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  1. I interpreted it as he would go to the local store to get it resolved but they don’t have competent staff and couldn’t evaluate the driver. I think the expectation wa s that the store would give him one off the rack. We know they wouldn’t do that, they would call TM CS and be told the same 5-6 weeks.
  2. I was looking at that and I am pretty sure it is an option with the paid subscription.
  3. Sounds like a great time. I would love to find something like that near me; I want to learn more about wedges and find what works best for me.
  4. The hybrids aren’t really fairway wood replacements; they are hybrids. The 1 is a larger more forgiving head; the 2 is smaller and targeted at the average golfer looking between a size between the 1 and 3. I’d go with the one that gives you the results you are looking for.
  5. I think both the men and women are that slow. With only 2 players on the course you see every shot and their preparation for every shot. No other match to cut over too.
  6. Isn't there tape at the end of the shaft already?
  7. Putters.....always..... They never come off my equipment you are thinking about list. My favorite club to experiment with.
  8. In general yes, but you are still going to end up with the people that just see it as a place to go get some beer.
  9. I am sure there is a pattern in my data somewhere; but I don't get to see it all side by side or know the engineering details for each club. When I look at my numbers for a session it is very apparent that some clubs work better than others. This data would include, club speed, ball speed, launch angle, height, spin, dispersion, impact location, face angle, path, rotation speed, etc. Data that is part of the selection process but not necessarily published in the articles because it would be so different for each player. It is interesting that as you compare these clubs side by side you
  10. I'll add a little different perspective. From a TV perspective fans are a meaningless thing and really don't add any value; TV golf is probably better without fans and the idiots that yell stuff make it even worse. I just finished my volunteer week at the LPGA Pure Silk Championship which only allowed limited fans. The atmosphere on the course is just so different. I didn't think to ask any of the players but I would bet they would prefer to have fans on the course cheering them on.
  11. While I know some people have success and some people don't with everything, I have heard more likes than dislikes with Arccos. Unfortunately, your post lacks the necessary details to make any kind of decision. Could you elaborate more on what happened with your sensors and why you thought CS was horrible.
  12. The subject made me think: Is the handicap determined/influenced more by the skill of the player or the equipment the player plays. Would you consider a scratch player that plays muscle backs a better player than a scratch player that play GI clubs? Is a 20 handicapper that plays muscle backs a better player than a 20 handicapper that plays SGI? Would their handicaps change much if they were to change equipment? Would the 20 handicap muscle back player become a 10 if he switched to GI/SGI clubs? Would the scratch player playing GI become a 10 if he switched to muscle backs?
  13. Enjoyed the event; but I think they learned that it shouldn't be held the week before a major due to the fatigue from playing this much golf in a single day. With only one match you got to see every shot....good and bad.
  14. solid 10-0 week moved me up in the standings!!!
  15. Most people don't know what to do to improve their swing. Many golfers fall into the trap of self improvement, they hear something that they think will work and incorporate that into their swing and something else goes wrong so they change something else. Applying the wrong "fix" often makes the swing worse. I finally went and got a lesson to fix some of my issues and it was the best thing I could do. Don't necessarily have to rebuild your swing, just get someone that knows what they are doing. Could be something that just needs a couple of lessons.
  16. What do you mean where did it go?
  17. Way to go Kenny; shooting your age is a major accomplishment!
  18. Pretty good day on the course today; started off a bit rainy with temps in the low 50s but cleared up after a few holes. 44/39: 83 9 FW, 6 GIR, 30 Putts. Ball striking was solid; the lesson from a few weeks ago really seems to be paying off. Round was actually better than the score indicates. 1 birdie, 4 bogies, double, and a sextuple. Yep, took a 10 on one of the holes. Tee shot was in the long stuff, three to get back into the fairway, then pull hooked the next shot into more deep stuff, three more to get on the green and a 2 putt for a smooth 10. Eage
  19. Looks much better than the pool. Nice work!
  20. I have no particular favorites as I don't think I could name 5 tournaments outside the majors. My least favorites would be any tournament with celebrities/non pro golfers participating in the weekly event.
  21. HMMM. read about on the forum or on the MGS main site? Not saying what you wrote didn't happen, but if there are companies that are not living up to expectations you should let the community know about their poor performance. Why was the putter so bad?
  22. You must practice patience. They were off today and Monday. Packaging and shipping will probably be Tuesday.
  23. Nope, that should be it for this round. Driver cover, valuable bag, alignment stick cover, and red and black putter covers were all that I was shown when they opened the boxes.
  24. Per the equipment rules: Any type of tape or similar material added to the face is not permitted for any purpose https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/Equipment/Equipment Rules Final.pdf
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