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  1. Not sure what you are asking. I used them for a bit but haven’t pulled them out in a while. Price of all golf related things things is high; $50 seems about right for this type of aid.
  2. My top priority is performance. I look for a putter that with my normal stroke will maximize my ability to start the ball on my intended line with my intended speed. Speed control is my top priority. I have sounds that I prefer but not a top priority other than being able to feel any miss hit; I do t want to deaden that feel. Fittings are designed to optimize performance and consistency performing at the same level. All the performance metrics are there to improve start line and distance control. the putter and stoke are only one part of making a putt. You need to also have green reading skills. Additionally once you have made your stroke you have done everything you can but you can’t control what happens between where the ball starts and the hole. The above characteristics that I seek are all designed to help me interpret why I miss a putt. But yes, the goal of picking a putter is to make more putts.
  3. The only other thing I can think of is you will potentially need something to raise the r10 to be the same level as the mat.
  4. We all have opinions and that won’t really get you much . I try to avoid providing people swing tips or pointing them to YouTube videos as I am not an instructor. But I personally believe this video is pretty good for practicing some of the golf swing basics. I’ve been doing the drills and based on my launch monitor numbers; while I have been doing most wanted testing at HQ, and my on course performance they seem to be helping
  5. An experienced club maker can pull an adapter just like they do on drivers. You could also try here: https://thegolfadapterstore.com/golf-category/ping/ping-adapters/. To see when they might have availability. I’ve used their ping adapters for some of my shafts.
  6. I looked at the wrong model. Since it has only been out a couple of months You might be out of luck for now as I don’t see any aftermarket adapters. You might get lucky and find one from a pull. You could pull your current shaft and reuse the one you have. Maybe call Ping and see if they will sell you one or if they will put one on a shaft you provide.
  7. I don’t believe it has an adapter and the shaft is simply glued into the hosel like an iron. For Ping you need a sleeved ferrule. I would reach out to someone like golfworks and see which ferrule you need https://www.golfworks.com/search.aspx?ss=Ping+ferrule
  8. As long as monetary gains are obtained by the number of interactions someone gets, you will have clickbait titles and controversial topics. You can watch part of, like or dislike, or post a positive or negative comment which is all that is needed to generate revenue. This is why social media platforms also have analytics to show people where they are getting engagement. I think this sums it up:
  9. I understand that, if you type the password wrong too many times it will lock you out. You haven’t indicated that the password is the problem, you said you can’t remember your Apple ID. Try this and tell me what you see: go to settings at the top it should list your name Select your name what does the t say at the top? Does it show your name and Apple ID?
  10. It’s fine, their are a lot of shafts that could fit what you are looking for, but you seem to be looking for inexpensive options which limits you pool of shafts. There isn’t a single here is the shaft you need kind of answer. Go to multiple fitters and you are likely to get different recommendations. You are basically in a path of fitting yourself and unless you stick to the path of more mainstream shafts; which comes with a cost increase over what I believe you are trying to spend, you are simply doing trial and error. The negatives to trial and error is there is a cost and the need to resell what you tried if it doesn’t work.
  11. Since you want cheap, just go with the Accuflex; as good of a suggestion as anything else.
  12. what locked you out? you typed the lock screen code wrong too many times? I was just trying to get you to a place that showed you the ID; which you said you forgot. Once you have the ID you can then reset the password.
  13. IMO, being a long drive shaft is more about the profile and not whether it is for a driver or 3 wood. I can't tell you if it would provide more consistency or what to look for as I know nothing about your swing. Why do you think you need an X flex? what is wrong with your current shaft that you are trying to change? Do you have launch monitor numbers to show your inconsistencies? do you have a dispersion map from your current shaft?
  14. What more do you want to know than the product description provides? https://www.accuflexgolfshafts.com/shafts/creation-series/creation-80.html Accuflex has ben around for a while and were the stock shafts in the SMT component heads that were big in the early 2000s. Many of their shafts were targeted at the long drive community. I played one of their shafts in an SMT head and thought it was a good combo. What will you gain? who knows until you actually hit the shaft. You might actually lose things as well. When swinging a club how it performs is related to how you react to and swing the club. Is it worth it? we probably can't answer that. Does it seem worth it you you?
  15. if you go to settings and then click your name it should show you your apple id
  16. IMO, that is a multi faceted discussion. 1. the closer you are to the hole the higher lofted club you can take which should have a smaller dispersion than a longer club. Longer club means less greens and potentially higher scores. 2. if my shots result in lots of penalties or having to pitch back to a playable location then yes because I reduce the penalties which is just giving up strokes There was a post on here a while back by someone that used to coach me that said something along the lines of higher handicap players could break 100/90 threshold by playing a club that could go 150ish off the tee and they could keep in play and then keeping the ball low and get it on the green and 2 putt. He said people often reject that approach simply because they view it as it playing proper golf. If you fall into scenario 2 and want to score as low as you can then yes I would cut my dispersion and give up hitting the ball as far as I could
  17. Should be an interesting show. I’ll definitely watch it as it shouldn’t be the worst thing I have or will ever watch on TV.
  18. If you’d like some help, you would need to provide more details. What browser are you using to access the forum, what steps are you taking to try and access the comment, what does the warning say, what does you mean when you try to join in testing?
  19. You are thinking V3. I tap the putter to the sensor for every putt with the H4 in auto mode. I can practice putt all over the green and it doesn’t record anything.
  20. It is what it is, but it makes absolutely no sense from a normal statistics perspective. When I tag a club, it knows what club I am using. I guess it is to accommodate manual putt mode where you aren’t or don’t have a tag which allows it to be captured as a short game shot or putt.
  21. I hope you like it. I wasn’t impressed; kind of a letdown
  22. But using blades will improve my game so it is kind of lesson based
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