about my putter.  


    When looking at putting,  1* of error will cause a 10 foot putt to miss the hole completely.  So how can we best ensure that as a player we return the putter to the correct position to start the ball on the intended line.  During the stroke the putter rotates and travels on an arc.  We typically here that players should player putters based on the arc of the stroke.  One of the best ways to measure strokes in on a SAM Puttlab and there are tens of thousands of strokes that have been captured.   What this data shows is that players have several tendencies that must be accounted for with a putter.   The first variable is how a player powers the club,  do you use your shoulders,  a particular arm, or both arms with no shoulder.  That will impact that path that the putter travels on as will the stance you use in your setup.  Are you setup open, closed, or square to the target line?  Once all your decisions are made,  you establish a fingerprint for your stroke and there is a putter that will fit that stroke with the correct rotation to enable you to start the ball online.  


    The data is out there,  and as I started this response some people like to see that data and others don't.  If you want to,  it is out there but the key is understanding how to interpret the information. 

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  11. I gotta ask 'cause I don't know...

    1. Does every group in every pro tourney on every weekend have a qualifed rules official walking with them?


    2. If not .. why not???


    3. If so .. why doesn't that person have the final say in all rules matters* either brought to their attention by a playing competitor - while on the course and during the time of play of the "stipulated round" - or a matter that the official calls out.

    No. There is not a rules official with every group. Not enough officials and too many players. Thee are exceptions for some events. But in the majority of tournaments the players are self policed by the players in the group. I volunteer as a walking scorer at and LPGA event and if a ruling is requested we call for a rules official.

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  12. When I go on my family vacation I Am the only golfer so I go alone most of the time. I just call the course and ask when they can fit me in. Never had a problem. Sometimes I go by myself and other times the course pairs me up.

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  13. I am going to be selfish on my favorite Masters moment.   Finding out I won the practice round lottery and being able to go walk around the grounds for a day.  Was there in 2010 and I keep entering the lottery every year but you will always remember the first time you walk down Magnolia Lane.

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