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  1. I read this post and thought the same....then I read the other posts in this thread and the KBS shaft testing thread that the user is some kind of bot generating posts..
  2. Definitely sounds like you got a little shortchanged on the puttlab fitting. From my experience, being able to analyze the puttlab results requires some detailed knowledge. It seems like he based his putter selection simply based on the recommended fitting. 7 is more than is typically done, my report had 5, but I also got the detailed report that showed the results for all the shots. I like you are a stats person and would like to have know the basis for the selection which is probably why we are thinking you didn't get your moneys worth. I think this is the struggle at fitting places like this is the fitter capable of explaining what he is trying to do so that those of us that want to understand the results of the changes being implemented. This is why I like my putting instructor, he provided me with the details of what the report was saying. Not sure which measurement this was from since you said you were measured a few times, but based on my reading of the report, even though your stroke goes a little right but you typically miss left because the face is 2 degrees closed at impact. I wish I could see the degrees right for all the stroke because it looks like it varies a bit which may offset some of your left miss. It also shows that you line up with the ball toward the toe of the putter which may be why you were hitting so far out on the toe. Since you hit down on the ball, he added a couple of degrees of loft so you launched the ball a bit more. The putter recommendation is to provide a putter that will be a little more open at impact. You could accomplish this but adding some weight to your current putter to slow down the rotation. Am I close to what you were told and how you putt?
  3. Ok, this sounds like something I would like to try. Previously gamed a Titleist 585h 21* with a Aldila NV 85g shaft that I was able to hit high and land soft. Went with lower weighted shafts since I do better with lighter shafts in my driver but I am thinking that I need to get a shaft that is a little bit heavier more like the Aldila. - Chris from Virginia - Titleist 915h 21* Diamana Blue 70gr Titleist 816h1 19* turned down to 18* Diamana Blue 70gr - Not custom fit - Strength - ability to work the ball and hitting hybrids vs. fairway woods Weakness - consistent height. Some shots are a nice high trajectory while others are low. Prefer the higher ball flight.
  4. Think about the ball flight rules. Face angle primarily influences where the ball starts and club path influences the curve of the ball. To hit a fade you want the club face to point to the left of the target line and you want the path to be more left than the where the face points. Since the club generally travels down the line of your shoulder so you should open your stance and open the club face by turning the club and not just turning your hands.
  5. Nice review. While as you said there is no technical data I thing you provided objective aspects to the review that will answer questions that people have about the aid
  6. Lightning and/or heavy rain will cause me to leave the course. I'll generally play through light to moderate rain until I get to the turn or finish my 18
  7. Number of putts is a misleading stat. I would take 35-41 putts if I hit every green. Means you are under to about 5 over par. Let's dig deeper: You say you are a decent putter so let's qualify that statement. Do you have trouble with distance and are leaving yourself long second putts? Do you blow the hole by the hole on short putts leaving a long second putt? Do generally miss to one side or the other. On different length putts do you change putter speed or length of stroke? Can you start your putt on your intended line consistently? In the end do you want to fit a putter to your stroke or do you want to build a stoke to fit the putter?
  8. I think we can adapt to any putter for periods of time. Basically we get streaky or fail on pressure situations. A great example is Rory. He has a conflict between how he putts, wants to putt, and the putter he uses
  9. I don't know what you consider affordable but people DIY install their own artificial greens relatively inexpensively compared to the cost of real greens. I haven't actually pulled the trigger since I keep changing my mind and realize that the course is only a few miles away. When I did research the cost of a real green is significantly more. The installation cost for a real green may be less, but maintenance costs are higher (mowers, fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide, etc). If you do a search you can find out some of the costs; here is a link to one article: https://www.purchasegreen.com/blog/backyard-putting-green-cost-compared-to-practicing-at-the-driving-range/ Here are the basics for real grass putting green installation http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Putting-Green
  10. Reviews will vary based on what is being tested. A training aid, a gps device, golf club should all be reviewed differently. Clubs that aren't readily available should be compared to something common that you could find for comparison. Knowledge/perspective of the tester will also influence the reviews. What I want to know is what do you normally like and associate that with you current product and tell me how the item being tested compares to that product. Tell me what balls you used in your club testing. What were the conditions of the test. If you are testing a shot tracker and you have to put your phone in your pocket do you wear loose or tight fitting clothes. In the end help me understand your perspective so I can make your subjective answer more objective
  11. Played in my golf league last night was 6 over for 9. Two OB shots that resulted in a triple and a double. Have really improved my short game. I am now making solid contact; need to work on distance control to avoid the missed green 2 putt.
  12. As a 51 year old I easily shoot my age for 9; for 18 no way.
  13. Videos on the site explain the basics. You roll the ball and if you roll it up the ramp, it would go in the hole. How far it rolls back indicates how far the ball would roll past the hole. There is an extra hole that can be opened that requires perfect speed to have the ball stick in the hole.
  14. In the last 5 years: TaylorMade TM-180 - Current gamer based on advice from putting instructor Odyssey 2-ball Xenon kUtlas Piretti Potenza
  15. I went to my 5 and 10; mostly to see what people looked like since high school. With facebook there is generally no reason to go to a reunion since you can just search for people to see what they are doing. Don't really keep in touch with anyone from high school; Next year will be the 35 year reunion.
  16. When you have about 17000 employees, it doesn't seem so big. Yes there are prizes. Winning team gets hats, trophies, and I think shirts. During the member tournament, there are prizes for closest to pin on all par 3s, 4 long drive holes all with cash prizes. Then there are raffles for cash and other merchandise. League has been in existence for 25+ years.
  17. My company has about 30 teams of 12 players divided into 2 leagues. Season is 9 holes of 6 vs 6 handicapped stroke play. Top 8 teams from each league go to the payoffs. Playoffs are 9 holes of 12 vs 12 stroke play. Final 2 teams play 18 holes of 12 on 12 stroke play during the end of the year members tournament.
  18. With a chest length putter, there is a little more than just keeping the end off your chest. You cannot press your forearm against your chest as well.
  19. It is about anchoring and yes there is lots of confusion. Length of the putter is irrelevant and it is more about how you hold the putter. I have seen some charts that show the various legal and not legal ways to hold the putter. Just do a google image search for anchored putting rule
  20. Also notice the age group; gotta be young to play them. Glad they rounded my age down to 50 [emoji3]. While these are players clubs, they are not the butter knives if yesteryear. Even the players irons have some forgiveness. I tested the GI and players and while I did see some performance degradation with the players it wasn't as severe as I thought it would be. Still with my limited playing time I am going with GI to minimize loss from bad shots.
  21. Biggest influence to my last round was I missed a lot of greens. This put pressure on my short game and while I have improvement the short shot contact I still need to work on distance control. Didn't convert on the long putts so I ended up getting a few bogies. Distance control on irons, chips, and putts impacted my score the most
  22. I do two basic drills. 1. Roll the ball over a dime about 16" in front of the ball; use different length strokes when doing this drill. This is about starting the ball on your intended line no matter the stroke length. If you can't start your ball online, you can't learn to read greens. 2. Ladder drill to work on distance. Or I start in the center of the green and just roll the ball to the fringe. I know it isn't very exciting, but the first is easy to do at home since you aren't focusing on making putts or distance, you just want to start the ball on your intended line.
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