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  1. I agree, no DH. Also, you don't have to worry about a DH being a defensive liability. But you are correct, I have learned There are some topics that I don't even get involved in discussing. Generally they happen after dinner, I just get up, clear the table, and wash dishes.
  2. Thanks. Read elsewhere that someone didn't like the pitch fix model we are discussing because I wouldn't pull the divot up in wet conditions. I think I will stick with my two prong model since I generally expose dirt. CG2...Question in the torn with exposed dirt. Should we reuse the grass that has been torn away or do our best to pull new grass toward the center?
  3. Give me a driving distance. And when you say water are you referring to ocean or just a lot of ponds. Under $100 will be easy as most courses around her don't cost that much. I make you a list later when I can do some searches.
  4. I am going to play and it the golf is still in when I get home I will watch. I find that I am watching less and less golf on TV
  5. You may check Continental Golf; they seem to do a lot of Odyssey work based on what I have seen on other forums. http://www.continentalgolf.net/putterworks.html
  6. Sounds like someone is excited about their new toy!
  7. Haven't played Langley in a few years because I can't get on base, I play Woodlands as part of my golf league, and I haven't played the Hamptons since earlier this year.. Generally the Woodlands is crowded; it gets pretty high play rate. Short course, I play from tips and never have to take driver. Generally pretty firm conditions and they have been keeping the rough pretty deep. Greens are generally in good shape but slow. Hamptons has 3 nines and each is different. The woods is tree lined and pretty tight, the links is open and as the name implies links style and the lakes has most of its holes around water. Both the Woodlands and Hamptons would be considered equal in terms of condition.
  8. Always wondered that myself; interested to hear the answer.
  9. Any ribbed grip could have an issue on adjustable clubs. It will depend on how the adjustments are made. If the adjustment requires the shaft to rotate then yes. In that case, I would advise determining the correct shaft orientation and then installing the the grip. Or you could use air to blow on your grips and reinstall the grip when you change lofts
  10. I still like some of my older drivers I play the srixon z355 and sometimes put my R1 back in the bag. I tested all the MGS drivers and while some failed to perform I got basically the same performance from them all. A lot will come down to how consistently hit the center of the face and how optimizer the club settings and shaft are for your swing. If you just want to pick up a new driver without being fitted most will suit you needs
  11. It is about making money and I think they would struggle even with the minimal space required. I had to drive 3 hours to get my SAM report and Edel would be about 3 hours as well. I also think that convincing people to spend the money for the fitting would be difficult.
  12. whose stiff? Stiff isn't uniform across manufacturers. The other consideration is how the shaft is loaded during the swing. An aggressive 107 may be XStiff and a smooth 107 might be regular or even reversed. Always best to see the numbers on a launch monitor,
  13. I think that it is hard for places to sell detailed putter fittings. So many people have the mindset that they just need to find a putter that looks and feels good and that will be the right putter. Most places have a launch monitor or simulator so it is visible for people to see
  14. Telling them what you play isn't a bad thing. Communicate what you said in this post. Tell them you play X and here are the results and this is what I am trying to accomplish and you are not locked into any brand. It will at least let them know the profile of what you play now to give them a starting point.
  15. Just accept that it is the European tour and they are much more lenient about intent. Just look at the Rahm decisions
  16. @TheWahoo. Probably easier to just not hit in those greenside bunkers
  17. This is why I asked to hear more. We have read threads about edel fitting and the more people understand how putter fittings work the better chance they will have to find the right putter
  18. Tell us more about the fitting. What was the approach at bettinardi like?
  19. When I get mad at my putter I have used everything from driver to wedge. The bad part is I generally do pretty well which makes me question putting the putter back in the bag [emoji12]
  20. I would also ask what you consider too high. Is that based on personal observation or numbers from a launch monitor. I think players believe they hit the ball high but in reality don't
  21. Of course. Part of the challenge is to be able to turn on the focus when it is your turn to hit.
  22. Nope. I play the game improvement 355. I tried both the 5 and 7 when I participated in the most wanted. Been to long to give a side by side comparison I liked the 565 better but the shafts weren't really my favorite and I had low launch angle with them. Both solid drivers would just need to be properly fit.
  23. Interesting. When entering does that app ask where the shot was taken from? Tee, fairway, bunker, rough, etc
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