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  1. Why does tour presence really matter? It should be about your performance. Pros in today's world want to get paid to play a product and I am pretty sure neither do. And pros in many cases are no better than amateurs regarding what equipment they put in the bag. For the record I have seen both brands in LPGA player bags.
  2. I see that you have followed the US Equipment forum so it looks like you should be getting emails.
  3. And you do a great job. I think you test about 5 or 6 different bag configurations a month? [emoji12]
  4. Yes, A putter grip can change your stroke and feel of a putter. Size of the grip may increase or decrease how your hands interact with the club. Size and Material may change how you perceive the vibrations so feel/sound will change. And weight may impact your overall stroke. How much or how little will be based on you and how much you are able to identify those differences.
  5. My assumption based on the rule is that phil could have told Bones to stand on a particular side of the flag while tending the flag. Otherwise you can move people to a particular spot.
  6. Unfortunately, the isn't a way to definitively answer this question. Club speed isn't the only factor in choosing flex. Why? There isn't a consistent measure of flex between manufacturers or even shaft lines within a manufacturer. There is more to a shaft than overall flex that help with getting the right launch conditions. Your swing tempo and characteristics influence shaft selection. An aggressive but slow swing could need an S or X while a fast non aggressive swing could be R. The best way is to get a fitting. Take your current irons to a store and compare to the clubs with regular. It might be possible to give advise if you indicate current shafts and what you want to accomplish with the new shafts. Ideally you would indicate I have this shaft and here are my launch numbers and that you want to do x with those numbers.
  7. I prefer straight but would be happy with known curly and long. The two way miss is horrible Strokes gained research has shown that the shorter the club you play on the next shot the better your score will potentially be. Curly doesn't have to mean in the woods; it just means missing the fairway.
  8. I have never broken a club out of anger and I have had 2 break during a swing in all the years I have played.
  9. Looks like you found 15 of the 20 yards you were looking for Lots of balls in that water; would love to have the opportunity to give it a try.
  10. I don't do anything on the range before a round. I someone left some extra balls, I will hit 5-6 with a mid iron. I spend pre-round time on the putting green and hitting some short pitch shots. On the putting green I will start with rolling in a few 2-3 footers and then set tees at 5,10,15,20,25, 30 and get a feel for speed.
  11. I don't think that will send you an email, I am pretty sure that you will get notification in the app. If you are trying to get push notifications, maybe you have that turned off; that would be in the phone settings and not the app.
  12. Nice photos. Here is my question - How did you do on 17?
  13. Probably need to be more detailed on what settings you have made. Assuming you have followed all the forums and changed your profile settings to send you the emails I would think you should be getting them.
  14. I would suggest Sharpie to just blackout the letters.
  15. I agree that there has been technology improvements in clubs. But my original question is do these improvements help people shoot better scores? Do those improvements in putter mishits drop 3 strokes from your score, how about even 1? How about adding lets say 20 yard to your drive, how many strokes does that take off your score?
  16. Just buy the midsize, you could probably figure out the tape wraps but I don't think there is a standard midsize putter grip size. Getting the weight right would require 27g of lead tape probably spread across the grip to get the same distribution. You are not going to make up that weight with grip tape since it is about 2g per strip.
  17. Photobucket used to be an option for this, now they require payment for using their service to share images on forums. I have switched to imgur.
  18. I fall on the other side of some of the followup posters; I will be 52 in a couple of months. i have never changed my clubs a lot and most stay in the bag for a long time. My next changes will most likely be due to a need for a need to change the flex of my shafts or to replace more irons with hybrids. Seems like every time I go look at new clubs and compare to my current games I don't see enough benefit that would drive me to make the change. I change putters just because I like putters; I would say it is like Carolina Golfer 2 and his love for irons. The more I read forums, the more I read that people aren't getting significant benefit from new technology in clubs. The exception may be someone who wasn't golf knowledgeable and just picked up clubs then became obsessed and went and got fit. I think fitting for specs will provide a bigger benefit than just picking up newer and shinier.
  19. I see the SS out of the box as 52g with an addition 52g backweight, Iomic Mid as 75g and the Ping as 85. All pretty significant differences in weighting. You could adjust the SS with a different weight, (25g or 75g) but that is an additional purchase. Superstroke will probably be the softest, followed by Iomic and then the Ping grip. Superstroke is a non tapered design so it will feel larger under your right hand. Pretty significant price differences as well with Iomic and Ping are in the $13 range with SS being $30+. While I haven;'t compared them side by side, the different materials will most like create a different feel with the putter. That will probably be dependent on how sensitive you are to the feel of a putter.
  20. Still recommend taking it easy. Badly sprained my ankle a couple of years ago and ortho estimated recovery time to be 6 months. Still played golf before I should have requiring me to make adjustments to compensate for the injury. Messed up my swing for a while.
  21. I think the rule is about intentionally moving something to indicate line. I can use a tree, person, piece of grass but I can't move an object to show the line. You can use a spectator to line if the shot but you can't tell the spectator to move 5 steps to the left.
  22. I break a wood tee pretty much everytime I use one. When I use the plastic tees they seem to lasr forever so I have bags full of them. Like you I pick them up during the round and just keep adding to the collection. Periodic tee clean out is mandatory ever month or so
  23. Did a search and per the usga site it is conforming. The practice label is considered to be like a logo. Rule 5-1 Status of "X-Out" and "Practice" Balls Q. May I use an "x-out" ball or a ball stamped with "Practice" to play a round of golf? A. Our present policy provides that if the List of Conforming Golf Balls or the One Ball Condition is in effect, a practice or logo ball may be used provided the other markings on the ball (i.e., pole and seam) correspond exactly to a ball listing on the current List of Conforming Golf Balls. Balls labeled with “PRACTICE” or a circled “P”, are essentially treated as a logo ball (such as a Mickey Mouse emblem). A player's name stamped on the ball is also acceptable. However, the original ball markings (i.e., pole and seam markings) must be readable in order for a Rules Official to determine whether that ball is on the List of Conforming Golf Balls. X-Out balls are not permitted to be used in any competition in which the List of Conforming Golf Balls or the One Ball Condition is in effect. However, if neither of these Conditions are in effect, X-Out balls may be used because all balls are presumed to conform unless they have been tested and found not to conform or are obviously non-conforming (e.g., too small or too heavy). (See Decisions 5-1/4).
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