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  1. Do you plan on playing in any tournaments? If you plan on playing tournament golf the clubs probably don't conform to the rules of golf. They changed the groove rules a few years ago. How worn is the face/grooves? If you aren't going to be playing tournaments requiring you conform to the equipment rules and the grooves are in good shape then by all means continue to use them. New wedges would probably optimize spin numbers but if you are just playing for fun then the decision is yours. I would also evaluate if the fit your swing from a bounce perspective
  2. Definitely mushy. Even with high bounce wedges I can dig and go under the ball due to the wet ground. Other bad shots are when the ball is sitting on top of the dormant Bermuda; totally miss the ball on some of those and the dreaded stoping of the hands that leads to a chunk or skull across the green. I do practice. I just haven't been able to bring the necessary consistency to the course Fortunately I know this is my weak area; just need more time to practice. The nice thing is that it is possible to practice in the backyard.
  3. Thanks. It really was a good day. I only missed one fairway and that was by about 2 feet. I hit 11 greens and had 28 putts with only 11 on the front side. I did hit one OB on the front. Everything worse than par was directly the result of a bad chip/pitch shot. i need to start going to the course and work on my short game or maybe even take another lesson. I think i have tweaked with the swing so much that I am just making everything worse.
  4. I just want to say I hate my short game. Shot 35/39=74 but had a double after chunking 2 chip shots on a hole. I practice and seem to do fine on the practice greens, but when I have to execute on the course i end up with chunked shots. So frustrating!!!!!
  5. I know, looked on their site for fitters and nothing really close to me. The show the PGA Superstores in Myrtle Beach as having fitters.
  6. Yes, our miscommunication was the word aim. I think of aim as where I have setup and impact is after we have done all our crazy backswing stuff. And my questions have always been about the other variables that you are referring too. Never heard them discussed with Edel fittings; only the focus on aim. I use a dime instead of a penny at 20". Hitting a dime at 20" is keeping withing 1* of intended line which means with the correct speed and correct read I will make a 10 foot putt. Thanks for the detailed post. Answered a lot of my questions on the stroke aspect of an edel fitting. Definitely interested in doing one; just wish there was one close to me. Guess I will see if I can get one when I go to myrtle beach.
  7. Yep, it measures other things, all I was saying is that when categorizing you as a straight arc, slight arc, strong arc it uses rotation not path.
  8. We are just going to have to disagree. Yes, hitting the ball where you think you are hitting it is aim. However, there are more variables than aim that influence the direction of the ball. you actually have to make a stroke. Think full swing, it is more than just aiming down the fairway. Based on your response the Edel fitting approach is simply fix your aim and make sure you can roll the ball a particular distance. It is then up to you to fix your stroke to return the ball to where you aimed. As an FYI, it you used the iPing app it measures rotation and not the actual putter path.
  9. I looked and think I found on yahoo as pay per view. Season 20 episode 4 of Golf Channel Academy
  10. Thanks for the response. Not sure it is about picking the correct line. And I agree that fitting for vision is the right approach. Assuming perfect setup and aim there are still lots of ways to make a putt. I can use my left side like Dave Stockton teaches, I can use rocking shoulders like Pelz teaches, I can use my arms and minimal shoulders like Utley teaches, or I can use my right side like Tiger does. Is one of these methods better than another? The question is what does it due to the path of the putter? I have seen that it does have an influence on the putters path direction. Most studies will say that the putters path will impact the direction the ball goes by about 15-17%. Given that, if my perfectly aligned putter returns perfectly square to target line at impact but my putters path is going right will I hit my intended line?
  11. I am 100% for putter fitting and it isn't that I do or don't agree with the edel approach. I keep hearing about fitting for aim. My question is really around does perfect aim equal perfect impact and does the edel approach take stroke tendencies into consideration. There are multiple ways to fit a putter. The first is to give you a putter and change your mechanics to fit the putter. This could be posture and setup changes or how you swing the putter. The second is to fit a putter to your tendencies. When I hear about people and their fittings we hear things like setup with the eyes over the ball, swing the club with your shoulders, for SBST use a face balanced putter and so on. The approach always seems to be go away from what you do naturally. For the full swing we seem to be moving towards using your natural swing and recognizing the people swing the club differently. Granted we want to fix gross errors that are a hindrance but if I can execute why change the stroke. Look at all golfers there isn't a perfect model on how to swing a club. We aren't robots and we are built differently. Why should putting be any different? Ultimately I am asking questions to learn and I share my thoughts on putter fitting as well. Consistent aim may make you a better putter related to hole proximity but does it make you a better putter?
  12. Congrats on the newborn. My daughter is now 16 so I am starting to get a little more free time to work on my game.
  13. I have been working hard on my putting for the last few years and consider myself a good putter. Putting theory and putters is my favorite part of the game so I spend most of my time there I am now focusing on the short game specifically chipping and pitching with particular focus on distance control. I struggle to get myself into 1 putt range and end up with lots of bogeys or worse because of this. I need to start tracking up and down percentages. My goal for this year, as it has been for a few years now, is to break 70. I would also like to get myself from a 5/6 handicap to scratch. Hoping that the short game work will do that but I am also going to work on iron play as well specifically GIR. Which is at 45% right now. As a few others have done I also want to get an accurate assessment of my carry distances for clubs on full and partial shots. I think that is all; a couple of lofty goals but I want to try and stretch myself.
  14. From an edel fitting perspective...which is designed to fit for aim. Is the assumption that the putter you are fitted to will remain square to the putters path during the stroke? For example how does the fitting address people that putt with an open or closed stance. In those scenarios the putter face at impact might match the putterface at aim but the ball would go left or right based on path and the ball would not start on intended line.
  15. From the Edel site: 1. The more circular the putters trailing edge, the more likely it will cause you to aim to the right. 2. The straighter the putter's trailing edge, the more likely it will cause you to aim to the left.
  16. I actually do enjoy the game and don't get hung up on this. More of a question in can anyone actually do this? However it would be nice to know where the club face was pointing; it would make it a whole lot easier to hit my desired shot. [emoji12]
  17. I hear about being able to feel the shaft load and unload during the swing and being and to feel the clubhead and knowing where the face is pointing. I honestly have no idea how to do these things. I know feel is a subjective thing but how can you tell if a shaft is loading and unloading properly for you? What does feeling the clubhead really mean? And I hear people say where your hands face matches where the club face points. With a club swinging at 80+ MPH, how do you do this? Am I really missing out on something that could benefit my game or is there something I should be doing to learn this?
  18. I do this in my summer after work golf league. I try to roll a few putts but generally it is straight to the tee. 3/4 swings with a slow tempo for the first hole or two and then I am good to go.
  19. Still does this. I was the walking scorer for her group last year and she used a grass tee on every hole.
  20. We will have to disagree about rotation. You essentially fit your stroke and setup to match the putter and its rotation. I was taught to setup to see the correct line and fit the putter to me. In my case instead of changing ball position and potentially how I see the putt i would Change putters to one that would end up being 0.1 degrees more closed at impact. Two approaches and both can work. As a player you just have to determine if it is easier to change putters or change you stroke to match a putter.
  21. I don't think it is presumptuous. i have gone through a SAM Fitting so I think I know my stroke pretty well and I know what it takes to start the ball on my intended line consistently and my putting instructor has given me drills to work on that skill. The items you identified are some of the putters design elements that influence rotation. Having the correct rotation is critical to starting the ball online. Edel focuses on fitting for aim and can help you aim perfectly, but if you don't have the correct rotation the ball can still go right or left. The big thing I never hear about with Edel is postion at impact. For example, perfect aim with insufficient rotation will result in a putt that goes right. I prefer consistent aim with the putter rotating to the pefect impact position.
  22. In the end if you can consistently start the ball on your intended line there is no real reason for an edel fitting. Once you have mastered that skill you can move on to distance control and free reading
  23. Agree with you 100% on the technical vs feel. Some are more technical while others are more feel. I am pretty sure that no one is completely one or the other. Aim point is a tool being a technical person it should be right up your alley. The concept is all about slope and how fast gravity pulls a ball down the slope. Ultimately it is a tool. Learning to read greens can only be done through experience and the ability to start the ball on intended line. Your approach is to judge break based on past experience. In the end knowing the break doesn't help if you can't execute the putt. As I said earlier I believe understanding the concepts has been very beneficial for my putting. even though I don't use charts or my fingers
  24. Two comments. Most people are not 100% feel. I you think you are drop a ball on a green, close your eyes, and roll the ball some distance without looking at a target. If you can do that then you are feel only otherwise you engage technical aspects into your stroke. Second, isn't calculating green speed something everyone does over the course of a round. How else would you know how hard to hit the ball?
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