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  1. I really like the Fuji pro iron shafts. Harry and Phillip at MGS headquarters have them in their irons so,I have had an opportunity to give them a go. Tried a bunch of the graphite shafted irons they got in for testing and the Fuji was one of the best.
  2. I’ll dig in a little deeper here; what you listed here are the “old school” metrics or data that golfers collected. You say you need to hit more fairways. While we want to hit all fairways, what is a reasonable expectation? Why do you need to hit more fairways? Does just counting fairways hit really tell you if you have a problem off the tee? Maybe you need to look at GIR to correlate fairways and greens hit. But do you keep metics that indicate if you were in the fairway when you hit it miss or if you had to punch out because you hit a really bad tee shot. What is a good number of GIR? Do you account for different green sizes? You may have better hole proximity on smaller missed greens than larger hit greens. What clubs or distances do you hit and miss greens? why are you missing greens in the first place. Are you good at hitting greens from 100-129 but terrible everywhere else? Moving on to putting, what is a good putting number? If you average 50’ from the hole is 2 putting bad? Can you expect to make more 50’ foot putts? Carrying this thought further, how do you measure improvement over time? How do you know which has the biggest impact to score? Not trying to say you measurements are wrong but tryin* to understand how you assess that limited set of data to get better.
  3. It is one reason. Multiple reasons on why it could happen. Ferrule slipping really isn’t a huge issue, but if it is the adapter or club head coming loose because of an epoxy breakdown that is a big issue.
  4. Shaft fitting is more than I have X swing speed so I should use this stiffness of shaft. When you swing a club you apply forces throughout the swing which cause the shaft to bend. Fitting looks at this and determines the profile that works fiesta for you. In the shaft work there isn’t any consistent measurement across the board so a senior flex from one manufacturer may be a regular in another. You may even find that to be true across different models made by the same manufacturer. you say some conflicting things: “When I hit the ball well, I get a high and perfect shot. It's effortless. But, it is very inconsistent. “. Are you saying that when you make a good swing that the ball flight is good and when you don’t make a good swing the flight isn’t as good? If so, that is what we all struggle with. No one; including professionals hit the ball perfectly every time. To get better a ball striking lessons would be the recommendation. you mention “feel”. Feel is a subjective thing and I don’t know what you expect to feel when you swing a club. Some player feel the head and the shaft while others feel very little. The clubs weighting and shaft profile all impact how a club feels. when you purchased these clubs how did you determine if they were correct for your swing? Did you just buy them off the rack or hit them on a launch monitor with no comparison to your current clubs or other head/shaft configurations ?
  5. I think it depends on how the player responds to the data and if they find the data beneficial. When I was taking lessons launch and ball conditions were used as checks and to show what was happening. I've tried the course data analytics and I think what you track is dependent on player ability. During my rounds I make so many swing mistakes I am not looking at strokes gained numbers because the bad shots are obviously where my issues lie. I don't need something like arccos. In my mind the biggest benefit to all this data is the strategy and expectation management aspects.
  6. Went to the course after work to work on my shortgame. Hit a couple of hundred chips and pitches of various distances and it went really well. Only had a few shots that weren't center face and solid contact. I am hoping they are wrong about this weekends weather as I am eager to get out to the course since I haven't played in 3 weeks.
  7. You all did a great job, testing clubs is hard work.
  8. Unfortunately every club is different and people react to the clubs feel which influences performance. The only advice is types different settings and practice to see what works.
  9. Thanks. Definitely helps answer the question. I think the answer was kind of in the reviews but for me this review wasn’t about the Evnroll putter but the shaft itself. Like you said with the driver example, is it the shaft, head, or combo that makes the difference. I am personally intrigued by the new graphite putting shafts and trying to evaluate if putting one in my gamer would make that much of a difference. I had a stability tour in one of my putters that I have moved on from. I have hit putters where the only difference was a stability shaft and I didn’t notice much difference. Maybe there was but I didn’t realize that there was improvement. As @Lacassemsaid, for $250 he wouldn’t make the change. Kind of the same mindset some have for exotic driver shafts. Everyone has a price that would make them put one in their putter and that is different for everyone. I’d be willing to pay the price but I’d want to have an objective measurement system to compare with the same configuration. Kind of like the Edel alignment test where you get to experiment and see the results.
  10. Ferrules are tight and not easily slid down the shaft. IMO, head moving slightly implies that the epoxy has failed. Twisting is not a good ideas as it may damage the shaft. Tightening the head screw won’t help as the adapter connection to the shaft is where your problem lies. Also, you should only use the clubs torque wrench to tighten the screw as it will prevent overtightening. A potential way to diagnose this yourself it to measure the shaft length to see if the adapter has slipped down the shaft. Unfortunately, I don’t know the stock driver shaft length for that driver but some google searches should get you going. You could also take the club to a club repair place and they can help determine if the epoxy is the issue.
  11. After reading the final reviews, I have a question. Most of you stated you would keep the club in the bag. As a reviewer, who would be considering a Fujikura graphite shaft there are two aspect that I really did t see covered. Would you put a Fujikura shaft in any new putter you purchased? The reviews were very favorable so my impression is that you would. did you pick the right shaft or do you think one if the other models would be a better fit?
  12. Apparently their has been a firmware update and Harry has posted a few things about the information being improved.
  13. I’ll play the devils advocate on this thread. While True Spec is mikes above Golftec in the fitting department as they have access to more shaft and club options it may not be the right choice for you. As a consumer and someone considering a high end fitting, I’d you: know your goals from the fitting? do you have any understanding of the fitting process? do you have any understanding of launch monitor data? what are you golfing goals? what is your club budget? do you have you list of questions for the fitter? have you considered any local fitters not associated with a chain? Typically True Spec will have higher quality fitters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good fitting at a Golftec. I pose the questions above because people who aren’t educated about the fitting process go get fit at a high end fitter and get sticker shock or don’t see immediate improvement in their games and then complain that the fitting was a waste if time and money. We hear in commercials about the 50 yard gains from a fitting and while it happens when a player is using poorly fit or really outdated clubs, that isn’t the typical result. You may see a few yards of gain and slightly smaller dispersion cones which is more of a long term improvement to you scoring floor and ceiling and may not be visible when looking at one shot or even a round. i think you can be successful at either location provided you know what you are looking for going into the fitting.
  14. Hard to say because with the inability for people to get clubs and with overseas manufacturers shut down. Will this years clubs be replaced with anything in 2022 or will 2021 clubs just be extended a year since many people will hopefully getting their clubs to start the new golf season. if I were picking anything I would say the cobra putters.
  15. Can't really find many grips for $2 a piece; but you can get ribbed grips from golfpride for about $6. Here is one suggestion from this site: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/39198-diy-grip-reminder-ribbing-ridge/ You can also use string: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UXPDsi_xSg People also use metal coat hangers.
  16. You prefer the old days of wood sets; today clubs are marketed individually to fit a players needs. Woods, hybrids, driving irons, or long irons picked to fit spin, launch, and distance needs for a player.
  17. Yep 0211 DC. I would go for the actual blade one either; they don’t typically test them during most wanted
  18. I hit the 0211 in this years most wanted testing. The 0211 really aren’t “blades” in the traditional sense and are very forgiving clubs. I miss toe side and really wasn’t losing much distance on those misfits. The hollow body/foam filled clubs in the market may look bladeish but really aren’t, lots of forgiveness built in with how the weighting is set up.
  19. Everyone is different. I just went to the course and did it after rolling some practice putts before the round. From all the reading, it helps with distance control because you see the distance as you are making the stroke; when you put you head back down, you begin to lose the vision of that distance.
  20. The counter to this is that all lies on the putting green aren’t level so there has to be some variation. I change where I grip the putter to keep the body setup the same. I find that if I hit behind the ball it is on longer putts when I try to put a little more effort into the stroke and don’t rely on the normal tempo.
  21. I've gotten to the point that I played a round and hit pitches/chips with my right hand only.
  22. While DECaDe talks about target selection, the mental aspect of golf is IMO what Scott Fawcett would say is the most important aspect of the game. Being able to remove emotion from decisions and stay mentally focused on the calculated shot is crucial to playing well.
  23. https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/Wilson.pdf - TT Dynamic Gold DG Pro taper tip - flighted https://www.golfworks.com/true-temper-dynamic-gold-pro-iron-shafts/p/tt0114/
  24. It relies on ball contact. The SC200 plus apparently works https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/32994-personal-launch-monitor-for-use-with-superspeed-golf/
  25. Don’t think the sc models except the more expensive models measure club speed. I have the blue sports radar and it has been fine for my needs. The only people thatt I have heard having issues are the high swing speed people. I don’t care if the number is 100% accurate as long as I get a number I can measure against.
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