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  1. Research EQUS irons to see about the 3 length irons setup. https://www.equsgolf.com
  2. SAM Puttlab is a platform that will measure all aspects of your putting stroke to include but not limited to path, face angle at address, face angle at impact , putter rotation, tempo and uses that information to score your putting stroke and can then provide some putter recommendations. You can also get a report that shows everything about your stroke. Puttlab is in my opinion the cadilllac and Toni would be the Chevrolet. There are a few other systems. MGS showed one called hole more putts from the PGA show. If you are serious about improving your putting or learning about your stroke find a place that will do a Puttlab report for you. Search on google for Sam Puttlab and you will find there site.
  3. Did you test the new putter configuration on the puttlab to verify the stroke was starting the ballon your intended line. I understand edel is very much about aim but you did a lot of changes to your setup based on an initial baseline. Did I miss where you retested the new putter configuration?
  4. Just to add to this, they are players that are not entered hence the NE. Basically the system defaults to last weeks players
  5. You have a couple of choices. Pick what you want because it looks good, feels good, or makes you happy to play those particular clubs. Or get yourself fitted and identify the characteristics you need from clubs and then purchase those clubs from any of the above. How you purchase can vary based on what you are trying to buy. If used there are lots of outlets. If new. Buy anywhere since the price will be about the same. I have purchased from golf forums. Manufacturer, big box for both new and used, and online websites.
  6. They usually are tour only for the new product releases and the hit the stores a few weeks later
  7. I think in today's world people from that generation are very connected via social media and do check their own accounts. We hear of more vocal ones like Ian Poulter but I think the majority check and post on twitter and instagram
  8. The problem is that now every crazy person will now start contacting players to try to caddie for them at some tournament.
  9. Thanks for the write up on the single length irons. Definitely a different approach to golf and one that I would like to experiment with. But the statement I quoted will ultimately be the demise of single length irons. If players can't go to a store and get immediate gratification or there aren't quality fitters that can help you fine tune the clubs it will be to hard to try and ultimately purchase these club.
  10. Yes that is for real. People want to go and generally unless you win the lottery or buy from online you can't go. Definitely a sellers market for tickets. Just remember that if the person that you sell the ticket to gets thrown our, it could impact your ability to win tickets in the future since the tickets are tied to your name.
  11. I am with you on the hole more putts trainer. Going to be pricey; website shows it at $459 for preorder
  12. The bigger question is how much are the magnetic dots and how long do they last.
  13. My quick assessment. I am not a fan of rolling putts indoors other than to work on hitting your line. Very difficult if not impossible to practice distance or speed control. For hitting my line I can figure that out in about 3 feet if space using a dime or yardstick approach. It says it returns the ball too you and shows how far you would have gone past the hole Not sure I have found an indoor surface that matches my green speed and if it does it probably already has holes to putt into so why do you need the aid. If I am outdoors I am actually at a putting green so I don't need the training aid. I'd rather move and have to setup repeatedly than stand in one spot. In summary I am not sure what it is really telling me that I can't already determine through other methods. What skill do you thing it is helping?
  14. I am with you....it looks half done. But everyone has different tastes
  15. I will tell you that with the wrong putter or when your stroke isn't working it can be frustrating. You should see trends then you can work to resolve any issues It is my go to practice drill. I just putt about 100 balls over the dime at home. No need for a hole since I am just working on starting the ball on line
  16. My club if the year would have to be my TM R1 driver. Hitting 67% of the fairways and when I miss I am still not in much trouble. Of course replacing it is on the top of my list. Will be spending time evaluating other clubs to see if it can be replaced.
  17. Great article. Would love to try single length irons to see how they perform can my regular length clubs
  18. Swing coach. When you swing the club the ball is released and goes in the direction the face is pointing.
  19. Same clubs I normally play and like the others I hit usually 1-2 clubs more than normal. Additionally I will switch to a different ball something like an NXT Tour or E6.
  20. Performance is my first criteria. If it performs significantly better than my current gear I am willing to game the club. I have a wide assortment of clubs in my bag so obviously I don't really lean toward one brand.
  21. This is spot on in my opinion. I keep reading about people that judge putters by looks and say it will give them confidence. I understand the it makes me happy approach but if you want to improve your putting find the right configuration that works for your stroke. Then you can find the look you like and apply technologies that will help you on Miss hits.
  22. Good opportunity to go play
  23. Better option but assumes you bought right shaft. Would be ideal to get refit on the club you purchased if you were given the specs during a fitting. Would be best to work with an authorized reseller in that case
  24. Think about it this way. You go to your fitter and get fit for a head and shaft that has to be ordered. Your 10.5 degree driver could range from about 9 to 12. Then with your swing being variable and the shaft also being variable you don't see the. performance you worked so hard to get at the fitter. How often do we hear about clubs that were fit but don't perform when they get the actual club
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