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  1. Could just do a reshafr. Hope the ping irons weren't hurt.
  2. Hope it is only a few days. Sprained mine about a year and a half ago and was out for about 3 months. It was 6 months to fully recover
  3. I am excited about the opportunity. Now I have to get my order in for a couple of adapter sleeves for my hybrids
  4. I think the simple answer is that if you are going to get fit for clubs you should try a variety if shafts to see what works for you swing and gives you the desired results. Most manufacturers offer a good selection of shafts with no up charge.
  5. I am all over the place. When I change grips I make them match my preferred configuration. I should really care more but haven't found that much difference
  6. Replied before I was done. Looks like a high quality product. Some of their designs a takeoffs on classic design and others are unique to them. I wouldn't hesitate to put one in the bag if it was the right putter.
  7. They had some in the MGS most wanted putter testing. The putter had a great feel and it was one that I really wanted to like.
  8. I don't focus on eye dominance but seeing the line correctly. I found the setup position that lets me see the line the same way I see the line when I am looking down the line. Most people when they setup with eyes over the ball will see the line differently which does have an influence on how they swing the putter to compensate for what the are seeing
  9. In my opinion the things that would significantly change as a player got better probably Wouldn't change things that are expensive in a fitting. Unless your swing was really bad you should remain in the same shaft profile. The biggest change would be in the lie angle based on better approach coming into the ball. You don't like the shoe example how about baseball bats. Swinging a bat the is too heavy or too long will actually prevent you from getting better and cause faults in the swing. I don't think anyone is advocating getting exotic shafts that are a $1000 upgrade. If you are taking lessons talk to your pro. If you are buying irons at least go through the fitting the store offers. Look at your numbers on a launch monitor and see if you are getting desired performance. Most manufacturers offer multiple non upgrade shaft options. I know it is hard to. It want to walk out of the store with your new clubs today, but take the time to do some basic tests to see what works for you.
  10. [/quote I actually went in to get things checked out. Took a few swings to see where I was hitting and I was hitting flush. If you are hitting the ball in the center if the face and the lie angle is correct it could be shaft, swing weight, or swing related. What is the stiffness of the shaft compared to you old irons and the knockoffs? When you say hard draw/hook. Where does the ball start? Left or right of target line? If it starts left and goes left you could be setting up with a closed club face.
  11. I am playing around a 6 and really want to get to scratch and break the 70 scoring barrier. After doing an assessment of my game, I know my issues is short game when I miss greens and I need to work on getting up and down from anywhere. Of course hitting more greens would be just as successful which could occur if I was hitting less club into greens.
  12. Here is the scoop on my current bag setup: Srixon Z355 Driver: Won the driver in a contest and figured I would give it a try. Performed as well as my R1 so I decided to keep it in the bag. Tour Edge Exotics XCG7: Was looking for a new 3 wood and a buddy of mine had a couple of these. Tried one of his extras and hit it well. Got it cheap and it fit the bill. Titleist 816 H1 Hybrid/Titleist 915 H Hybrid - Decided to replace my 5 wood with a hybrid since I wasn't hitting my 5 wood so well and I was hitting my old Titleist 585h 21* hybrid really well. Decided to try hybrids for a while to see what I liked in the 18* loft and fit well into my distance needs. Picked up the 2 hybrids to have something a little newer in the bag. Might have picked the wrong shafts since I don't hit the new 21* nearly as well as the 585h. Thinking that the shaft might be too light since I went with a more lightweight option. Callaway X-Hot Pro - After about 10 years with my old irons I decided it was time to upgrade to something newer. Spent about a year looking at various irons and kept coming back to these. Was fit into the Project X shafts and went with that when I purchased. Cleveland 54 and 58 Rotex wedges - Always been a Cleveland fan so these ended up in the bag Taylormade TM-180 - Went through some instruction with a putting instructor and based on everything we did, the configuration of this putter was really close to what I needed. Have tried a few other putters, but nothing seems to perform as well as this putter does for me. Would prefer to find something similar to the putter without an insert.
  13. Depends on what I am after. Right now I am happy with the clubs in my bag and feel like I get good performance from those clubs. If I was in the market for new clubs, I would trade in some old clubs to try and get the cost down or purchase last years model. At this point I don't play competitive golf so the 10 yards really isn't that important to me. Golf Forum readers aren't always the type that need to have the latest equipment; I am just passionate about the game and like to see what other people are talking about.
  14. Over the years, I have gone through several "fittings." Most were many years ago while we were still in the days of epoxied shafts and you only got to try what was in the various bags. when I was iron shopping a few years ago, I went through several fittings to see what might work for my swing. These were done indoors on different launch monitors and the manufacturers included Ping and Mizuno. Results were pretty much the same for the various tests and I picked a set of clubs based on what I could find that matched the specs. Most everything else has been self fit based on my evaluation of numbers on launch monitors. I personally don't have a preference between indoor and outdoor but it is nice to actually see a real balls flight.
  15. Didn't know Golf Styles was still in print used to get it years ago. It was a good read since it discussed courses near me even though it was primarily NOVA, DC, and Md.
  16. You have a golf network here. As others have said, pay it forward to someone else or use the connections here to work a deal to play on other courses. If it is Augusta, I'm willing to be in your circle of friends to play the course. [emoji12]
  17. I am a far better golfer now than when I was a junior. Just never took it seriously when I was younger. It was more of a go around and beat balls kind of thing. When I started playing again about 20ish years ago I put more effort into the game to get better and am now single digit. When I was younger I shot in the 90s.
  18. I agree anything over about 18" is a waste indoors. The great thing is that distance is perfect for practicing the ability to start the ball on intended line. The drill is more of a mechanics drill to ensure consistent stroke and setup. Also never more than 5 balls so you are forced to get out of your setup position. I have a barrier setup just past the 18" mark to stop the balls I am not a fan of practicing x length putts indoors since you will seldom see that putt on the golf course. Even outdoors I don't like hitting the exact same putt over and over.
  19. The device is trying to teach 2 skills. The first is line which is accomplished by rolling the ball over the white area simulating the hole. The smaller target is simply a smaller target. The second skill is speed related. If you miss the hole. You want to make sure the ball doesn't roll 8 feet past
  20. Don't watch his show on the golf channel or listen to his radio show so I have no opinion one way or the other.
  21. I like golfweek. Mostly tour coverage with very few tips and equipment reviews. I agree with your assessment of golf and golf digest which is why I am just letting those expire.
  22. Straight is the hardest s*** to hit. You are better off playing for some kind of curve since it is really difficult to square both the face and path
  23. I am at work myself. Seems like most people took the day off so it is pretty quiet.
  24. I don't know how far over the crown my ball is but I tee the ball fairly low. Don't mark the tee but I use my thumb to measure for consistent height.
  25. While you may not gain a lot of strokes on the field you can quickly lose strokes to the field. Iron play is what sets you up for birdies and gaining strokes. Have to hit greens or have a deadly short game to score
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