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  1. #Can'tplaygolfbutdidyaseehisheadcovers
  2. There are a few people that have been talking about the D7s on here; would have to search, but I have seen a few. I also know that they are part of this years most wanted testing; I hit the D7 the other day. Solid club; a little shorter, distance wise, that other irons in its class, but it performs well. Wilson makes quality products, the big question is whether they work well for you,.
  3. I would love the 26 footer or even longer I am a good putter and work on face control/startline all the time; that is easy to do at home. What I really want to do is fine tune distance putting by doing things like the ladder drill out to 40+ feet.
  4. Saw this on Instagram today and I think it is appropriate for this thread
  5. I don't know what my killer move is; I need to go to an instructor to figure that out.
  6. There is an interesting video about this on TXG. Look at long drivers; they are typically pretty big and muscular; the mass is for strength and to create a stable core to support the increase in speed.
  7. #1 goal is to improve my approach and short game. I have been struggling lately so I am going to set up some lessons to improve ball striking and short game to hopefully bring may average scoring down to the mid 70s. Hopefully this will also allow me to achieve one of my long term goals of breaking 70.
  8. that's why I buy a cheap shaft with a similar profile to experiment with. While it may not provide ideal numbers, it helps a bit with figuring out shaft length and contact.
  9. I haven't seen a chart on here. The best free source I have found is if you look at the manufacturer catalogs; sometimes they compare shafts and put them in a launch/spin graph. There is a pay site that will give you the EI profile charts for various shafts. the later is probably the best source.
  10. My focus is just in front of the ball; I want to "see" my center alignment aid go over that point. My bad putts come when I follow it back; probably because I prefer to move/swing my hands and not the putter head.
  11. They received one just prior to the shutdown. They didn't review it as part of the putter mat testing and as far as I know it is sitting in Harry's office. We just started going back to do testing so everything is behind schedule so I don't know if or when there will be anything official on the device. I'd love to bring it home and give it a try.
  12. As stated above, it could be a lot of things. Start with the simple things, where do you hit the ball on the face, what are your spin numbers and AoA?
  13. Unfortunately, haven't found a really good source of information for players other than their website and club manufacturer sites. Occasionally you will get a winners WITB but not often. The lots of headcovers statement is pretty accurate. There are a few longer players but most are in the 200-230 range and hit hybrids into greens. I volunteer at the local LPGA event and enjoy watching how they play the course.
  14. I am just a putter junkie and spent a lot of time learning about that aspect of the game.
  15. Here is what I have learned about putters and the putting stroke. 1. You can pick up any putter and learn to putt well with it no matter how much it goes against all of your natural tendencies; just like full swing clubs. The problem is that when you are under pressure you tend to go back to your tendencies which may cause poor performance. You have basically fit yourself to the putter. You picked this putter because of the looks, how it rolled the ball in the store or on a real green. 2. You can get fit for a putter. There are numerous approaches and strategies for fitting a putter. In no particular order: 2a. Big Box Stores: These are typically loft/lie/length adjustments. Nothing really scientific; you grab a putter, take your stance and the putter length and lie is typically adjusted to have your eyes over the ball. 2b. Edel fitting: Edel takes the approach of fitting for aim and speed control. The fitting starts off but trying to identify the blade or mallet and alignment line/dot combination that enables you to consistently setup aimed at your target. Once that is established, weighting in the head and grip are adjusted until you are able to consistently roll putts a specific distance. 2c. Puttlab/Capto/Quintic: These are devices that measure different aspects of your stroke to help identify the putter characteristics that work best for you. This is performance driven fitting. You putt the ball and the system helps determine if the putter you are using is launching the ball correctly and on your intended line. It may make a recommendation for the putter it thinks you should use; however, this can be influenced by the putter used during the test. You need knowledgeable fitters to use this technology. Putters are designed the way they are to vary how the putter travels along the path. The path can be in to out, out to in, or zero'd out just like full swings. Depending on your path, you will need a putter that assists in returning the club face to the proper position at impact. The use of weighting, hosel type, hosel positioning (heel, center, etc.), and CoG location all influence the putters rotation through the stroke. Many people are look for specific toe hangs, but what they generally don't consider is the associated putter weight. A 20* toe hang putter weighting 340gr will rotate differently than a 20* toe hang putter weighing 370gr. You can do some self fitting with a putter. Take your normal setup and try to roll a ball on your intended line; gates are great to verify, using different length strokes. It is easiest to find putters of different weights so if you miss left, find a heavier putter and if you are missing right pick a lighter putter. Once you find a putter you can roll online, see how well you can control distance. I think this can be done indoors or outdoors. Having rolled lots of putters I can tell you that no matter how similar two putters look, you will find that they have different balance, feel, ability to consistently aim, directional control, and distance control. During most wanted testing, there were putters that I missed left, others I missed right, some short, some long, some short and long; some that I couldn't make a 5 foot putt with, but did well at 10 and 20 feet. Others were great at 5 but not at 10 or 20. Once you find the putter, work on startline and especially distance control so you can establish baselines on how long your stroke needs to be for different distances.
  16. Exputt would be your only option unless other than the simulators you mentioned. Harry said it worked pretty well but the one thing missing is depth perception. Looking at a 50 foot putt on your television just doesn't look 50 feet.
  17. Yes, local shops can do it fairly inexpensively. People that have forged clubs often times check the specs one or more times a year.
  18. You were basically fit for the driver from a specific manufacturer. They took their lineup and found the best combination for you. You can go get another fitting and maybe find something better or maybe the titleist will come out on top. What “gain” would make another fitting worthwhile to you? Is 5 more yards worth the cost? How about narrowing dispersion by 5 yards? I’d probably go with the Titleist
  19. The reality is that this isn’t how most golf consumers thing. Those of us that are club junkies yes. The average player grabs clubs plays them and then buys another set if they don’t work. While they may initially say the brand is bad, they come around when their buddy hits a set Well or when player X on tour puts them in the bag. Or they just don’t play those clubs anymore; someone else in the consumer world will take their place.
  20. I haven’t gamed them but hit them as part of most wanted testing. All of the options are of high quality and if you find one to fit your stroke it should work well. One of the Hogan’s came out as the best putter for me.
  21. Just to add to the forward press topic. It is possible to have too much and end up hitting the ball into the ground causing poor launch conditions. That could be fixed by adjusting loft. You mentioned Stockton and if I remember right hit approach dictates having a putter with a little more than standard loft to allow for the forward press.
  22. Lots of opinions on this. People will say anything that looks good, anything cheap, just get fit for length and lie, do an Edel fitting, get on Puttlab/Capto/quintic and see what the numbers say. I have an opinion on this but too long to type on my phone. I’ll add my thoughts on the topic when I can get to a keyboard.
  23. If you are starting online then the putter is fine. As for green speeds, that is just a matter of adjustment. Always use the same tempo and figure out how far the ball is rolling on the green for stock stroke lengths/feels. Let’s say when you move the putter to your right big toe it goes 8 feet because when you practice that is how far it goes on the green/carpet you use for practice. On the course it goes 6 feet. That means greens are a little slower and you need to make a little bigger swing to go 8 feet. This is part of your warmup before a round and the first few holes. As for the forward press, If you are consistent it shouldn’t matter since the ball would always Have the same speed. Putting strokes are about consistency. There is a webinar on Scott fawcetts YouTube page. During that webinar he talks about a PGA pro that rolled a bunch of 20 foot putts and the distance between the shortest and longest was about 6 feet. Speed control is hard, but you should be about to roll balls into a 3 Foot diameter circle around the hole. 3 footers should be about a 100% make Rate.
  24. Before you get another putter evaluate if you can consistently start the ball on your intended line and can control speed.
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