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  1. Been playing for about 25 years and i have 0 holes in one. I've holed out from the fairway for eagles and been close a few times, but never had the lucky shot that puts a 1 on the card.
  2. Yep, went back and added a smiley to the original post
  3. Only very few of us play at sea level. Most people play at altitude and always hit with the wind.
  4. I am waiting for CG2 to build a combo set that has an iron from every manufacturer. He will have 14 clubs, all from a different OEM
  5. I will say that I am not an instructor just a student of learning about putting. I have a pretty good instructor that has helped me with my putting stroke and understand how the choices we as players make impact the putting stroke. We can chose to fit the putter to our stroke or change our stroke to fit the putter. Most instructors that see your puttlab or your stroke will probably try to fix that big out to in stroke especially if you want to use a face balanced putter
  6. Guess I have a mental issue based on my recent scores.
  7. Sorry to hear that. I know we go to doctors hoping for the right answer. Most times we get that, and other times they are as confused as you are.
  8. You do have choices to make the Madison a better fit. The reason for the club with more toe hang is to try and get the face open at impact to compensate for the left path. With the big left bias to your stroke, you are either standing open at address or really use the left side to drive the stroke. I'd go with shoulders open based on the initial outside move. You seem pretty good about getting the face back to the starting position at impact so you could change your setup to move the path more right. If I am correct about being open with your shoulders, do you do this because of how you see the line? If not, you could try closing your stance to bring the path more right, or you could try powering the stroke with your right arm which will help to minimize path moving left. If it were me, I would probably change the putter since your stroke seems pretty consistent.
  9. It means he misses left because his path is right and the face angle is closed, the toe is too high so he needs a flatter lie, and the he has added too much loft so he needs less loft on the putter. Based on the recommendation he needs to move away from the face balanced Toulon to something that is 45 degrees of toe hang,
  10. I'd be willing to see if we can find a time that works for all of us. Do they have the space to do 3 of us on the same day? I know a full bag fitting takes 3+ hours.
  11. Seems like They do this deal every year. Decided for 175 I would do the full bag I just need to find a time in the next couple of months to head up to the DC area.
  12. I am going to go with no it doesn't matter. That being said, I believe the golf swing is a series of events and that the events need to happen in a sequence and by doing one of the moves you indicate, you have to make a compensation to keep the club in the right position at impact.
  13. That sucks. My guess is they were picking through the clubs looking for the newest ones that they think they can flip quickly. Check your local golf stores and pawn shops.
  14. From the Most Wanted Putter testing blog entry: Our proprietary scoring system is called Stroked Gained 18 (SG18). This is our metric for quantifying putter performance. SG18 combines the power of the Strokes Gained methodology with the simplicity of an 18 hole score. It's a measurement that defines how a given putter could be expected to impact your overall score relative to the average putter in the field. EXAMPLE: SG18 value reflects the number of strokes a putter would be expected to change your score over an 18 hole span. For example, a putter with a SG18 value of 1.00, could be expected to save you 1 stroke per 18 holes or 2 strokes over 2 rounds when compared to the field average.
  15. I think a player can interpret/fix their swing. There is a caveat to that statement. If a player understands their tendencies and has been educated on how to fix those tendencies then a self assessment is possible. Far to often golfers read tips that may apply to a result they are seeing and attempt to make the specified fix even if it fixes a problem they don't have.
  16. Congrats. Always good when you can avoid medication. Wish I could stop taking mine
  17. Congrats on the milestone. I hit the 1k club a couple of weeks ago, I just like avoiding celebrations so I didn't mention it in a separate thread
  18. I am not an easy person to shop for and now that they are in their discount season I asked if she would be willing to fund my fitting. Until the end of January it is Half off full bag and 33% off other fittings. I just need to find some time to head up to the DC area.
  19. Congrats on winning the contest. I am planning on on doing the full bag fitting while they are on sale; my Mother is giving that to me as a birthday gift.
  20. I hope so, but it hasn't shown any signs of coming around. Have you considered trying to shorten up your full swing? I find that that approach provides better contact and no loss of distance.
  21. While distances on center contact may not get longer. The distance improvements will be seen on off center hits as forgiveness improves. Since we can hit the center of the face consistently we get less than optimal results. .
  22. Getting more and more frustrated each time I play. Pitching woes continue, toe hits in my irons, and now I am struggling to hit fairways. Had a couple of weeks of for a variety of reasons and hoped that would help but it didn't. Going to have to do some research and find a new instructor.
  23. I am the complete opposite my full swing is much stronger than my short game. I really struggle with my wedges once I get inside 60 yards. Extremely frustrating for me during a round. I have probably had 10 double hits this year.
  24. I think you have this is backwards you want a higher bounce to prevent digging. Sand wedges have higher bounce since they as designed to not dig into the sand. My experience with set vs non set wedges is that the set wedge has a tendency to spin less and carry farther. Something I learned more about how clubs work and was able to assess past club performance.
  25. Great post! Your son has a great swing and I am envious of you basement putting green. Noting wrong with any of those putters if the help you get the ball into the hole. Definitely keep us up to date on what you have learned
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