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  1. Those look nice and I like the needlepoint belts as well. However, I have switched to only using ratchet type belts and there are only a few companies that do this style; wish there were more. How they are nice!
  2. The only comments that should be in a BST are I have sent you a PM or I’ll take it. Any other comments are not relevant; your non response means you aren’t interested.
  3. I don’t personally think there is a construction difference between off the shelf and tour issue. The processes are the same but the tolerances are higher. There may also be one off products made that are not released to the public or made to specific specs for a tour player; company B duplicating company A design. People cannot compare to an off the shelf product because it doesn’t exist. tell the difference in what way? Players are sensitive to different things so different weighting might be noticeable to some. handcrafted and handmade have subtle differences. Handmade
  4. I did better today than I normally do and I liked the Cobras better than ones I have hit in the past. Toe side is my miss so those could be the ones that I remember. You are right, about the quality of clubs these days. After testing we get asked for subjective feedback and in general everything has potential and you have to nitpick to find things for the cons. I'd be willing to game any almost any club on the market.
  5. I was only day one of about 12 sessions; today was Callaway DCB, Cobra King Tour, and Titleist 620 CB 7 irons. My preference would be the Titleist followed by the Callaway. I wasn't a huge fan of the impact sound from the Cobra.
  6. I don't think it was club related at all; my swing was just working. I even tried a Ping Blueprint that they had in the warmup bag and was striping it. I was even impressed with a Cobra club; which I almost never am as they don't seem to work well with my toe tendency. I hope I can figure it out; I will see if it continues to work tomorrow and Wednesday during my next sessions. i don't want it to be "magic" sauce as that implies it is illusion and not real
  7. Today was the start of players irons testing at MGS. It was 7 iron day for me and ball striking was the best I have had in a long time. Was reviewing my data and ball contact was actually centered on the face. There were a few out toward the toe, but not as bad as I have been seeing lately. Not sure what I did but I need to repeat whatever it is
  8. There have been multiple iterations for how the rule was written. How about we go back to three strokes as was done at one time by the R&A Per the document the logic for applying S&D is: To date, our conclusion has been that it is inappropriate to allow a fundamentally different relief procedure for a ball that is out of bounds for the following reasons: Out of bounds is a strategic part of the challenge of playing some holes and this would be undermined if players could hit towards out of bounds with less concern for the consequences; There are sometimes s
  9. I don't have problems with the length; those organizations tend to be verbose, but it does show that they have considered various options and have applied logic to their decision. While many may not agree with the logic, the decision to make OB a stroke and distance penalty has been reviewed in depth. I can't find a date either, I was just looking to see if I could find the reasoning behind the penalty and found the article. They should really be dated Update: I looked at the properties for the PDF file and it looks like it was created in 2017
  10. We don't know the criteria to determine winners so there are no standings you can check.
  11. https://www.rules.golf/~/media/Files/RulesDotGolf/New/Consideration-of-Alternatives-to-the-Stroke-and-Distance-Relief-Procedure-for-Balls-that-are-Lost-or-Out-of-Bounds-FINAL.ashx kind of sums up the evaluation the consideration of fairness and the logic that led to the decision on OB and lost ball.
  12. Was it from a company? You could always go check you order status to make sure you didn’t order it.
  13. It makes sense but too complicated. 5i x 36 is “easy” but you can adjust if that distance doesn’t work. Golfers that want to can figure out the correct tees; the problem is a players ego and their need to play the tips.
  14. Sorry not logical or good reasons. I could counter all of those with another statement, but I won’t.
  15. I’d say n + 2 as you can always use one more putter but 2 more is too many.
  16. You and I are agreeing. My point is that doing a fitting to solely improve dispersion is probably not realistic. There are so many factors involved and a fitting will help find the combo that helps deliver the club more consistently. it may not reduce total dispersion but may improve total grouping.
  17. Tale of two nines yesterday. 8 FW, 8 greens, 37 putts (4 3 putts - 60’, 70’, 65’, and 65’). 38/48:86 started the day off with a birdie and hit 7 of 9 greens on the front but 3 putted 3 of them. Iron play on the front was pretty solid and was hitting my targets. Unfortunately this was only my second time in this course so I was unfamiliar with how contoured the greens were so I had a few balls roll away from the hole. Still the right target, just some unlucky breaks. Back nine was a disaster - 4 doubles, 4 bogeys, and 1 par along with 3 penalty strokes. On my iron shots th
  18. Understand what you are saying and agree with what you are saying. The results of a fitting could make dispersion better as that is more of a long term evaluation. Even the best players in the world have wider dispersion patterns that we would expect. They have tighter patterns when swinging on the range with no pressure to hit a specific target.
  19. I created my improve the thread since I had read a couple of others and found them interesting and it is a good place for me to document the things I have been doing for future reference. Not that what works for one person will work for another but that we are all struggling and trying to improve our game in some way; whether it is breaking 100 or becoming scratch.
  20. I think you can gather lots of info in three swings and I think any more the player adapts to the combo. Distance, ball flight, sequencing are are quick assessments. I just think Dispersion is something that takes longer to evaluate
  21. Eager to hear how this works out
  22. But it is the same logic being applied to those that don’t think the rule should be changed. Simply saying the rule is unfair doesn’t make it unfair. I understand that the OP doesn’t like that stroke and distance is the only option for OB. Why does changing OB to allow for a player to drop where the ball crossed and only have a 1 stroke penalty make the game evolve or correct a significant flaw? The only argument we hear is that being on the bottom of a pond is less of a penalty than going OB.
  23. Hard question to answer. Are you looking for a single lesson or something more long term and what are your goals? An instructor won’t make multiple radical change in one lesson. If you just want a quick fix 30-40 minutes should be adequate. I have a long term plan with my coach and a lesson could be 15 minutes or 2 hours depending on the topic and what we are trying to fix; same rate for either. I would suggest a 30 minute swing evaluation with some quick tips and a plan for what the instructor would do over 3,4,6, or some duration of lessons.
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