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  1. There have been young teenagers playing in the women’s us open for a while. Wie and Pressel were about 13 in their first event. Training for younger golfers has come a long way and younger kids are getting better and better. I don’t expect to see this same trend on the men’s side just due to overall physical strength. Just shows there are a lot of talented players that are coming up through the ranks; maybe some will be even better than the ones we consider GOATs today.
  2. No, squaring the face isn’t that easy. It may be a step in squaring the face it there are other things that need to be considered.
  3. Ok, so what, no real point, players are for it players are against it.
  4. I actually like that idea.
  5. Had Callaway rewards points just sitting there so I ordered a new wedge. MD5 with graphite shaft; should be here within the next year Figure if I don't like it, I can always flip it and make a few bucks since the total cost was $0!
  6. I've heard you are a pretty good actor Glad to hear it worked out and that everything worked out.
  7. Don't know what team you picked up but watch out for that @blackngold_blood guy, he will probably try to trade for your best players.....and most likely succeed.
  8. Been signing up for this before you could do it online. I have been picked once in 2010 for practice round tickets You will be notified by email that you were selected with directions on where to send your money. Similar to the rejection email that we typically receive
  9. looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Congrats testers.
  10. Yep, just turned it on and watching their group.
  11. I think the 747 irons have been replaced by the Tr20 line; at least that is what is available in the us market. I have the tr20V in my bag and the srixon 765 in my backup bag. I have tested the zx7 as part of most wanted. I don’t have them side by side and am going from memory but would say: honma a little smaller honma a little more muted from a sound perspective. Both feel good but feel Is very personal. equivalent performance overall I like the honma’s but wouldn’t hesitate to play the zx7s. Both are solid clubs.
  12. Interesting. No tape at all or just none covering the opening in the end of the shaft.
  13. There is a table of contents that can get you to the right pages.
  14. Haven’t watched or checked the leaderboard but I am thinking Nelly Korda will come out on top. She seems to have the best game on tour at the moment
  15. Equipment rules are here: https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/Equipment/Equipment Rules Final.pdf
  16. Basically a bunch of unknowns as it will depend on how you react to the differences. You basically could hit it better, hit it worse, or hit it the same. Sometimes shorter is easier to control and helps you hit the center of the face more consistently. Sometimes it moves everything to the toe. Heavier could help you smooth out your swing and create better impact or it could be too heavy and slow your swing so we down so much you lose 20 yards or more. as was said, easy enough to try since you have both shafts and pretty sure it is the same adapter.
  17. There isn’t a requirement for 12 clubs either. As players get older the distance between the top and bottom club becomes less so the need for that many clubs isn’t there
  18. here are a few threads for you to read. Search feature works pretty well.
  19. Where is the fun in starting farther apart.
  20. Congratulations on the personal best. Hope the good play continues.
  21. Combo sets are great. Do whatever it takes to build a set that works for you, fairways, hybrids, driving irons, GI long irons, players short irons, set wedges, specialty wedges, etc. there are no rules as to what clubs to use and how sets should be made up.
  22. We have seen people using the divot board. For those that don’t have one, Here is a new drill for you to try out. I tried and it is tough. Had coins flying all over the placE even when I did it right https://golf.com/instruction/at-home-golf-drill-iron-shots-chunks-tops/
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