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  1. Judging by his description/yardage I think the red is the baseline. I don’t have one of his yardage books handy to explain the red square but I they are probably areas that should be assessed as a modifier. in my opinion; Based on the modifiers, the blue line is the target, but it should be at the same depth as the red line. No real reason to play farther back.
  2. With the subject of finger tape and you post about gloves I am a little confused. but my best answer would be: you can put tape on your fingers to help with the calluses; Tiger puts tape on his fingers. If you dislike gloves, don’ wear one. I just recently went back to gloves but played for years without one. For summer I usually play using a rain glove or you can switch when one gets too wet.
  3. This seems like an effort to educate people to make smarter trades with @blackngold_blood All kidding aside, the man is the master of the trade!
  4. Hitting the TAIII irons as part of most wanted testing. Anyone looking for a solid players irons should check them out. Not my favorite in the looks department but good distance with the right amount of spin.
  5. Based on your response , I probably misinterpreted the OP and didn’t realize he is looking for help to actually do the work.
  6. I don’t think the OP is disagreeing with what you are saying. He isn’t against OB, he just believes the penalty is too harsh and that he doesn’t see a “logical” reason to justify stroke and distance as the only option. His personal logic is that hitting into a penalty area and having the ball be unplayable is the no different than hitting the ball OB and the official rules; not local rules, should allow a drop and one stroke penalty as an option. He continues that not all players can control their ball well enough to adjust and avoid an OB. Because these penalty areas and OB are equivalent, m
  7. I would think there are companies that try to manage social media for every industry. Setting up social media for a golf course would have to be something that the course decides to do. If there are courses that you believe could benefit from a social media aspect but don’t have a presence it means you have a business opportunity to start a company and market the benefits to those courses and manage their social media.
  8. cnosil


    Ping was in the ball market for a while. Their two colored balls are considered collectors items. you can get some background info here. http://www.pingballs.com
  9. Here is another article that discusses course setup. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/03/16/lpga-golf-course-setups-womens-golf-pga-tour/
  10. They "why" was that we disagree with your assessment so there is no why. I do watch a lot of the LPGA and usually watch it over the PGA. I will be working the Pure Silk event in a couple of week so I will pay close attention. I did a search and found the following article: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/putting-matthew-rudy Perhaps that will answer your why question although the article is over 10 years old.
  11. Sorry for your loss; I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.
  12. Overheard today that they will be releasing them soon; I think it was this week....friday??? They also said something about a phased release. I really like mine; you should definitely get one.
  13. We haven’t heard yet. I know there was an issue with people recording their rounds. Be patient they should be announced soon.
  14. If you look at the page for the templates it provides fitting recommendations and how to fit for the correct one. https://visioputting.com/the-new-mi-putting-template-face-lines/
  15. I think you perceptions are a bit off for both the LPGA tour and PGA tour. neither PGA or LPGA players are always past the hole. Just like with the other clubs in their bags they have a dispersion pattern. Having that pattern past the hole every time would lead to long second putts. Having seen snippets of shotlink data from the PGA tour shows this to be true. Watching televised golf does not not give you a perspective for the entire field. The players on TV any particular week are being show because they are the contenders. not sure what you are defining as very long off
  16. I see you logged this against the 2nd event. Hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite you.
  17. What browser and platform are you using? Need that to help diagnose an issue.
  18. Yep, I have been agreeing with what you put in your first post. My position has changed as I have learned more about “fittings”. Depending on what you are trying to do there are different approaches that should be followed.
  19. Why do you think it is the shaft. Taking lessons or working on skill improvement to get better face and path control? How long is your driver? Can you choke up and get better control; maybe driver is too long. May not need senior shaft; saw a fitting that resulted in a slow swing player hitting it best with an X shaft. I know it isn’t the answer you are looking for but the point is that just knowing swingspeed and driver head doesn’t provide information necessary to recommend a shaft. The shaft you have is a good shaft and the only way to see if you can find a better shaft is
  20. You shouldn’t take it as a compliment and doesn’t mean you are right.
  21. I think this is why so many players come so inside. I saw a different video on the same topic and instantly changed my 6+ in to out swing to basically neutral with no loss on the swing. I am working it back toward the 2/3* point. This fact was something I never knew and is so insightful that I am surprised that it isn’t a golf fundamental.
  22. That is my assumption. I doubt they make a special assembly line for tour equipment. They also get to test the clubs more so their specs are very detailed.
  23. Callaway, mizuno, Taylormade, Honma, Titlist, PXG, Cobra, Wilson, Srixon, hogan, sub70...... all manufacturers make great irons and there is a model for you. I truly believe I could find a set of irons from any manufacturer. I hit most every model of club during most wanted testing and you can find something that you would like. What is interesting is everyone has different opinions and their swings result in different sounds and feels. During one session we were talking clubs and slower swinging player brought a club over for me to hit. Because he thought it was great. I hit t
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