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  1. Spent some time at MGS headquarters on their GCQuad testing my Wilson C300s vs my X Hot Pros. Hit a bunch of 6 irons to see how they compared.
  2. It is a lot of fun. I will advise you that there is generally a fee. For your fee you typically get hat, shirt, and other perks. I look at it from the perspective that I would have paid to go watch the tournament so it comes out in my favor.
  3. Loud people!!! Sitting at a place that people should be a bit more quiet and this group of people are talking at a level that is way too loud.
  4. I wouldn't put much stock in the cart safety video. When I volunteered for a champions tour event a couple of years ago I had to watch to video and I was a standard bearer. I think it is just safety protocol.
  5. I have had luck at my local golf stores. I just go in and ask for them. Generally they don't mind since they dispose of them and it keeps them from having to break them all down. Just give them a call and ask and make sure they have what you need. The other option is to get some of the triangle shaped fedex shipping contains, cut them open so you can reverse them to get rid of the company logo and overlap a couple to make them long enough.
  6. As rob mentioned I did go to CC and had Jim as my fitter. No, he wasn't the most engaging fitter but I got what I was seeking from the experience. I think I am fairly knowledgeable about equipment so I could perhaps explain what I was feeling and what I wanted. We had some discussions but they were not like talking to your best friend about equipment.
  7. I am behind on testing due to weather, LPGA volunteer duties, and business travel. I will pay attention to how the power slots hold up during my testing.
  8. If that is your goal then you will be fine with either brand both have that high end putter perception. Scotty maybe a little bit more than Bettinardi.
  9. Scotty's and Bettinardi's are nice putters and there is nothing wrong with them just as there is nothing wrong with most any other manufacturers putters. What are you trying to achieve with this purchase? Better putting, just a high end putter, or something else?
  10. I don't think that anyone has or will disagree.that you have to actually go practice real lies and real situations to get better at golf. I do think that your observations on how technology and fitting can help position a player to make it easier to accomplish the desired shot is a bit outdated. Technological advances help us make better decisions regarding the equipment we put in our bags and can more easily show potential performance improvements. But I guess we have to agree to disagree on the benefits on technology regarding club design and fitting.
  11. I think you are overthinking this. Just put your hands comfortably on the club and it doesn't matter if your hands are separate, overlapping, or all twisted together. Same for grip pressure. I am left hand low and just grab the club using the above advice. I am also left side dominant when I power my stroke.
  12. Thanks, I personally understand the reason but for people that question the benefits of a fitting it may appear odd. That is why a 101 kind of video might provide a level starting point. And about the robot, you definitely seem like one and it is amazing how much performance you get out of that effortless swing. I know you have said you have been working on your swing, are you doing that during the time you are spending at TXG or are you doing it outside on your own? The changes and results are definitely noticeable.
  13. Matt, I think another way to look at it is how to you convey the message to someone that doesn't believe that LM technology and fitting will help them especially when it doesn't translate to the course. For example When you watch the videos and see the shot counts and tracers from prior shots we know you aren't showing us every swing and eliminating some of them. The obvious question would be why especially when those shots count when I am on the course. Maybe something to add to a fitting 101 video
  14. @Topline. I guess it all depends on what you are trying to gain from watching the videos. Sounds like you want to get more of a course management/how to play kind of experience. TXG is more about how equipment will impact results. Kind of like Crossfields recent shaft videos. We all agree driving range swings don't always translate to the courses and taking too many swings will allow players to adapt to equipment as well as biases to what they thing the equipment will do. But controlled environments will allow exploration of thing like workability of blades vs GI, impact of grip size, how toe hang impacts the putting stroke. Fitting helps a player play better but in no way guarantees lower scores. Poor course management, changing swings based on prior results, lack of confidence are all factors we face on a real course. Fitting just helps eliminate one variable. My suggestion for you to watch the TXG videos was to look at how equipment changes can influence results and in more depth than Crossfield does in his videos.
  15. I think that is what a lot of us do. Depends on what you consider specs. Are you talking just length and lie angle or are you also considering shaft, loft, offset and swingweight? I think you will be generally ok. it might not be an ideal setup or it could be a better setup if you went through. A Mizuno specific fitting. I am kind of testing this theory with the C300 forum testing I took my fitting results from club champion and applied them to what I spec'd out for the test clubs.
  16. Hard to evaluate these kind of numbers. They really only measure distance on 2 holes and it doesn't take into consideration the weather conditions, if they hit the fairway, or what club is hit. It is simply a number.
  17. Alignment issue? Are you using something to check this during your range sessions. I really want to get out and try mine more, but apparently this week will be rainy
  18. I'd like to see something on wedges and the impact of sole design and bounce. Do they really matter and how can you determine what works best for you and how to evaluate your courses conditions.
  19. I 100% agree with you that you actually have to get on the course and hit shots. I don't believe in using launch monitors chase particular numbers, I support the approach of finding out what works best for you and your swing. I guess we are in completely different camps when it comes to technology and equipment; you fall into the anything within reason will be just fine for a player and I believe that while that perspective is true ( I have hit enough clubs with stock configuration to confirm) that you can use technology to find what equipment will provide you with the better results for your swing. That is why I suggested TXG, they are providing education on how changes in equipment will or won't change a clubs performance. Watching videos of club reviews or someone like Crossfield do absolutely nothing for me. Thanks for providing your perspective.
  20. That advice does leave an opening for you to keep changing everything about your bag.
  21. Thanks for clarifying your point. I think this provides a much better explanation on why you believe there isn't any difference in play with new or old equipment. Ultimately, you believe that a persons natural abilities will adapt to any equipment differences. I think this is true to a point and that the difference start to show up when the player is under pressure to perform I would suggest you watch some of the TXG videos on youtube where they show how some aspects of equipment can impact the results. The changes may will not work magic but you can improve the chances that you can score better.
  22. Since I have been away from my computer I haven't had the ability to watch much content (too much data on a cell phone). Spent yesterday and this morning catching up on the content. This video confirmed what I have experienced when testing adjustable drivers and why having someone that understands these dynamics can make a driver feel terrible or feel fabulous.
  23. Here is what I have learned from my instructor about these questions. 1. Center shafted putters move you closer to the ball which will reduce the need for the putter to rotate. However center shafted putters have no directional bias, it is just as easy for the putter to rotate open as it is to rotate closed during the stroke. The hands can easily influence that rotation. as discussed in the video you need a putter that rotates the correct amount based on your stroke so you deliver the face correctly at impact. 2. Ideally you want to hit the putter at the center of mass to have the ball come off with consistent speed. As you miss the ball heel and toe, ball speed changes. If the geometric center isn't the center of mass, then ball speed may increase with an off center hit if you hit the center of mass. EvnRoll, Ping, and Cleveland change the grooves to try and make this less apparent. Just my thoughts and Ian may completely disagree
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