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  1. They are in this years most wanted players irons testing so I have tried them a little bit. Nice clubs and I really enjoyed trying them out; one of my personal favorites. Probably won't find a lot of information about them because Edel is a niche brand for irons, wedges, and I would even say their putters (which they are known for).
  2. Always interested in hearing the theories of the various putting coaches. Are to share some of his thoughts on putting and putters. Read some of his posts but didn't get a good idea on his theories.
  3. Start a social media site, get followers, and then tell the course the you have X number of followers and will say good things about them.
  4. I think that is personal perspective. It was one of my questions coming out of stage 1; I was curious about how the feel/ sound and performance changed when the power holes went away. I don't notice any difference between the clubs. But that is me, it will probably depend on how sensitive you are in feeling the club during the swing and at impact.
  5. This is the point I was making, distance can be a separator but wasn't the original question. [emoji3]
  6. You are correct, distance will help a person play better because it is easier to hit the ball closer to the hole from shorter distances. I have played with scratch golfers and on a few occasions I was longer than they were. They separated from me based on approaches and short game. I have volunteered at LPGA events and walked inside the ropes with players for 10 years and have thought that they are really short off the tee. The question in the original post was how short can you be to get to scratch not who has the best chance. A player that is long and straight off the tee has a better chance that someone that is short off the tee. But a player that plays from the correct tees and is a solid ball striker can achieve scratch without being long off the tee.
  7. To cold, too hot, whine whine whine. [emoji3]
  8. I agree with you on that distance is a separator, but having distance doesn't guarantee you will be scratch. Nor will great putting and short game. There is a combination of things. Long off the tee means you can be less than optimal in other areas. Short off the tee means you better be a good ball striker and have a solid short game. Now let's throw in focus and course management. These also play into getting to scratch. Since I have the distance, the things that are holding me back: Ball striking into greens Not getting up and down when I miss greens Lag putting. Lack of practice Lack of focus for all 18 holes. give me another 20 yards and I probably still have the same problems and won't be scratch
  9. I hit the ball plenty long enough to be scratch; 250+. But I don't think distance is that relevant to handicap. I think there's more that has to be considered. Yes, on tours the longest hitters have better results. That isn't related to handicap though, it is related to what clubs they are generally hitting into greens. The shorter the club the better chance you have to hit it close and get birdie. Having seen 220 yard LPGA pros shoot under par scores I think distance has little to do with handicap, especially since there are multiple tee boxes that a player can decide to play from. When it comes to handicap I personally think ball striking and short game become bigger factors. If par 4s are in the 380 range a 200 yard drive, second to close range, then getting up and down for par will make you close to scratch. So for winning golf tournaments the longer the better. For handicap I think 200 would get you pretty close on a 6500 yard course.
  10. I just use 4 tees to make a box when I want to actually physically see something. Yes the corners are slightly larger but for me that isn't significant. If you want to see the complete area just wrap some string around the tees.
  11. I think different clubs work for different people. Some should avoid 3 wood. But if you want one I would also look at the cobra f8 and f8+.
  12. Addicted to golf . Take the J Clyde Morris exit away from the college ; 2nd exit for you. Go about 2 miles to a strip mall on the left. County grill is in the strip mall. 1215 George Washington Highway Yorktown. 23693. If you keep going down that road for about 15 more minutes you can stop in at MGS LXB.
  13. Nothing wrong with that. Sound preference is different for everyone. Other than the sound why weren't you impressed?
  14. Probably 6-8 months ago. Could have told you a better place to go in Newport News for golf equipment if you needed. The GG in Virginia Beach is still open.
  15. Have gotten a few rounds in over the past week. Clubs seem to be pretty solid and forgiving; I am seeing minimal distance loss on mishits or thin shots. Distance across the board is on par with my Callaway x-hot pros. Not seeing any issues with the finish on my clubs.
  16. Just can't get it together for 18 holes. Have some good holes and then I have a few blow up holes. Really not hitting the ball that badly, just a shot here or there an I get on the bogey train for a few holes. Yesterday I played 9 and carded a 3 over with a double and a bogey, today was 8 over with 2 in the water and 1 OB.
  17. I play in my companies golf league and there are players that range from hourly to executive management. The most important thing is that you are going to play to have fun. As was said, get a copy of the rules and see how the league is run. Most are handicap based so be prepared to report average scores or a handicap. Just treat is like it is, a bunch of guys that enjoy the game of golf and are going out for some friendly competition.
  18. It wouldn't be tough, Just need to cut or not cut the grass. The problem would be with the greens since "open conditions" is generally very traumatic.
  19. Good video on YouTube today from TXG where they compare A hybrid and the p790 UDI. If you dont want to watch the message is that depending on the players goals, desired trajectory, spin needs, and distance the clubs along with fairway woods all work very well. Driving iron has flattest trajectory lowest spin, hybrids are mid trajectory and spin, and fairways are high spin and trajectory.
  20. Looking ar some of the scores, I am guessing people are already second guessing their picks in the Wilson contest
  21. Whole group is playing poorly. Bad play feeding more bad play
  22. The only problem with this is that it doesn't take body or swing limitations into account.
  23. Another new video up on golf balls. Interesting comparisons that shows that the direct buy balls are near the levels of pro-v1s.
  24. The cobra f8 fairways are really nice. Had an opportunity to test them during up the MGS most wanted testing. Hit the f8+ really well and have pondered putting one in the bag.
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