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  1. I am glad they worked out the extension as well. I used to do standards , but switched to walking scorer after a couple of years since it allowed me to work 5 days instead of 2 which meant I got to see more players up close.
  2. Iron fitting at Club Champion was a 6 iron. I think it fits nicely between the long iron and short irons to give a good representation for how you will hit both.
  3. I am a huge fan of the LPGA and volunteer at my local event. I have said the same things the article states when taking with others about the LPGA. Having been to Web.cim, PGA, senior PGA, Symetra, and LPGA tournaments the majority of the women are much nicer than their male counterparts.
  4. The obvious follow up question is what stats do you track? Do you follow the strokes gained approach to look for areas to improve? Do you track misses based on where you are aiming? Or some other method?
  5. I think all of you need to petition MGS to do an early season test just so you can get some new golf equipment without having to spend money.
  6. Ball sitting on top of Bermuda rough. I am going to go under the ball 75% of the time and have the ball sink straight down. The other 25% will catch the top groove
  7. I tested it as part of most wanted. It is an odd looking driver; the stripe on the top made it difficult to setup behind the ball and the appearance was kind of ugly. Performance of the club wasn't that bad for me. There were clubs that were better and clubs that were worse. Probably a middle of the pack club for me.
  8. Many people try and many instructors try to teach that way. The V1 swing software was the first that I remember that came with PGA player videos to allow such a comparison. I personally prefer the Arnold Palmer approach if swing your own swing. We don't necessarily have the same body makeup (arm length, flexibility, weight, etc) to be able to mimic a swing. But lots of players became good players by emulating swings, so in does work for some.
  9. I clean my grips but unless I want to try something special or the grip rips/falls apart I never change them. Generally the grips that come on the clubs stay. Current set going on 4 years. Previous set of irons were 10 years old with original grips.
  10. As I have mentioned once or twice or maybe a lot more I have been struggling with my short game. After testing drivers yesterday I worked on hitting chips and pitches with various lofted wedges and seemed to be pretty successful. I was making solid contact and was able to dial in some distance control using body positions (club parallel to ground, arms parallel with half follow through, arms parallel with full follow through, chest, and full swing.) Was really happy with the ball striking; need to get to a course so I can try the swings out and see how well I can do. Feeling a bit optimistic.
  11. TPC Virginia Beach was dumped many years ago (2002) and is now Virginia Beach National. Never had a PGA event but did host a web.com, nationwide at that time, event for a couple of years
  12. I agree about the world stopping when the computer goes down. There is generally no mechanism in place to do anything when the computer system is down. I guess it is a sign that we should enjoy the few moments where technology does not drive what we do.
  13. You may have known how to do something but how did I know the next person did? With the manual process I have to rely on how the person was trained. With a computerized process I rely on what was identified and verified by an expert user to ensure the process is followed each time. Ultimately, just like you knew what you were doing the programmer knows what they are doing. I have more faith in the programmer than the expert communicating all the information to the programmer.
  14. I currently work with a putting coach where all our interactions have been online. This has been a great experience Took an online swing lesson and it was ok. Much slower progress than in person as you get bits of things to work on. Would be hard if you are trying to make wholesale kind of changes. The nice thing about in person is that you get immediate feedback on what you are doing to make sure you are doing it correctly. Don't really want to be practicing something wrong. With video capability on most every phone it is the way if the future and can be successful. Just depends on how the feedback loop works.
  15. Lots of good questions. I think the answer is that it depends on you. What are your goals, can you get their by yourself, how much time can you invested in getting better. I haven't taken a lesson in a while but probably should to sort out my short game. That would probably be 4 or 5 lessons. I think my full swing is okay but I used to take a couple of lessons in the March timeframe to get my swing fine tuned a little bit. I haven't done a major overhaul in a long time No, you don't need to be a member of a club, there are instructors at public courses and at driving ranges. Where they teach out of doesn't indicate compatibility with you and your goals. There are so many areas that you can have lessons....full swing, irons or woods, short game, putting, green reading, course management, etc. Picking an instructor can be like a job interview. Talk to the instructor, even have him watch you Hit a couple of balls. Tell him your goals, ask him what he would recommend and how he would get there. Taking a 9 home playing lesson is good because you get some instruction and you can lay out an improvement plan. Costs will vary by location and instructor but for around me it runs in the $50 -$125 an hour. Some include video analysis others don't. You generally get a price break on multiple lesson packages. Some have 2 day specialty schools for things like the short game. Some even have managed practice sessions in a 5 or 10 to 1 setting where you get less focused attention but there is a big price break.
  16. Agree, but a ciubs stock lie angle is not based on handicap level. The discussion started with a statement that players type hybrids have a more upright lie angle and a non players is flatter and that most people don't adjust the lie angle of a hybrid. Given that scenario, based on that if the lie angle is too upright, they would most likely result in pull/pull hooks.
  17. Not sure how you can correlate lie angle to player ability. Clubs are fit to the player. If a club is too upright when the player takes his stance the toe will come off the ground and close the face making pulls more likely. Too flat and the heel comes up and the face points right. There is no standard for lie angles from club model to club model much less from manufacturer to manufacturer. See this demonstration, when a player lowers and raises the handle to setup to the ball. The lie angle doesn't change, just how the club is positioned https://www.instagram.com/p/BfIvm8jF0iz/ Speaking in generalities I would say the draw bias if hybrids is more related to the head design to counter the fade most players have with longer irons. From what I remember when looking at hybrids a while ago most had a closed face angle. As hybrids have become more popular you are seeing more models with a square face.
  18. Nice round and congrats on the hole in one!!!!
  19. I thought you had to approve the cancellation? You could always look up the details in the ebay FAQ. I think the buyer has to honor his offer. May result in the buyer claiming that the item didn't match the description etc. I have always found that some of the golf forums are better than ebay. Only have to pay the PayPal fee istead if both PayPal and ebay fees.
  20. So here is a question, is there a double standard in golf? Yes, golf is supposed to be refined and I guess the fans are supposed to be better than the rest. Is the 16th at the waste management tournament just a one off and fans aren't allowed to cheer against a player? In other sports we cheer for players to miss field goals, drop the ball, get beat up in a fight, etc. in golf we must remain impartial and only respond to the good shots? Yes there is line that should not be crossed but why is golf above rooting against a player so that a persons favorite player finishes higher or helps you win at fantasy golf? I don't necessarily see anything wrong for asking a players ball to finish in the water or bunker. I pull for certain players to miss putts while watching on TV. But as I said above there is a fine line between rooting against and being antagonistic and stepping over the line with certain comments. Just my $.02.
  21. Had the opportunity to demo the Wilson line this weekend and came away very impressed with the c300 irons. I tried the v6, c300, and c300 forged. While they were all nice I preferred the regular c300. I am sure the big complaint will be the power holes on the top line. When I first started hitting them the were noticeable but after a few shots they just blend in and aren't noticeable. Soft feel off all the irons, solid distance and nice dispersion. The KBS shaft line seem to be the selection of no upgrade charge shafts with others available at an up charge. I think Wilson has a winner with these clubs. I know they take a hit in the secondary market but with forged irons under $1k and non forged for $100 less you can't go wrong in a world where irons seem to be approaching a $1200 average price. Also tried the c300 driver but came away unimpressed. It is nice but there are a lot of other drivers in the same price range that feel and play better for me As a parting gift for trying the clubs I got a couple of 2 ball packs of the duo spin balls. For me it provided good performance. Distance was where I am normally hitting shots and it provided enough spin to stay within a few foot circle on approach shots. For a $22ish dollar ball it was better than expected.
  22. Dicks Sporting Goods takes Paypal for online purchases.
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