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  1. Based on stats from 2022, the average PGA pro hit fairway percentage is 59.76 https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.213.y2022.html
  2. there are many types of biases: https://thedecisionlab.com/biases-index our experiences, beliefs, thoughts, etc all influence our decision making. people are saying these brands because they worked for them in the past and believe they will continue to work for them in the future. That is a bias.
  3. IMO, they all try to accomplish the same thing but do it in slightly different ways. For example the Opti-fit doesn’t require shaft rotation to accomplish the loft and lie changes, some change lie angles some don’t. Some manufacturers also offer non “off the rack” adapters to perform different adjustments than the stock adapter. Also based on how the face angle changes at setup, it may be better to deloft a higher lofted wood than to loft up a lower lofted…or vice versa. What we tend to forget is that the adapters are really fitting tools and help minimized fitting configurations that need to be maintained in stores; and not something we should change over time.
  4. Probably closely related to the OEM survey; you just get more than one answer here. I am not a shaft junkie and can honestly say i have no biases with shafts and would be willing to put any shaft in my clubs. Maybe it is because there isn’t a lot of advertising them on TV or seeing logos on players shirts or hats. I might even go out on a limb and say they may be the least considered aspect of a club when someone picks a club up off the rack.
  5. You were pretty spot on. The biggest issue that he wants to start with is the wrist hinge since it is the source of many of the follow on problems regarding the shaft plane, face control, and face being closed at impact. Gave me a wrist hinge drill and we are going to look and see if there is any physical limitation in my wrist hinge. His comment about the shift was more that I was late getting to my left side and as a result needing lateral instead of vertical forces at impact. When doing the drill and then swinging fully back I avoid over the line at the top, I seem to get to my left side before completing the backswing, and I feel the shaft/club rotating under and shallowing instead of rolling over and delivering a closing face. As suggested, going to try and get to the range and take another video and see how it impacts ball flight.
  6. Not a huge RS fan myself, but the video is worth a watch even with the summary @cksurfdude posted since some of teh things they talk about are best seen and not just heard. Brad talks more that RS.
  7. You and me both. And I was trying to get myself down to one putter and not stray……why do the OEMs continue to tempt us!!!!
  8. My main goal is to have an average score of 75. I fail miserably at this since I average right around 80-82. For each round this requires: that tee shots are playable and allow for approach shots that I can get to the green - generally pretty successful at this Hitting 12 greens a round - I average about 9 short game that lets me get up and down 50% of the time - I am at around 20% Avoid 3 putts - typically 1-2 a round.
  9. Definitely an interesting putter and how they developed the moveable weights. We’ve had swapable weights for a while but I haven’t seen something like this. The change in numbers in in TXG video seem to indicate this will work. Can’t wait to try one and hoping they are part of most wanted testing. don’t think it is in direct competition with LAB as they really try to accomplish different things. The TM is about moving weight to adjust rotation to be correct at impact. Nothing about removing torque. the LAB is about balancing the putter to stay square to the path and getting players to swing in a specific way.
  10. yesterday the stars seemed to align and I was able to get some free time and the weather was nice which meant I could go to the range to hit a few. immediate goal was to get some face on and DTL video to send in for a swing analysis and the hitting area at HQ is too narrow to get face on video. As everyone always says, Seeing your swing on video is always interesting. I know looks don’t matter, but it doesn’t look horrible; will be interesting to find out the recommended changes. overall ball striking wasn’t too bad; still have the toey pull hook creeping in on occasion.
  11. It’s not just time, but the financial outlay to buy the equipment to perform the experiments and make the necessary adjustments
  12. I’ll just say it Might still be a problem.
  13. Golf is about hitting the ball a specific distance. Figure out how far you carry the ball with you current clubs and then start to fill in the gaps. Typically players gap their irons and wedges with 10-15 yard gaps. Since you go from driver to 5 iron you probably have distance gaps at the top end of you bag that need to be filled. You can also look at the course you play and see what distances you need to cover. Meaning, do you often need to hit something farther than the 5 iron but don’t have a club?
  14. Agree with everything you said here except that shafts can make a difference. Everything you have said is a big part of what is brought up in the debate about putter shafts. The topic has gotten brought up more now probably due to the cost of these shafts and the ability to measure the putting stroke and ball. Even before the stability type shafts there have been different flexes/profiles in putter shafts. Look at TP Mills and the pencil shaft or Tiger with the YSC and Headspeed shafts which were more flexible and designed to increase feel. While we don’t move the putter fast, there is still variation in how the putter swings and our ability to consistently deliver the putter face within fractions of a degree. I agree that confidence is important, but doesn’t performance help drive confidence and if a shaft could give you the feel you wanted and close your putting dispersion pattern wouldn’t that be beneficial? The flip-side is how does it impact your feel and does that actually make you perform worse. Hence why I go back and forth but with new offerings coming out in the $100 range maybe it is worth a try
  15. Saw this Twitter post from Jim Furyk and thought it would be an interesting topic for the forum I learned to play in Virginia so I am South and the putter goes by the wedges. How about you?
  16. That is the big question about all these upgraded shafts, do they make a difference. Some will say yes and some will say no. The question should also be how much does it matter based on the Lab page about shafts it seems they recommend upgrading. The subtitle of the article states: “IT’S ABOUT FEEL AND PERFORMANCE” https://labgolf.com/choosing-the-right-putter-shaft/
  17. I know there will be about 10 from HQ that will be there.
  18. I think that is the shaft that LAB recommends.
  19. I think we all have biases; it may be manufacturer, it may be color, it may be looks, it may be feel, it may be perceived quality, or something else entirely. As a most wanted tester, when testing I try to be unbiased, but based on the above reasons I have biases toward what I would put in my bag even though I see that something I don’t like might perform better. Manufacturer biases: I typically shy away from Cobra and Mizuno clubs. I typically don’t feel like they perform well for me; however, coming out of 2023 driver testing the Aerojet line was my favorite. While I feel that DTC or lower tier OEM clubs are top quality and perform, I shy away from them largely due to potential trade/resale value. If you go through clubs quickly, resale is always in the back of our minds. Color biases: this applies mostly to woods and hybrids, but does extend to putters. I typically lean toward single color, typically black, glossy or matte woods. In putters I prefer darker colors. Looks: generally hard to qualify. When walking down a row of drivers, which one do you pick up? There are clubs that just appeal to us and we are more likely to pick up. Sound/Feel: for most clubs I prefer a softer more muted sound and feel. With putters I like a more “clicky” feel.
  20. @McGolfhas me thinking about upgrading my putter shaft again. Makes me wonder if the improvements come from the stiffness and lower torque of the shaft and if other graphite shafts would have the same benefits. Is a Diamana, Fuji, UST, LA Golf, PXG, or other shaft going to give similar benefits? Does this apply to both light and heavier putter heads? The big thing holding me back is I need to commit to a putter.
  21. i saw on the ShotScope Facebook page that an update will be released Friday. The note says: “anyone who has a coach or golf lessons, you are going to LOVE this.” Sounds like our stats will be exportable or shareable.
  22. On the iPad you use the app not the browser based dashboard
  23. Premium balls have different performance characteristics. Spin is the primary difference and based on the last mygolfspy test you can see some of those differences at different swing speeds. https://mygolfspy.com/best-golf-balls-2021/
  24. Based on my typical performance I could still lose to someone not playing
  25. The question will be how many participate for the entire season.
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