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  1. Not very exciting, but since there isn't much else on TV I put it on for the noise.
  2. You would have to find that rule for Me because I can seem to find anything in the rules regarding the grips rub alignment having to match the face angle. There are rules about the grip design such as the rib must be the full length of the grip nor can the grip have reminders that indicate hand placement. Rubbed grips have been in existence longer than round grips. Also by the rule you are indicating, if the club is build with an open or closed face the rib alignment would have to be offset by the same amount. The issue does exist with ribbed grips that if you rotate the shaft on today's adjustable drivers, the rib will no longer be in the down position. Update: did some additional searches and found that there are dimensions and maximum height for the rib and that the rib must be straight. Still nothing on install requirements other than the grip and shaft must be on the same axis which wouldn't relate to a tuba orientation.
  3. Probably more technique in my opinion. The announcers indicated on one of the broadcasts that he had found something with his stroke but he would say what it was When I mention technique I include things like stance as well. Read some comments on Rory that on Sunday he was standing closer to the ball than he was at Bay Hill. The smallest change for these guys impacts the putters path and as pressure builds the mistakes start to become apparent.
  4. Here are my thoughts on your questions 1. What kind of proof do you need? I am sure most companies can come up with measurements that support their claims. The bigger question is if what they are testing is relevant to improving putting. I think having a putter with the proper loft provides better more consistent roll than any face insert. Just because a putter or any club for that matter works for a player does not mean it is the right club for you 2. Your players have specific feels and distances that they know. Occasionally this technology will change these things and the player doesn't want to relearn the feel or distance. Examples: evnroll and ping grooves cause the ball to come off the face slower than a non grooves version. Sean Toulon told me about one time he got tiger to try one of his putters: Tiger took 1 putt handed him back the putter, said it was nice but rolled the ball too far. Some players are just as guilty as amateurs and will chase the latest and greatest or go back to something that worked in the past. 3. I wouldn't want to change putters inserts between rounds based on reasons above. Also your greens are pretty consistent from course to course. These are my thoughts, Based on things I have learned from my putting instructor.
  5. What you will gain with drivers from the last 5ish years is headsize and forgiveness on mishits. You would also likely see distance gains from a newer driver even if it isn't fit properly. You don't have to switch, lots of players score well with old clubs, but they have solid fundamentals. If you were looking for some new clubs, driver is probably the first place to look.
  6. I hit them as part of the most wanted testing. To be honest most of the drivers for me blended together with pretty similar results. It is a solid driver that performs well. There are a few people on here that found it was the best driver for them. Mizuno, who generally is not known for woods, has put together a solid product.
  7. Weights and adjustability have been around a while and there are many options available that are less than 5 years old. They are great for fine tuning but will not turn a 30 yard slice into a straight ball flight.
  8. I think your answer is here, talk to your instructor. A slice isn't the result of a particular driver unless you have a shaft that is really bad for your swing. A slice is caused by face angle and club path. Fix that and you can hit most drivers straight. A newer more forgiving driver will help you not lose distance on mishits. As others have said, it doesn't have to be a break the bank kind of thing; you can get some great inexpensive drivers that are a couple of years old.
  9. I have to admit I like the area where I live. Every so often we get to see this: Air Force 1 doing touch and go's at our local airport.
  10. My fitter recommended matching the sets lie progression.
  11. Wish I had a place to do wedge testing like in the titleist video. That is the process my fitter described.
  12. I am like you, I love volunteering at tournaments. I currently volunteer at my local LPGA event and have done so for 10 years. I do walking scorer and have done standard bearer. I have also done Symetra and Champions events. Practice range would be the only other place I would go since I like watching the players. Hope you have fun. Let us know how your experience goes.
  13. For those who want to follow another experiment, the guys at Tour Experience Golf are sharing a 12 week test of the system. There are a bunch of people on here that have found the TXG YouTube channel to be very informative and I for on am looking forward to seeing how the local MGS results play out as well as the one on TXG. Here is link to their intro video and how they plan on doing the experiment. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk5utwWF16s
  14. I generally setup trying to get the face square and then point club down target line. However, my body is generally a little closed so I hit a draw or straight shot. I never setup planning for straight. While I understand the new ball flight laws, I generally have more success if I apply them like the old school way.....clubface at target and body on start line.
  15. Went to an indoor full bag fitting and was told that to do a wedge fitting it should be done outdoors and you should try different grinds from different lies and figure out what you need. It is really personal preference based on the types of shots you are trying to hit. Big problem with this is most places do not have bunches of wedges to try out.
  16. Thank to Wilson and MGS for putting together and sponsoring the contest and congrats to the winners on having better luck with their picks than I did!
  17. Probably will take a day or two for the Mods to get official money and do the math. The usually post the complete list of entries for comparison.
  18. To anyone that says what a pro plays does not influence the market this is a prime example. Pga value guide has this as a $25 trade in and $58 resale.
  19. Just an old putter that doesn't come up much. With reed winning they will show up more often. There is one on ebay : https://www.ebay.com/itm/odyssey-white-hot-pro-3-putter-35-1-4/183169550134?hash=item2aa5c18736:g:nSwAAOSw39FayqMr
  20. I am sure with the Patrick Reed win they will be showing up at premium prices. Quick ebay searched turned up one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/odyssey-white-hot-pro-3-putter-35-1-4/183169550134?hash=item2aa5c18736:g:nSwAAOSw39FayqMr
  21. Don't have an issue with Chamblee. It is like all sports talk kind of shows, someone takes the "negative" perspective because it generates ratings. Listened to a podcast that had him on for an hour and it sounds like he does his homework and knows about the game and provides his opinion. Not a fan of Miller or Strange though.
  22. The easiest way to get broadcast is to watch the CBSsports website until it comes on CBS and then use a simple antenna on your TV to watch CBS. I have a TV in my spare room that gets about 30 channels from an OTA antenna. CBS is actually better quality than I get on my HD Cable.
  23. Hope you find another one to your liking. I personally believe that the belief that you must line up with your eyes over the ball is a fallacy. If that is the position that lets you see the line best than that is how you should setup. I setup with my eyes inside of the ball and it provides the best results for me. To create an introduction post, just post a new thread in the "Introduce Yourself" forum. Just go to the main forum page and you will see all the different forums. You have obviously been in the Free Classifieds and Contest Forums; take a look at the others and if you have questions on how to navigate, feel free to ask questions; someone will respond.
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