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  1. I am thinking you would be hitting your 4th. Tee shot out of bounds, 2 stroke penalty, drop and hitting 4th. Maybe I am mistaking your question though.
  2. I am borderline on that speed and the M3 and Sub Zero didn't work well for me. My SS was generally ranging in the 102-107 mph. Will be interesting to see how it all works out
  3. I tried them in a local store. I liked them but I like a lot of different irons too. Not too small of a head and decent feel. Would have to do some comparative analysis to see if the are better.
  4. Interesting idea but I think the test would have to be weighted somehow. Are you talking total beginners or someone knowledgeable about the golf swing. I think the results would vary significantly. You may also want to ad a category of personalized online instruction where the lessons is tailored to your swing. I think the biggest problem with online is making sure you are doing the drills correctly and knowing which drills apply to you. Really no different than reading he 100+ cure you slice tips from any golf magazine.
  5. I think you are overreacting to this rule. The intent for amateurs is to speed up play by not having to go back and hit for your previous spot if you discover that the ball is OB. You can do the stroke and distance if you want. Essentially you are taking the OB penalty you are just saying you ended up in that spot after you did stroke and distance. I actually play in a league that has followed this approach for a while.
  6. I think the choice of the drivers was based on other media lists of the best drivers; at least that was what was said in the video. One such outlet lists the callaway on the hotlist and the Mizuno was not listed . The purpose was to show that because someone said that callaway was the best driver doesn't mean it is the best driver for you. In the end you need to test drivers and shafts to see what works for your swing characteristics.
  7. You would have to contact Sam directly. If it is during the summer he likes to get to the golf course. I think their schedule is largely based on what they are working on. During most wanted testing they are there a little later to accommodate the testers that work. In the end there isn't really a set schedule. For example, This week they are probably off site taking photos for the driver testing results. Sam's email is on the main site under staff if you ever want to set something up.
  8. I think it was officially TaylorMade Adidas Group when owned by Adidas. It may now be TaylorMAdeGolf now that Adidas doesn't own them.
  9. Congrats to our 2 new mods; seems like excellent selections!
  10. Hate basketball but I am signed up
  11. It is possible. I have hit them a lot and compared the 400 and the max a bunch of times. I need to do a head to head with my current driver and try out some of the other shafts that are available. It definitely won't be an impulse purchase, I will think it to death.
  12. I am going to go with the following: 1. G400 max 2. M4 3. G400 4. Rogue
  13. Adam probably had them custom made trying to find some merchandise. I would suggest checking with the custom putter makers, they often make them https://www.seamusgolf.com/collections/hand-forged/Pitch-Tool http://www.vokey.com/product/VV39457.html#start=7 I also know mannkrafted putter company made them for a while.
  14. Here is the link to Trackman University: https://trackmanuniversity.com/LoginAndSignUp?ReturnUrl=%2FLibrary
  15. Speaking of the Trellis, how was the death by chocolate?
  16. Thanks for the update Adam. Looking forward to seeing what you have available so we can represent MGS while on the course or on the streets. We love the site and by having some logo”d merchandise we can help bring more people to the onboard. Loved the covers when you showed them to me last year; quality stuff!
  17. As I understand it Depends on the system doing the measuring and how it reads club speed. Trackman will let you get to the magic 1.5 but foresight seems to best out in the mid 1.4s. I did some testing on skytrack, gcquad, gc2, and trackman within a week or so and my numbers varied greatly. Have to compare on the same system to see if you are getting improvement.
  18. Like jlukes suggested play with the simulation on the link he provided. “Ideal” varies based on the person and how they swing. Launch angle might be a touch low; you might do a bit better with 10-14*.
  19. Great write up and some great swag; you have more MGS stuff than I do and I am there once or twice a week during the testing. Sam and Harry are great people and it makes going there to test a fun experience. You should have taken the covers off some of the putters on the wall by the putting green. There are some unique one offs and some stuff designed and built by Adam.
  20. What don't you understand? Ask questions and we will try to answer.
  21. I think someone is showing off [emoji3]
  22. Welcome to MGS. And to CG2, yes I like to stick with equipment and yes I may be convincing myself that the G400 is better than what I am currently gaming. MGS labs GCquad is telling me it is the real deal.
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