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  1. Fantasy football is fairly easy. What do you want to know? It is a game based on a player stats. Each league can be a bit different but most leagues everyone drafts a roster of players and A player can only be on one team. You player different position players like a qb, RB, wr, te, defense, and kicker. The league specifies how many of each you have to play each week. Point values are assigned to stat categories like 6 points for a touchdown, .1 points for each yard gained, -1 point for a fumble, etc. just like a season you play head to head against other teams in your league and the team with the most points wins. Have to deal with bye weeks and injuries and you can trade or acquire other available players up to your roster limits.
  2. You get to touch the AC?
  3. His name is Bruce Rearick. He is my putting instructor.
  4. My opinion on your two comments above Rolling the ball end over end will help with green reading and pace. Why? The underlying reason is that If you are hitting the ball with an inconsistent face angle the ball comes off the face at different speeds. Thus Pace and break arr hard to judge. With a consistent face angle you start getting the same roll for a particular stroke length or feel. I have used a lot of training aids for putting. You need to determine how you want to swing the club and fit the tools to those decisions. A putting arc will 'force" you into a particular arc. Based on your setup you may need a different arc. In the end I found the best aid for me was a dime. I put one about 16" in front of a ball and work in consistently rolling the ball over that dime no matter how long it short of a putting stroke I make. Don't need a hole since you aren't worried about distance just stroke. Rolling the ball over a target that small helps build a consistent repeatable stroke and a feel for that stroke. Related to all the discussions on mechanics vs feel I found the follow tweet that I thought was appropriate: Good putters use consistent mechanics to develop feel. Bad putters use many different mechanical options to search for feel.
  5. I and 52 and my primary course is semi private and plays 6554 from the blues.
  6. I think they are just thanks for your participation likes. Or are we all that like-able?
  7. I am assuming you know through repetition the shoulder to foot relationship so that if the ball isn't traveling correctly you know where to look
  8. This! You can even leaver the club or alignment rod in place while you hit but only during practice rounds. The one other thing to look at is shoulder to feet alignment to ensure they are the same since the club will generally travel down the line made by your shoulders not the feet
  9. I believe aimpoint is a good approach to figuring out a putts line. That said, I don't think I can talk you into using that system. Based on reading your posts, you are a feel player and probably assess the putt on how you think it will curve, where it will enter the hole, and speed. Aimpoint uses the approach that all putts are X distance right or left of the hole, straight lines, and distance.
  10. Rusty, sounds like you determine practice areas based on confidence and that if you get into a bad spell during practice it will lead to poorer play. You mention that with the long game you reach a point that practice doesn't help; you state that missing putts during practice is bad so you practice mechanics. Am I misinterpreting? I would thing you need the practice reps even if things aren't working 100% to help when things aren't perfect on the course. In my mind tuning requires repetition and actually performing the task.
  11. Probably a fair price. Assuming that since you are asking about worth it is one of the older models. Price for those varies on condition and if they were one of the special releases like 1/500 or copper line. With the custom shop refinishing the price for a refinished putter also goes up in price.
  12. Sounds like a lot of my rounds. Missing greens with a short game that is off equals bogeys.
  13. Welcome. I also love putters but can't afford to collect them so I end up just trading them to find another one to admire for a while
  14. You don't think about this stuff when you putt; it is more about fitting the putter. While the approach may not be for you, some people like to have more understanding about how the stroke works; sort of that right brain left brain how you learn kind of stuff. The goal of putting is to make a stroke that rolls the ball on the line you want for the speed you rolling the ball. By understanding the numbers, you can find a putter that makes it easier to accomplish that goal. There really is a reason that some putter works better than others. If you find the putter that works for your stroke, it make it easier to replicate the results. Basically 2 choices, find the putter that works for you or adjust yourself to fit the putter.
  15. Feels really mushy and I can't tell where on the face the ball makes impact. I generally prefer a firmer feel with my putters.
  16. That is a similar approach to how to determine your distances. Hit your longest club and leave your bag where you hit them from and laser back to the bag. Then hit your next club toward the bag and measure to the bag again to calculate second wedge distance. Keep doing this as you go through your clubs and you can figure out all the distances. Or you could just buy an SC200 and let it tell you
  17. I have read the Bettinardi reviews and tried them in the pas; don't have anything against them and the 8802 style was one I was looking at today. I hate the feel of the Odyssey O-works putters. I am one of those slow to purchase types so I will be doing lots more experimenting. Will probably make the stroke change using my current putter to see how that impacts my putting.
  18. Thinking about changing my mechanics a bit to see if I have a little better consistency with my putting so today was a bit of playing with that thought. Leader was an Odyssey Metal X Milled 330M, #9 style, and a Bettinardi Studio Stock 6. All really different styles from what I am playing now.
  19. I think there was another thread on this recently. I think the answer was it depended on what tour you were referring too. PGA yes; others probably not.
  20. Ended up spending a few hours at my local golf store trying out putters. Found a couple I liked; may even convince myself to pick one up.
  21. I think the pros know each green like a someone that putts on the same green each week. they have detailed books with all the slopes and contours of the green and each week the greens play at roughly the same speed. Like you, I think people think they are much better putters than they are because they show the leaders who are making the putts and just like us, they get on hot streaks. Keep working and it could be possible to achieve your goal.
  22. 39-40 --- 79 today. 11 pars and 7 bogeys; like Siiver & Black I couldn't putt. I had one 3 putt but lots of 2 putts on missed greens. Tee to green i was solid and was happy to finally get a chance to try my KBS Prototype Hybrid shafts. More on the shafts when the official review thread gets underway. I think it is time to buy another putter to try and make my current one jealous
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