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  1. I think there could be lots of reasons. I think a big reason is different testing protocols. As I understand in previous years, the simulator was setup to use an open driving range and this year we were setup on a hole so if you missed the fairway you didn't get as much roll. Would probably need to see a tester by tester comparison to better understand the groups dynamics. Also less than ideal club configurations; tweaks were made to the settings to try and get us to hit optimal shots but we didn't got through extensive fittings and were limited to what manufacturers sent to the lab.
  2. If you do a google search you can find some charts. Most are on other golf forums so I won't post the links. Ideal smash is in the 1.5 range. For spin and launch you have to look at swing speed and angle of attack
  3. I have a couple of older Mizuno hats. They are definitely nice
  4. Disagree a bit here. It is done during the practice days as well as during pre round. Also I have almost never seen a caddie toss a ball to a player during the middle of a real round but they always toss the ball during practice and warmups.
  5. I am always a fan of the testing because I am local and I get to participate. The biggest issue will be time to get testers scheduled and run through all the clubs. At this point they are wrapping up hybrids and still need to do wedges. Also not sure if they still have all the winners. I am all for it if MGS wants to do this. I would bet it is probably on Adam' list of possible tests already
  6. That is true on the PGA tour but not on all the other tours. When I worked the range at a Symetra event the tour actually provided range balls. One of the range duties was to actually separate the clubs balls from the tours balls. From watching the LPGA event I volunteer at, they don't have balls separated by brands
  7. Hopefully you opponent does the honorable thing and tries to reschedule.
  8. I don't have any ideas. I have a bunch of amazon gift cards and can't figure out what to buy. I'll think of something and then decide I would never use whatever it is.
  9. I have always had success at my local golf stores. They are generally happy to get rid of boxes. Just have to know when they are getting deliveries. Other options are the triangle boxes. If you aren't using that particular shipper then disassemble and turn the boxes inside out. If it is too short then use 2 and insert the second into the first.
  10. Just repeating what has already been said. Watching lots of players on the practice range the ball are only cleaned when hitting off the tee to remove sand and water
  11. What was the fitting process like for your wedges?
  12. Today was the second day of the second round of the playoffs for my companies golf league. We were down by 8 to -3 after day one where one of the players on the other team shot 6 under his handicap for 9 holes. Knowing we had to play well to get a come from behind victory I shot a -2 with 3 birdies and a bogey to score a net -4 for our team. Unfortunately we were unable to get the victory as a second player shot a net -6 and we lost 14 to -9. My round was almost ideal. Solid off the tee, solid iron shots and solid putting. Hit only 2 bad shots on the round but the followup shots were on target. Hoping I can continue this play for the foreseeable future.
  13. For me it is worth a fitting. You can always learn to use any putter but it may not be the best fit and will result in making putting harder. My putting instructor did a podcast that is about 55 minutes long in which he explains putter fittings and his approach to how to putt. I posted the link in the putter fitting thread.
  14. Don't think conservative. When you think conservative people have a tendency to try and control the shot. Play your hybrid with an aggressive attitude/ swing. This is about course management and playing to a spot on the hole where you have the best chance to keep the ball in play and score well. Play the shots you can execute reliably.
  15. I think that is likely. Read reports that there were some feelings hurt when creamer and pressel didn't get invites. I think having the best Americans even if it isn't the big names exposes the American public to a new group of players beyond the current "star" names
  16. Not sure Paula was the best choice. She hasn't been playing well for a while.
  17. I try really hard not to embarrass my daughter. But sometimes just being there is an embarrassment. [emoji12]
  18. Looks like the new MGS assessment of irons. After reading the I love irons thread I counted my iron shots (3-pw since that is generally what people buy) and I hit them a grand total of 9 times over the 18 holes. It does make you consider how much you are paying for that aspect of your set.
  19. i know you were joking. I want to play well, but I don't take bad scores that personally. It is part of the game. Yes, ESC was taken into consideration; The Grint app automatically handles that for you and counted it as a 7 for handicap purposes.
  20. Been working on my short pitch shots to make solid contact and not blade the ball. Kind of 50/50ish on how I am doing. Hope if comes around a bit before my golf league round on Thursday.....or that I hit all the greens
  21. shouldn't, but you have to understand how to adjust since all greens are different speeds. I have a baseline putt that goes X distance. Whenever I am on the practice green, I see how close the speed is to my baseline and then adjust based on the distance I am rolling the ball on that green.
  22. Good luck. Just need all 5;s and a 4!!!! Play well and hope your surgery and recovery goes well.
  23. I always used baby oil. Just a drop or two on the putter and rubbed it around. Some people also have a storage headcover and a gamer headcover. When you get home, wipe down the putter and put it in the storage cover which will also have the oil to help prevent rusting.
  24. Let me adjust that to an 11
  25. At least you are on the right end of the list; I am more toward the other end.
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