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  1. Definitely a classic set of clubs there. Love the black shafts with the copper heads.
  2. @GolfSpy_APHI've seen that there is a workaround to getting locations published but don't know what it is. Do you have the instructions posted somewhere?
  3. I don't recall everything about how I started playing golf. Some of the things I remember: 70s - some of the neighborhood kids got some clubs and we hit balls in the cemetery at the edge of our neighborhood. My grandmother and great aunt started playing and I decided I'd give it a try. 80s - stopped late in high school and played a few times in college 90s - started playing again with my father-in-law until he couldn't play anymore. Kept playing the occasional after work rounds at a local inexpensive course. 2000s - this is when I started seriously getting into golf. Was invited to join a group of about 30 golfers that played every Sunday and although the group has dwindled for many reasons I still play every Sunday.
  4. @chisag I'd say I hope a Bears win would make you feel better, but at this point, you may prefer a loss to get the better draft pick.
  5. I guess this is why I don't play a lot of the "big name" golf courses. I just enjoy the game and am more than happy to play rounds solo and not having to coordinate with anyone. Those memories you talk about are mine and I don't need to share them We are all different; some of us are just loners.
  6. Sorry to hear; hope you get better quickly.
  7. I know there are lots of people the love ECCO shoes; ECCO USA offers an extra 30%-50% off sale shoes online only at us.ecco.com. https://us.ecco.com/
  8. Checked my UPS home deliveries page and found a new entry; looks like my testing/review might get started next week.
  9. That's your twist on the wording from stating that WWE is like LIV golf and LIV is better than the PGA. You may enjoy LIV which is fine, but from an entertainment perspective (which is what all golf is) it doesn't far well when looking at viewer ratings. I've watched LIV and for me is provides no more entertainment value than any other golf event. But I generally just have golf on in the background and don't focus much time on watching any event.
  10. You could also say that WWE is just fake wrestling so LIV is fake golf.
  11. Maybe you deloft the club too much which is why you don't get the height you think you should. It isn't just about speed; delivery is probably more important. While I haven't hit your specific irons, PGX is generally a lower launch and spin type of OEM that focusses on distance.
  12. I'm not really an "irons are beautiful" kind of person....putters are my thing. But when I see them I always pick them up: I know you said ignore ability, but I am probably still doing a ZX7 combo set. if I am going back in time, it would be some Macgregor irons. Whenever I would go into golf shops these were the dream irons. And no, the new releases don't measure up in my opinion.
  13. I agree what you are doing is restoration since you are buffing, sanding, and changing the finish. Obviously the condition of the putter will impact the amount needed and may require welding and milling and probably not a project for the general DIYer. I personally would love to learn how to weld to fill deep marks and have a mill to do some basic stuff and maybe even make a putter.
  14. Have the course get a new greenskeeper Definitely odd; usually there is consistency because it is exposure to sun or wind that influence the speed. wonder if it is the mowers or the person that mows specific holes.
  15. Sounds like you have a dilemma especially since based on your description the 5 iron is carrying the distance it needs to carry. As you mentioned adjusting loft will probably create bad gapping. The 5/6 iron might be where you ability to hit an iron well stops and you should consider another fairway wood to fill the gap and give you the height you want and a bit more stopping power. I don't think shaft will do much to change your results; but won't know unless you get on a launch monitor or start experimenting and do some comparisons.
  16. Are they consistent? meaning are the slow greens always slow and the fast greens always fast? If so, that comes down to the adjustment preround or over the first couple of holes. No different than playing a different course day to day.
  17. Might consider working on lags to get everything inside of a 3 foot radius if you are having to make lots of 3-6 footers to avoid a 3 putt.
  18. Yes, watched the video and know what it was; that is the type of "robot" used for testing putters. Their title in the video says "robot" and the product they used is actually called a robot. https://creativegolfinnovations.com/products/iron-archie-putting-arc-robot The testing protocols that MGS uses for their tests leverage how humans perform with the clubs since robots (or jigs) do not respond to the feel and look of the club.
  19. I don't think you considered the right options. I think you should get the Newport 2 refinished and pull the trigger on buying the Phantom 5.5
  20. I personally keep going back and forth on the benefit of bounce. Bounce is probably good for amateurs with poor short games. Watching recent content from James Ridyard, Adam Young, and Joe Mayo I've learned that there is a lot more to these shots than just "use the bounce".
  21. MGS doesn't do robot club testing.
  22. It's tough to do good objective testing with the equipment that MGS currently has and how they do putter testing. Hopefully once they move into their new HQ putting testing will be more detailed but there isn't a lot of time for that to happen before the new testing season starts up.
  23. I've done some old vs. new comparisons as a MGS tester and generally newer is better. Typically improvements from a driver would be experienced every 5 years so yes you would potentially see some benefit upgrading to something newer. Typically a little more forgiveness on miss hits and a little more ball speed. As stated above a club won't fix a swing issue. At $200, looking a callaway pre owned might be a good start since they offer sales quite often.
  24. We’re just a friendly group. Most have never met and only know each other from posting on the forum and talking about this game we all love.
  25. https://mygolfspy.com/labs/mygolfspy-lab-how-does-cover-damage-affect-golf-ball-flight/
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