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  1. I don’t collect golf clubs; I buy and trade to get something I can play; most clubs are not investments that will produce a larger return
  2. I hope it works out for you. I’ve tried a bunch of them and IMO, the balance of the whole feels off. Face is fine, but it feels like the it’s fighting me or something.
  3. Glove on until I get to finesse game. Chips/pitches/greenside bunkers are probably a 50/50 thing with glove on or off. Putting the glove is always off. Put the glove back on when I pull club for next tee shot.
  4. https://www.usga.org/rules/rules-and-clarifications/rules-and-clarifications.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=12 No free relief options but you can take an unplayable with either a one or two stroke penalty based on what you decide to do.
  5. Making it easier to answer by making a list of the items: Properly Warm up - nope. Flight wedges - I try to. know miss - yes focus on start lines when putting - I question this suggestion. I do practice start line but speed is probably more of a pros focus. know their game - yes, I study expectation management and understand my dispersion patterns and shot shape. work on their mental game - yes. use visualization - nope practice with purpose - what's practice clean clubs - yes
  6. This video changed my thoughts about bounce and the advocation for "using the bounce". And as @Josh Parker said, sand conditions will also influence needed bounce.
  7. While I would only consider play $10 max for this because there is nothing I would want. looked at the items and the "high $" items would be the mirror, puttout knockoff, and groove tool based on my figuring out what the items were. To capitalize on those items I'd say they are selling it for $40.
  8. I don't take it as a slight in any way; we are just discussing golf and strategies to play better. I still believe that my answer is still the same even with your explanation. I hit a club poorly typically because I try to do too much with it and/or not mentality committed to my decision. I would say a type A expect positive results person doesn't understand expectation or expectation management associated with this game. If you struggle to hit your 7 iron or driver or any other club the only way to get better is to practice and learn to hit a stock shot that you can hit reliably. Some do that at the range and some do that by playing golf. Some course strategies: Never work the ball off the tee. You can work the irons, but focus on stock shot unless you absolutely need something else. Commit 100% to every shot but understand the probabilities of success for the shot you are taking; so your Type A expect positive result mentality understands what a valid and realistic expectation is. For example most people don't understand that a PGA professionals dispersion pattern with driver is about 70 yards wide; amateurs get mad when they miss a 40 yard wide fairway. From 100 yards away in the fairway a PGA pro only hits the green about 84% of the time and averages about 18' 5" from the hole which leads to about a 15% make rate. If practice isn't your thing you could go the buy more clubs because new clubs have to be better or change how you swing but subscribing to a new swing methodology, or watch some youtube videos. You describe yourself as an 11.5 handicap so hitting the ball probably isn't that much of a problem and with your being an engineer, I'd say learn the math behind how to play golf. There are mathematical strategies for playing this game better and not doing a laissez-faire attitude that you incorrectly think I am talking about. Do some research on Mark Brodie and strokes gained and the supporting systems like Lowest Score Wins and DECADE and follow Lou Stagner on social media. Golf is a game that uses a shotgun and not a rifle.
  9. Short hole and generous landing area that makes you think about taking shorter club. For me taking driver aiming between the bunker on the right and the ciffside. Then it is letting the contours feed the ball toward the green. Mentality is get the ball as close as possble, not a 300 yard driver even with the wind so I am probably not making the green. Wedge approach and hope for birdie but nothing worse than par.
  10. That is true. Even watching the professionals, they lose mental focus. Golf is more like a shotgun pattern than a rifle pattern; the dispersion pattern is wide and you simply need to understand expectations and results.
  11. @ChitownM2 is correct. It is a 1:1 relationship. Bend the club weaker and it drops the trailing edge lower which increases static bounce. Your swing can change the delivered loft; so unless you deliver the club with a vertical shaft delivered loft will be different than static loft. James Ridyard has a good YouTube video that explains this.
  12. There are exceptions and successful coaches that teach a method. https://www.instagram.com/andreaskaligolf/?hl=en As you mentioned, to do this there has to be a level of commitment from the player.
  13. I did th same thing yesterday. I was more impressed with their ball marks; headcovers don’t do much for me.
  14. My opinions: 1. Getting tired after 15/16 holes means the 130 might be to heavy. MmT, Fujikura, and a few others make a 125gr. 2. There are many people on the forum that tout the benefits of graphite and less joint pain.. 3. More than just shafts that influence launch and spin. Just like with steel You need to consider the shafts profile and how it causes you to deliver the club. Also, Lighter often means higher. I say try them on a launch monitor and see how they work for you.
  15. Sounds like the “habits” you are talking about deal with the dialing in the skills associated with the swing. This comes down to practice and building confidence in your ability to hit a specific shot. This means don’t hit the hero shot during a round; play the shot you can hit 8/9 times out if 10. i think you would be better service to look into expectation management and just accepting the results you get and move on from there. DECADE Golf advocates meditation to remain calm though out the round and measuring mental state to see how you do for the round.
  16. There are quite a few reviews of the spornia nets; just do a search to find them. The general sentiment is they produce high quality products.
  17. The other question with the plots is how far was the putt. As putts get longer I would think the variation would become larger. Odyssey is using a 32’ putt and a robot. I wonder what the dispersion difference would be with humans making the putts. .
  18. Been a long week; been on work travel and I am ready to be home.
  19. IMO, the problem isn’t the teacher but the student. Until the student recognizes that it takes time to get the desired outcome they will continue to chase the quick fix. This has been an ongoing dilemma since golf magazines were published with and touted on their covers that you could fix your slice in 5 minutes. Social media and YouTube just continue the trend.
  20. Head to your closest golf store. I went to the pga superstore and they even had a used one
  21. Based on data captured by Dave Pelz; in the putting bible, here is the miss pattern by handicap. It seems to get wide pretty quickly .
  22. can be as much as 20% loss of ball speed. https://www.golfscience.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Hurrion-Investigation-into-Impact-Ratio.pdf. not significant for short putts but as distance increases, which is when off center becomes more common, you miss by a lot.
  23. I need the sacks Parente putter. He wants me to feel the head moving through the stroke to learn not to hold the face square.
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