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  1. Equipment rules are here: https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/Equipment/Equipment Rules Final.pdf
  2. Basically a bunch of unknowns as it will depend on how you react to the differences. You basically could hit it better, hit it worse, or hit it the same. Sometimes shorter is easier to control and helps you hit the center of the face more consistently. Sometimes it moves everything to the toe. Heavier could help you smooth out your swing and create better impact or it could be too heavy and slow your swing so we down so much you lose 20 yards or more. as was said, easy enough to try since you have both shafts and pretty sure it is the same adapter.
  3. There isn’t a requirement for 12 clubs either. As players get older the distance between the top and bottom club becomes less so the need for that many clubs isn’t there
  4. here are a few threads for you to read. Search feature works pretty well.
  5. Where is the fun in starting farther apart.
  6. Congratulations on the personal best. Hope the good play continues.
  7. Combo sets are great. Do whatever it takes to build a set that works for you, fairways, hybrids, driving irons, GI long irons, players short irons, set wedges, specialty wedges, etc. there are no rules as to what clubs to use and how sets should be made up.
  8. We have seen people using the divot board. For those that don’t have one, Here is a new drill for you to try out. I tried and it is tough. Had coins flying all over the placE even when I did it right https://golf.com/instruction/at-home-golf-drill-iron-shots-chunks-tops/
  9. it just seems odd when you look at shipping times and based on the configuration the dates are different; especially when you are just looking at changing a shaft. Upgraded sounds like it should take longer I’ll probably order no matter the delivery; free is a good way to experiment
  10. It used to be easier; Visit the callaway site get points, watch a video get points, listen to a podcast get points. I got a lot of points that way but they changed the process this year and now it is based on purchases.
  11. It’s like the Grint contest; secret formula randomly added to keep you on your toes.
  12. Nothing wrong with that bag. I have often considered dropping 3 wood for another hybrid. Specialty PW is becoming more of a thing in people’s bags as they offer more flexibility than a set PW. I think more bags will look like yours in the future.
  13. Been thinking about a wedge with a graphite shaft. @dlow206 mentioned that he had spent some Callaway rewards points so I went and saw that I have enough to get a wedge. For the wedge I want it is 6-8 weeks. It was interesting that I played around with the configurations and depending on the shaft I pick, it could be 1-8 weeks; why would a custom configuration ship quicker than an in stock model? It isn't the shaft, because I could get the same shaft in a different loft in 1-2 weeks. I guess they don't make the clubs to order???
  14. That reminded me that I have a ton of points that I need to spend; time to go shopping
  15. They will tee off at the correct time; it will just slow down from there. Typically they space it out enough for the prior group to be on the first green before they reach the next tee time. Don't really see backups on hole one.
  16. Or you could buy another single bend shaft and keep the original EvnRoll shaft intact. That would enable him to return the EvnRoll to exactly how it was before the stability shaft.
  17. Gotta get the prior shot closer!
  18. I am a huge fan of decade foundations as a learning course management tool. That said unless you go to elite you probably won’t get the strokes gained metrics you are looking for. SG Putting isn’t even talked about until about month 6. The elite program is amazing in how it tracks stats.
  19. Don’t believe the leaderboard has any meaning. It didn’t in the last tournament as the criteria was a funky formula.
  20. Always a struggle to come up with a list of things and I don’t want random golf stuff. do you need/want: Balls, gloves, lessons, personalized ball markers are big now, rangefinder, gps, hats, shirts, specific clubs, hitting net, training aids, the list is endless and can range in price from $5 to $5000+
  21. Mark cross field had an interesting video a few weeks ago about lag/wrist cock and also said players try to have too much wrist cock.
  22. They are not all slow, but a large percentage are. When I volunteered at the Pure Silk 2 of my 4 groups were put on the clock. One of the players was painfully slow.
  23. You won’t ruin the putter. You don’t have to use/cut the stock shaft and can put the old shaft back in if you don’t like the stability shaft. It is simply epoxied into the head like any other shaft. hard to say which would be better; they have different thicknesses, weights, and balance points. I have tried both the regular and tour and didn’t think they were that special and wouldn’t go out of my way to put one in a putter again.
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