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  1. My difficulties are getting on in time to switch players. I seem to switch them the day after they have their low round.
  2. Driver and fairways my go to shot is a fade with a mid trajectory. For hybrids and Irons, high with a slight draw.
  3. Duke was the team that hurts me; Had them in the final 2.
  4. I think people often underestimate the importance of the mental side of golf. We hear about it, but don't really know how to apply it. It is especially important as your handicap drops since you really have to manage your way around a course to prevent blow up holes. This simple tip is great advice and I know I will try to apply it during my next rounds.
  5. cnosil


    I have only seen Rocco Mediates when I was the standard bearer for his group and a couple of the LPGA players. I have tried the driver and a wedge at the MGS labs. Wedge was nice driver was lacking. Hoping they actually get a set of irons for the most wanted testing so I can hit them myself.
  6. Appreciate the offer to help design something. My biggest problem I have no ideas for anything at all that would represent me. It is like tattoos, I cant come up with anything with a personal enough meaning to make it permanent. I have looked at her site and was impressed with her work.
  7. I have toyed with the idea if a custom cover but can't come up with anything unique to me that I would want done. Maybe one day I will figure it out. Thanks for explaining the process in detail and I love your logo!
  8. I chip and pitch with lots of clubs. I try to let the situation dictate the club and I try to land the ball a few feet onto the green and let it run out to the hole. For example 9 iron would be my 1 part carry 4 parts roll club.
  9. I am like you. I could practice this aspect of my game all day. It is pretty much all I do practice and I may go to the range and hit a couple of warmup balls before a round. I practice putting at home and get to the course well before a round to work primarily on pitch and chips. Unfortunately my short game practice does not carry over to the course
  10. Glad you found something that works for you. I probably need to go find a place with lots of wedges and try different manufacturers and sole grind to see what works best for me. At this point I have gotten close to being afraid to pull a wedge out of my bag which is not beneficial to scoring well.
  11. And this is why I hate Stranz courses. Royal. Ew Kent isn't bad but stonehouse has too many shots that are blind. Unless you have played the course quite a few times you aren't going to play well and it will be frustrating. I have hit shots in the course recommended linenand ended up in considerable trouble. A golfer should be able to have some level of success without having to have studied the course prior to playing a round.
  12. The grip is the foundation Of the golf swing. And I like the approach your instructor is taking; which is make a small change and then have you practice that change. Most people's swing dont need a complete overhaul. Congrats on you accomplishment and your advice is not just something for the older crowd to listen too
  13. My bet would be on DJ or Rory. Top golfers when their games are on; putter kills them both and Augusta is a tough course to putt poorly on.
  14. Wedges have never been good to me. I have generally stuck with Vokeys or Clevelands but I seem to get inconsistent performance especially on less than half shots. Inconsistent is on the longer shots I have a tendency to be fat especially in wetter conditions and thin when I am hitting chips and short pitches. I have tried different bounces, but just can't get comfortable. Might not even be the wedges and that I need to take lessons. All I know is that this aspect of my game is keeping me from getting close to scratch.
  15. I do mine through the grint app. While it is official, I don't use a offseason so I enter scores all year long to see trends. Right now it is is 5.9
  16. I try to get pictures or see them in person. I have a local store that has a lot of used clubs so I have a chance to try and see condition. I shy away from ebay and buy through places like 3balls and callaway preowned. From those sites I have typically gotten better than advertised condition. I have bought touch up paints and used sharpie to hit chips or marks on clubs. There area companies that sell ouch up paints that matches the manufacturers colors. Look at golfpaint.com. I haven't used any from them but many years ago I bought some titleist touch up paint that worked well
  17. I can't remember when I last bought a new club without use of a trade in or gift card. I generally buy through the used market and trade in old clubs.
  18. I'm in, not a big basketball fan but I figured I would make some random picks....hoping the ACC does well
  19. Your first name: Chris Hometown/State/province: Newport News, Virginia Strength & weakness of your short game: Strength of my short game is half to full shots. With these shots I do well with distance control and hitting solid shots. Weakness is when the shots are less than half through chips. Generally fat on the partial; especially in damp conditions, and thin on chips. Have been working through various wedge manufacturers and bounces to try and find a wedge that can help. The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game: Went through
  20. After 10 weeks, I am starting to understand how the game works. Not that I will do any better, but I better understand the reason to swap players.
  21. For me, it is a wet towel on the course to clean the head and grip, the a quick dry. I use 1 towel and just wet one end.
  22. Obviously distance is public knowledge. I guess the question is really about the legality of borrowing equipment. I did a quick search an found this: Borrowing EquipmentBorrowing a club from a fellow competitor is prohibited, but the rules do not prevent a player from borrowing other equipment, including range finders. Read more at http://www.golflink.com/facts_4030_range-finder-be-shared-competitors.html#MwGm00s6yk8Gb4fB.99
  23. Looks liike the weather we are having. Yesterday was 70s; going to be snowing on Sunday.
  24. Since the putt is straight, the line in the ball is straight, and the putter shaft is basically straight you should be able to align the line on the ball and the shaft and have the shaft intersect the hole. Hard to describe but you are trying to verify the line on the ball is actually pointing to the hole
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