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  1. Another informative video from TXG. Even if you don't fit the profile of the golfer in the video the information that Matt and Ian provide helps everyone understand the fitting process much better.
  2. Find a new physical therapist. [emoji23]. Just kidding, maybe ask if she teaches golf.
  3. That is sad about Suffolk; that's where I learned to play. It is a decent layout. Been about 6 weeks since I played sleepy hole; fairways were bad, glad it is improving.
  4. Nice review. I love the looks of the putter as I am one of those that love the thick topline.
  5. Finally got over to test the lab to do some more testing, Today was trying to figure out where I was hitting the ball on the face to see if the Xhots were causing the big ball speed variations or if the C300s have a big sweetspot and keep the ball speed up. I was hitting the ball fairly well today and I think the numbers reflect this. Alternated clubs after hitting 5 shots for a total of 10 shots with each club. 6 iron was used again. I didn't drop any shots and as you can see toe is my normal miss. C300s seem to launch higher with a bit more spin and the XHots seem to be a little bit longer. Maybe it is just my lack of knowledge on fitting, but both sets seem to perform pretty equally for me. i think I have the info I need from LM sessions; time to get these out to the course a few more times and see how they work on the course.
  6. More great selections by the selection committee. The ST180 is a nice driver; looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  7. Yes. Mostly Bermuda fairways and rough and bent greens.
  8. Gets you halfway there, now press the buy button and we will all applaud you fantastic purchase.
  9. You realize this is the what have you bought thread. Negative thinking like that isn't allowed in here. [emoji16]
  10. Depending on time of day since twilight rates can be obtained you can find lots of courses in that range. Also depends on how far you want to travel and what bridges you need to cross. Look at riverfront, Nansemond river. Cypress creek. and Colonial heritage to your list. I play cypress creek pretty much every week and it is nice. I have never played Cahoon but have heard it is nice. Has bent grass fairways.
  11. Launch monitors can be very accurate. Unfortunately in the Internet world people inflate their number. I have found that generally the numbers i see On trackman and GC quad are pretty accurate for carry. You assessment on carrying that over to a golf course is accurate as well. You still have to execute shots in the golf course and many times the best shot option is not a maxed out perfect launch condition shot. There are balances between playing golf and evaluating numbers on a launch monitor. Golf requires decisions. Launch monitors just require you to hit the ball like on a driving range.
  12. In think it is admirable that Rob was willing to put himself in front of the world and especially the people on MGS so people could Comment on his swing and his club obsession. We have all made mistakes with clubs and many of us regret getting rid of some club in our past. Thanks Rob for putting yourself out there and helping educate on how anyone can benefit from a proper fitting
  13. Even more settings than trackman. I know On the go quad you can setup wind, ground firmness, weather, altitude, etc. This is why when hitting outside the ball may plug in a wet range but the LM will show the ball rolling. This is why most on here at being your own clubs so you can do a side by side comparison and test using the same setup. As you have seen even the one in the next hitting bay may be different.
  14. Trackman has some settings for ball type, carry normalization, and indoor/outdoor. You would have to make sure that the settings were identical on both launch monitors. Could be that someone was just messing with the setup.
  15. I think you OCD perception about playing correctly is just fine. Before the round decide on what you want to accomplish. Make it a practice round or a round specifically to work on your game Don't keep score just hit a tee shot, move the ball into the rough, play shots from fairway and green side bunkers. Pretend jr is the courses driving range and short game areas.
  16. Apologize for what? Everyone is welcome here and we all engage in the sport in different ways.
  17. Numbers are the interesting part because it visualizes the comparison of one club against another. The important thing is that you got the experience you wanted and that the fitter indicated your clubs were fine and that you wouldn't see significant if any improvement from another set.
  18. Really enjoyed the video and while not to spoil it for anyone that hasn't watched I think it provides a great perspective on the role of a club fitter. Higher skill golfers need more equipment centric fittings to maximize club performance and as skill level decreases (not a knock on you Rob) the role starts to move toward instruction and helping compliment what the player is trying to fix. Videos are running together but I think it was one of the recent in the bag videos where Ian was discussing how even with swing changes from instruction, the way the person loads the shaft and tempo probably won't change so the fitting results wont be invalidated.
  19. I think it was the latest in the bag video that Ian touched on puring of shafts. The basic answer was that generally most name brand shafts are of high enough quality that it isn't needed
  20. Glad it worked out for you. Now just stop hitting the ball so hard so you don't break the next one!
  21. @twofer. People can get as engaged in golf as they choose. Some just play and some want to dig more into the details. From my observations people that participate in golf forums are more into the weeds about how to play better, club technology, and fitting.
  22. Virginia would be very angry that you consider them in the Northeast. Mid Atlantic or southeast would be more accurate since they are south of the Mason Dixon line. [emoji3]
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