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  1. Not showing you the data is the biggest red flag. Not showing you the data while hitting is not bad,, but not explaining what he is seeing especially when asked is a problem.
  2. I follow now. I usually install my grips logo down. I personally use the white tick on the bottom of the grip to try and set the face square.
  3. I don't find it difficult to make par, but since I am probably not 100% loose I have to remember to take a little extra club on my approach shot.
  4. Okay, I was correct on what you are referring to as a tool mark. Still not clear on the alignment aid. Are you referring to the box around Golf Pride? if not, how are you using the grip to help with your alignment. Sorry for being so dense.
  5. I am only seeing paintfill issues on the numbers, but if I had the amount of wear you are showing on your clubs I wouldn't be happy. Mine are still looking shiny.
  6. Much easier to tolerate those 7000 post when I have you blocked. [emoji3]. Kidding
  7. Nice review. You lost me on this paragraph. What kind of alignment aid are you looking for? I use the little tick marks on the top and bottom of the grip for alignment. And what is a tool mark?
  8. Please note that there is some sarcasm and general curiosity in this post. I saw you responded in the Cameron Concept thread with: "I do have a very fast paced putting stroke so "winged" putters and I don't work well together. " I didn't see a post in the rant/how did you play thread so here goes: With 24 putts over 9 holes what kind of putter do you have and maybe you should try something else?
  9. 1 More question to ask yourself is how often do you think you would hit the 4 iron?
  10. Thanks. I hit both at a demo day as well and each had their strong points. The non forged were just plain long. I found that each had a different sound. I ultimately chose he forged because I thought it would best fit my goals. For me I think the shaft provided me with what I needed which was heavier weight to help manage tempo. It would be interesting to reshaft my current irons with the KBS tours.
  11. Sorry, see what you are doing after reading the cobra thread . I don't look at the thread picture so I don't know what is currently displayed.
  12. Fix what? It is clearly a picture of the C300 forged irons. [emoji3]
  13. I am not looking past the marketing and R&D, although it could be argued that Cameron merchandise markets itself. Like I said, I am not judging the putter or even that they are charging $600. I was just surprised that we have reached that plateau for an OTR putter. Customs have been in that range for years and like you said true Cameron collectors are more into the limited editions and one offs.
  14. Sounding a little bit like a disgruntled employee. [emoji12]
  15. Read the blog post on this. Not a judgment on the putter, but just surprised that we have reached the $600 pricing for an OEM off the rack putter. Seems like we just skipped the $500 range.
  16. With the padding and ridges it was considered a training aid. However, there are some exclusions for medical reasons.
  17. Apparently the R&A is randomly testing drivers. Anyone going to have one that is non conforming? https://www.golfchannel.com/article/golf-central-blog/thirty-players-have-drivers-tested-ra/
  18. Australia. When I read the post i figured he lived in the Southern Hemisphere. Great to hear from people from all over the world
  19. Play well and I hope we see your name on top of the leaderboard
  20. Doubt it is swing speed, I would guess angle if attack or shaft lean at impact with the ground. Improving Dispersion was my number 1 Objective with these clubs and I feel like I did that. I am glad I had the club champion fitting earlier and was able to get shaft that was best for me. The heavier tour shafts really seem to work for me.
  21. sorry to see the durability issues that you described. Other than the paintfill starting to come out, they are holding up very well for me. It is interesting seeing different peoples take on basically the same clubs; I love the sole and thing they help me when I hit the ball fat.
  22. My Stage 2 for the C300 Forged is up. Link: Stage 2 Let me know if you have any questions or want me to add/investigate something else.
  23. I should be good for either Saturday. Wouldn't want to do a Sunday and have to work the next day.
  24. Two sides to every story. Probably falls somewhere in between as they both have their blinders on.
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