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  1. 16 minutes ago, tony@CIC said:

    Watching the interviews yesterday - this is a tough setup/ course. 

    Watching the morning featured group and the commentators are saying they won’t be cutting the rough anymore and the fact that it goes straight from fairway to rough.  Course is a beast if you miss the fairway. 

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  2. 19 minutes ago, LICC said:

    Yes, this breaks down to caring about the purity of the golf swing being a part of the rules, or believing people should be able to hit the ball however they want. 

    Please stop quoting me.   As I have said there are lots of opinions on this and I don’t really care about your thoughts on this topic. 

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  3. 58 minutes ago, LICC said:

    The point is, contrary to what some people here insist, one of the best putters on Tour is saying that arm locking is an inappropriate method that removes a key element of the golf swing from the putting stroke and is akin to anchoring. Like I said ...

    Again I don’t care what one of the best putters on tour says.  Some pros say it is fine others say it isn’t.  He is trying it and putted basically the same as he has putted historically.  
    I understand you point, you don’t like it and think it should be banned. Quoting professionals, teachers, or other people won’t change my opinion.  Basically I don’t care what you have said…

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  4. 2 minutes ago, fixyurdivot said:

    I thought her name sounded familiar.  And how about 14 year old's Avery Zweig and Chole Kovalevsky, and another 17 year old recent winner at Augusta, Tsubasa Kajitani.  Is it just me or is the field getting younger as the years roll along?

    Here are the 29 amateurs in the 2021 U.S. Women's Open (amateurgolf.com)

    There have been young teenagers playing in the women’s us open for a while.  Wie and Pressel were about 13 in their first event.  Training for younger golfers has come a long way and younger kids are getting better and better.  I  don’t expect to see this same trend on the men’s side just due to overall physical strength.  Just shows there are a lot of talented players that are coming up through the ranks; maybe some will be even better than the ones we consider GOATs today. 

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  5. 39 minutes ago, NC Golfer said:

    Is squaring the face this easy? Address and grip in-front of your stance. I hope this will tame my slice with a new driver. 



    No, squaring the face isn’t that easy.  It may be a step in squaring the face it there are other things that need to be considered.  

  6. 1 hour ago, LICC said:

    Xander on arm locking:

    And because of that, he added, “I am for banning the armlock putters, but if everyone else is going to use it, and I feel like they have a bigger advantage, I may as well do the same.

    “It’s better. It’s easier. It’s more consistent. You can flinch your hand, but you can’t flinch your whole left arm. … It takes the stress of putting out of the game,” 

    he added. “I think putting is an art in our game, and when you can lock it into your arm or anchor it to your body, it kind of gets rid of that.”

    Ok, so what, no real point, players are for it players are against it.  

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  7. 43 minutes ago, StrokerAce said:

    Let’s face it, if we *really* wanted to find out who is good at Fantasy golf we would do it using the LPGA and not the PGA…

    I actually like that idea.  

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  8. 1 hour ago, chisag said:

     There is nothing to prove I didn't receive the driver and just wanted to scam another so great customer service from PGA SS that never questioned the missing Sim2 Max and just stepped up. 

    I've heard you are a pretty good actor  🤣    Glad to hear it worked out and that everything worked out. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, Hobert said:

    Well, I'm in sooner than expected (taking over a team). We'll see what I can do as I learn the league rules, etc. I'll be ready for next season!

    Don't know what team you picked up but watch out for that @blackngold_blood guy,  he will probably try to trade for your best players.....and most likely succeed. 

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  10. I think the 747 irons have been replaced by the Tr20 line; at least that is what is available in the us market.  I have the tr20V in my bag and the srixon 765 in my backup bag.  I have tested the zx7 as part of most wanted.   I don’t have them side by side and am going from memory but would say:

    honma a little smaller

    honma a little more muted from a sound perspective.  Both feel good but feel Is very personal. 

    equivalent performance 

    overall I like the honma’s but wouldn’t hesitate to play the zx7s.  Both are solid clubs.  

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  11. 20 minutes ago, jborchel said:

    Ouch! The Winn grip definitely has one flat side as it is a putter grip. Are there extended length grips that are completely round? A conventional grip will have you gripping on the shaft I think. Do you have a document reference for that rule?

    I will measure the lie angle to see if it exceeds 80 degrees. I assume that is the angle going down the shaft and across the bottom of the club? Or is it center of shaft with score line? I expect it to be close. 

    Equipment rules are here:  https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/Equipment/Equipment Rules Final.pdf


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  12. Basically a bunch of unknowns as it will depend on how you react to the differences.  You basically could hit it better, hit it worse, or hit it the same.   Sometimes shorter is easier to control and helps you hit the center of the face more consistently.  Sometimes it moves everything to the toe.   Heavier could help you smooth out your swing and create better impact or it could be too heavy and slow your swing so we down so much you lose 20 yards or more. 

    as was said, easy enough to try since you have both shafts and pretty sure it is the same adapter.  

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  13. 11 minutes ago, korsmot said:

     So at the end of the day do you have 12 clubs that have the distance gap you want?  (left off putter and driver, putter for obvious reasons and driver as I normally want to hit that as far as possible, even if it is way longer than my 3 wood.  If you are worried about hitting your driver too far, time to club down!)

    There isn’t a requirement for 12 clubs either.  As players get older the distance between the top and bottom club becomes less so the need for that many clubs isn’t there 

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  14. 6 minutes ago, flsw19 said:

    Has any one tried Edison Wedges, they claim a shifting of weight to higher on face for more consistent strikes.

    here are a few threads for you to read.  Search feature works pretty well. 



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  15. 6 minutes ago, alfriday101 said:

    Towel drill, coins, clipping tees.  Great exercises for low point control.  The thing he doesn't mention is you can start with the coins farther apart and move them closer as you get better.  The video is where I'd like to end up, but too frustrating to start there.   

    Where is the fun in starting farther apart.  🤣

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