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  1. Temps were mid 40s but wanted to get out and play. Sun came out and it didn't seem that cold. Shot 40/43 with 4 doubles. Good stats were 71% of fairways hit and. 28 putts. Didn't hit the ball too badly, took a few penalty strokes that resulted in some of the doubles and only hit 33% of the greens in regulation.
  2. Yep, it is football time...... Time to get the putter out and practice some more while I watch the games.
  3. Putting and Chipping. Chipping has been a weak point this season. Thought back to my chipping lessons and realized I was dropping right shoulder and not getting weight forward. So I have been in my den just chipping foam balls working on making solid contact. I practice putting all the time. Been working on my stroke by rolling the ball over a dime. Usually roll about 100 putts. Also been doing the most wanted putter testing so I have been rolling a bunch of 5, 10, and 20 footers. While not my putter, it has helped me with working on my routine.
  4. I guess on on the other side of the coin and think that vibrations contribute to feel and do come up the shaft I know grips will significantly impact how a putter feels. I just think the wrap may dampen the feel But for a few bucks it would be a fun experiment.
  5. 50 feet???? Planning on doing your whole set or do you have lots of putters? My biggest concern is how it changes the feel of the putter. But that is subjective and I probably have to try it and see what I think
  6. If we want to look at drivers, the best I could find was "up to 7 yards" for the Callaway V-Series against the same year Big Bertha. In the end it doesn't really matter to me; I am a prove it to me kind of person and until I test the club the ads just tell me what equipment is coming out.
  7. I acknowledged in my post that it was more than golf industry. Don't personally believe that it should happen anwhere
  8. So therein lies the problem. Why should I have to search for fine print? Not a golf specific issue but I believe it is designed to mislead the consumer
  9. Taylormade RBZ claimed to gain 17 yards for better players. I don't see fine print in the specs. But I shouldn't have to look for fine print. https://taylormadegolf.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-TMaG-Library/default/v1462868457362/docs/productspecs/TM_SPR_2012_Catalog_11.pdf
  10. Hype and marketing from manufacturers seems to state that with each new release
  11. New toys are always fun. Play well!!!
  12. Everything I am reading says 16mm to fit over a .610 shaft butt. For those that are metric challenged that is 5/8". [emoji3]
  13. I would have been happy to do layers, courses are closed here
  14. i am up to about 9" in SE Virginia. Don't think I will get to play golf tomorrow
  15. All I know is that Jim Cantore was heading to my area yesterday. Nothing when I went to bed, woke up to about 6+ inches and it is still coming down. High of 29 tomorrow but will be 60 by the end of next week.
  16. I think shafts are important and many are coming with no up charge options. The characteristics of the shat help to fine tune the clubs performance in areas like spin, launch angle, and rotation. I thing when fitting any club you should look at how the club performs with various shafts
  17. Love the purples and blues in that putter. Your torching seems to have improved significantly in you recent posts. Doing anything different. I didn't retread the thread but are you using propane and how long are you torching? Your pictures are making me want to pick up a putter to play around with. I must try to resist because I don't need another putter
  18. I was talking to GolfSpy Sam today about wedges and I remembered the Spin Doctor wedge. Wonder how much spin you could generate on a k-sig ball?
  19. I think I was reading your tweets and responses this morning. My question is why do I care how far or how much better Rory, Tiger, or any other PGA pro /club pro hits a club. If I were to look at any pro it might be Champions tour but most likely LPGA tour. I want to know how a club performs for me. Until I get a club, ball, glove, or any piece of equipment in my hand or I see ratings from people that are similar to me everything else is just noise. Just because it works for you doesn't mean it works for me. I really feel for people that respond to the social media posts or to forums like MGS where their opinion differs from the fanboys. Reference things like Kirkland, directed force putters, Cameron, etc
  20. Congrats on your retirement!
  21. I would think that spryevo.com would be the best source. Or you could take a shot at making one yourself
  22. If you watch the Be Better Golf Video where they talk driver testing, you can get a preview of what the results might say.
  23. I am like you; no willpower. I need junk food to not be in the house; if it is there I will find it and eat it!
  24. I have always thought about picking up a detour and do an refinish project. Would love to see a topline shot to see the contrast between the head and bar.
  25. Why do you like the shorter one better? Thanks for the input on the OW. Do you use it as a warmup tool or do you find that it helps your swing? I hope you like the putting drill; great drill that can be done anywhere and really helps with starting the ball on line and make sure that the putter is working for you to get the best performance.
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