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  1. My guess would be that since there are 3 models in the JPX 900 line that the tours are players, forged are GI, making the hot metals SGI. There is probably only 1 tester that did all three tests and that would be the Sam. I did players and GI and it does consume a lot of time so doing all three would tough for someone that works. Additionally, unless you had access to all the data, it is basically impossible to remember the launch monitor numbers from one session to another. I did hit some of the SGI clubs but not in an official capacity. The basics for me were that I didn't get as much distance with the players as i did with the other irons. The distance loss wasn't related to mishits, they were decently hit balls. I think picking the club that performed the best would be difficult since you hit the clubs on one day and performance is largely based on how good of a swing I had that day.
  2. Evnroll faces are designed to minimize the impact of mishits. If your distance control issues are a result of where you are hitting the ball then potentially yes
  3. In stroke play yes. In match play there is a bit more gamesmanship that can be applied to put additional pressure on you opponent
  4. If you are hitting line I wouldnt change the stroke. Work on being able to roll the ball different distances while still hitting your line. Put a gate at about 20 inches, roll 10, 15, 20, 39, etc putts through the gate. Don't worry about making putts, work on distance control.
  5. Don't disagree, but that isn't a reason for me to not watch. I do know people who refuse to watch because of the Korean dominance
  6. Thanks for the clarification did a quick search and misread. For the OP, rookie blue is the expert on putter refinishing.
  7. The men's pro game is at a completely different level than anything we could ever dream of. That being said score is irrelevant to me since they are all playing the same course and I don't care If the winner is even or -25. The PGA could make the courses tougher by adjusting green speeds, growing up the rough, changing the bunker takes like was done at the memorial years ago, and narrowing fairways. Length is not a way to protect a course; it just separates the field more. This is also the reason I watch the LPGA. They don't bomb the ball and they play a game similar to ours with regards to distances hit. I also don't care that the Americans don't always win; for me it is good golf.
  8. I am with you on the distance practice. At that point I don't care about speed, launch, or smash, just how far I carry the ball. If the monitor provides accurate numbers it would be a great practice tool. Affordability is the benefit because the information I am looking for isn't easily obtained in a reliable manner without significant cosr
  9. Guess it is all about timing to get the empty range. I Never thought about using the range that way but it is great for working on pitches
  10. After having spent some time using a launch monitor, the biggest things that I would want to see are distance, face angle and path. Those are the things that I really need to work on to be more effective playing golf. Seeing that information has helped me to figure out issues. Things like smash factor and spin are nice for fitting purposes but not sure how I would apply to practice
  11. Use the puttlab results as information. You are pretty consistent on that spot. How is your putting? Are you hitting you line and do you have good control over distance? If so, I wouldn't change anything. Changing the putter, stroke, or setup may move impact toward the center but you will have to retrain yourself. In the end Perfection is about results.
  12. Wish I had that kind of time to dedicate to practicing. Also wish I had someplace close that has a great practice area. I do know of someplace, but I doubt I could get a key to the MGS testing facility.
  13. I have been a fan if the bionic gloves for a long time. Form me they also seem to have a longer life than other gloves
  14. I am assuming studio select which is a plated putter. The problem you will face is that you will most likely have to remove the plating to do a refinish. This would require some bead basting if some type. Doable but probably more work and expense for someone that just wants to do one putter. You could outsource the removal of the plating and then do a black oxide treatment. If you want to go that route you could check with powder coating places in your area to see if they can remove the plating for you. Basically, From there you need to decide on matte or shiny and then prep the putter by sanding/polishing. Then apply black oxide. Finally do paintfill and cleanup I know high level and more details can be provided. I think there are some threads on here or you could look on WRX where there is lots of explanations on refinishing. Big question mark is original finish to be able to black oxide
  15. Happy with how I played overall; iron play, chipping, and putting were good. Been struggling off the tee and it resulted in a couple of big numbers that really hurt my score. One I decided to layup off the tee since the hole was downwind and I have a tendency to hit through the fairway. Ended up snap hooking the tee shot under a bush in a waste area; carded a double. Other big number was the result of another snap hook requiring a chip back into the fairway; after a couple of less than great shots I ended up with a triple. Fairways hit has dropped down to the 50% range the past few weeks from the 70% range. Definitely frustrating; been seeing a lot of discussion about shortening driver shafts so I am toying with the idea of cutting down my backup driver to see how it works.
  16. I ground my clubs as well. Tried hovering, but never really saw a difference.
  17. Here is a list of public and semi private courses in the Yorktown area. Any course below should be less than $100 Newport News Golf Course - City of Newport News golf courses; there are 36 holes. Haven't played either in years so I can't provide much detail on course contidtion. No houses (http://www.nngolfclub.com/) Fort Eustis - Military course but the base is open Kiln Creek - Plays through a neighborhood so there are lots of houses (http://www.kilncreekgolf.com/) The Hamptons - 3 9 hole courses (Woods, Links, Lakes). The names tell you the style of the course. Decent courses not always in the best shape but the woods and lakes will keep you on your game (http://www.hampton.gov/335/The-Hamptons) Woodlands - Not overly difficult, average condition but you have to put the ball in the right places. Play one of the big locla amateur tournaments here and when they grow the rough up it can be difficult. (http://thewoodlandsva.com) Moving out a little farther from the Yorktown area towards Williamsburg; also a little more expensive but you can find deals on GolfNow. Colonial Heritage - Good Condition, in a neighborhood but not may houses come into play. Great course. (http://www.colonialheritageclub.com/) Fords Colony - 3 courses but one is currently closed to replace greens. I am a fan of Black Heath; played it a few weeks ago and it was in good shape; got a $29 deal on a Sunday Morning. No houses in play, but there is water to play around (http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Ford-s-Colony-Country-Club/Golf) Kiskiack - Haven't played this one in a few years but from what I remember it was decent. (https://www.kiskiackgc.com/) Moving the other way from Yorktown, you could hit Virginia Beach. Not an area I am really familiar with, but could do some research. Some other courses fairly local would be: Riverfront - Probably about 30 minutes from Yorktown. Nice course but again plays through houses. Tough Greens on many of the holes. Plays along river. (https://www.riverfrontgolf.com/) Sleepy Hole - about 10 minutes past riverfront; used to host an LPGA event Can name some others if you want, but I think most of the above will meet your needs.
  18. I agree, no DH. Also, you don't have to worry about a DH being a defensive liability. But you are correct, I have learned There are some topics that I don't even get involved in discussing. Generally they happen after dinner, I just get up, clear the table, and wash dishes.
  19. Thanks. Read elsewhere that someone didn't like the pitch fix model we are discussing because I wouldn't pull the divot up in wet conditions. I think I will stick with my two prong model since I generally expose dirt. CG2...Question in the torn with exposed dirt. Should we reuse the grass that has been torn away or do our best to pull new grass toward the center?
  20. Give me a driving distance. And when you say water are you referring to ocean or just a lot of ponds. Under $100 will be easy as most courses around her don't cost that much. I make you a list later when I can do some searches.
  21. I am going to play and it the golf is still in when I get home I will watch. I find that I am watching less and less golf on TV
  22. You may check Continental Golf; they seem to do a lot of Odyssey work based on what I have seen on other forums. http://www.continentalgolf.net/putterworks.html
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