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  1. In my mind a bad call is a rules infraction that was committed but wasn’t assessed the appropriate penalty. IMO, this was not a bad call, it was a rules infraction and the appropriate penalty was applied base on the rules of golf. hoefully this doesn’t turn into an I don’ agree with this rule so it shouldn’t have been a penalty type thread….
  2. Yes he had the lofts weakened by about 1.5* as listed in his post. The distance is probably related to playing more if a GI type iron vs players iron; he discusses his plan in the original post on this topic: Winder spec is simply what he is calling the specs for these clubs…attempt at humor.
  3. I have a 58 in the bag but almost never use it; My 54 is my go to wedge. I use it unles I am hitting chips where I use primarily 9 iron.
  4. eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/274205357502 golfworks: https://www.golfworks.com/the-grip-master-rubber-underslisting/p/gmul/
  5. I am a big fan of putting gates for the putter and ball to make sure I am hitting the center of the face and starting the ball online. I’d also recommend a line or half colored balls to see if ball is rolling end over end. ExPutt is a great tool for learning putting distance control if you can’t get to an actual green.
  6. IMO, feel is something that is learned. People always say thinks I don’t thing about mechanics when throwing a baseball; that is true, but to throw a baseball 40:feet you have to build those feels through repetition. For putting you need to practice rolling the ball specific distances… how far do I move my hands or the head of the putter to roll the ball specific distances. For me I move the putter head specific distances and always keep the same tempo. For example a 10 for putt moves the putter back to my big toe, 20 feet is just outside my right foot, etc. once on the course I know wh
  7. Want to change my 54* wedge. It is on order; projected arrival date is 5 weeks; down from the original 8 week quote.
  8. Playing the Same course all the time you should have the speed figured out. How do you control the distance a putt goes?
  9. Generally with virtual golf putting is not done vey well. So instead of trying to putt everything he just turns on that feature. Basically he is focusing on everything but the putter when playing on the simulator.
  10. I’d be careful with the metrics you are keeping. The ones you provided may not be great at giving you an indication of you ability. putts per round really doesn’t tell you anything by itself. For example I have a round with 18 putts and a round with 36 putts. You would think the 18 putt day was better but maybe it isn’t. On the 18 putt day I missed every green but chipped inside of 3 feet on every hole and made the putt. On the 36 putt day I hit every green in regulation and 2 putted every hole. Need to look at putts per GIR non GIR putts three putts while bad will hap
  11. Updating what I wrote; apparently cameron made some classic bullseye putters in roughly 1998. I knew he made the one like yours @M. Parsons; didn't know he redid the Reuter version. https://www.scottycameron.com/authentication/registry/Details.aspx?rn=A008601
  12. Not sure what help you need, they are not scotty cameron's. People put wording in ebay listings to generate a sale; buyer beware and do your homework. Update: Found one on the cameron registry: https://www.scottycameron.com/authentication/registry/Details.aspx?rn=A008601 Looked at the one on Ebay and it could be one of them; not sure how many were made.
  13. If the course was that crowded then the twosome in front of your group should have been on the heels of the group in front of them so they should have been able to keep up. I have seen courses advertise that they will give warnings and direct groups to skip holes but have never seen it done. Generally the resort type courses seem to be more forgiving since they don't want the bad reviews this might bring. While you didn't see a message on the GPS, did the foursome see the two messages that were displayed on their GPS? I also don't think 10 minutes behind is that much; basically a
  14. We could get you to be one of the most wanted testers as well.
  15. I've had my Nikon for over 15 years. Basic model but still works like new.
  16. @xOldBenKenobiXhas gotten his. Told me they shipped FedEx so I checked my FedEx account and I don’t have any shipments coming to me. Guess I will Wait and see; nothing really list if it doesn’t come.
  17. Putter. Sold a few and added some new to the rotation. Added a Bellum Winmore and have a Seemore on the way.
  18. As you say you are self taught. You can continue that way and wrk toward getting better. you don’t want the step back/learning curve but you aren’t happy with how you are playing. Sounds like you game is going the wrong way already. Lessons don’t habpve to be a rebuild of the swing. Explain to the coach what you are trying to do and build a plan to get there. congrats on the weight loss. While good, it probably influenced how you swung the club. 4 years without really playing impacts the swing. Maybe your memory on distances wasn’t very accurate. No reason to dwell on the pas
  19. With the basics of today’s coverage(single channel) I’d like to see more stats. As review mentioned PGA stats, player year stats, and current tournament stats for the shot the player is facing. I Like the aerial/graphic layout of the hole and laying the shot tracer over that. Not that matters since he isn’t playing but don’t give me a Tiger recap, I want to watch the live action. Shot tracer for every shot since you can’t see the ball. Announcers are fine, but I don’t need to color commentary, just give me the facts. Color commentary is BS and doesn’t accurately reflect how players p
  20. You own him, everyone is following your lead
  21. Every manufacturer that is working with MGS to get their product tested has specific requirements that they want the testers to meet. The ultimate goal is to get the reviews published so other people can read them; in today’s society many people look to social media platforms for information. Part of the testing requirement may be the use of social media.
  22. He did not commit a rules infraction therefore he was not disqualified. He was required to officially withdraw from the tournament. But that is simply a terminology issue; either way he was unable to play the final round.
  23. Lots of ways to hold the putter and lots of different grip styles. Not sure what you mean about the grip not fitting their technique. Superstroke grips aren't actually that heavy so not sure which grips you are referring too but do agree that they don't necessarily quiet the wrist. Those grips generally weigh the same or less than your 65g grip. My guess on the reason they are bad at putting is that they don't practice.
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