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  1. Shotscope. The recent strokes gained metrics has it on my list. Arccos is a definite no with their yearly subscription. Also thinking about a putting mirror to help work on setup. Trying out a seemore putter which has forced a change to my setup so I want to get a mirror of some kind just to check positions.
  2. I don't think it is your perception. Probably a combination of the golf season new posters and people seeing that to be considered for a test you need to post. Could also be the hard work that is being put in by the mods to generate more forum participation.
  3. It isn't supposed to be as good as the original version. I mentioned it because it is a lower cost options that has similar performance to the ProV.
  4. You could use a round grip to eliminate you concern. Or you can use a level to make sure the putter face is perpendicular when secured in the vice and the flat side is parallel once you put on the grip
  5. I get that is the point and that is the way most companies do business today since it is too expensive to hire the expertise and the equipment. His discussion started around the fact that one of the most successful clubs in golf the Ping Eye2 were made with a single shaft and didn’t provide any options. Companies could produce a single head, shaft, and grip and produce a club that would work for most golfers and Players don’t need all the options that are provided. His point really really wasn’t about the manufacturing process.
  6. I’ve done a clock system in the past but need to rebuild that table. Need to find time to get over to MGS when they aren’t too busy so I can use the GCQuad. Would buy a Mevo+ Or a personal launch monitor but don’t have a good spot to really practice at the frequency I would like.
  7. Volvik balls aren’t bad balls. The one you asked about isnt like a prov, but it is adequate. Lots of Players on the lpga tour play Volvik and they are one of the long drive sponsors
  8. I fall on the side of it doesn’t seem to matter for me. I player 120 gram steel shafts on my irons and switched to 85 gram graphite and don’t see or feel any difference. I have x stiff in my 3 wood but played a regular before that…again don’t feel a difference. The unchanging factor in the above is me. Maybe I adapt my swing to the shaft, but I can’t tell and my launch monitor numbers seem to be pretty consistent across shafts. In its cases I feel as most shafts will be acceptable. I say most because I have swung Harry’s x-stiff graphite shafts and they just don’t work for me.
  9. Same, have holed out a few shots for eagle on par 4s myself and a few longer shots for birdie and even par on par 4s. Just can’t seem to do it from a tee box.
  10. The Good: Golf strategy and course management - did the 6 month decade program and have been applying strategies from my coach. This includes understanding environmental factors like wind and how lie impacts the ball flight. ball striking is getting better. Have done better with center contact and not so many toe strikes. Misses aren’t as big and dispersion has come down. The Bad distance control with wedges. I am doing better with contact but need to get more consistent with carry distance. putting. My 50% make distance is only 5 feet need to work on speed control and read for 4-12 feet. the ugly bunker play - too inconsistent out of fairway bunkers and while I can generally get out of a green side bunker in one shot, there is no control. Scoring. While aspect of my game are getting better it isn’t translating to the scorecard.
  11. I would suggest he not play the ball due to his currently playing ability and amount of lost balls/cost factor. Indicating that the ball doesn’t work for slower swing speeds is just an incorrect statement. Perhaps you should look at the LPGA players; where swing speeds average in the mid 90s, yet they still play play ProV1s.
  12. You have the same options as you have if you had come from the other direction. Those options are listed in this thread as copied from the rules of golf.
  13. They do have used clubs available through the site; could save you a little bit.
  14. Read the first post; it provides a link to the leaderboard.
  15. you will get the best performance out of a tour level ball; both distance and spin control. That said based on you game description I personally would look at less expensive balls; maybe even used, since you lose so many. Distance should be about the same with the biggest downgrade being iron and green side spin. You can always switch once you get beater control of you shot dispersion.
  16. Not at all like a prov1. You are looking for a tour level ball; from volvik that would be the S3 or S4. Kirkland balls might be an option worth looking into; not as good as when they originally came out but not horrible.
  17. I’d look here and compare balls of a similar firmness and cover to the prov1. Maxfli tour might be a good option. https://mygolfspy.com/ball-lab-golf-ball-quality-comparison-tool/ that said, if you are losing 2 dozen balls a round, you might want to consider lessons and/or just playing bargain balls until you can control the ball direction a little better. Or was the course that tough and you don’t normally loose that many?
  18. I have my alignment rods in my bag and when it take off the head over I put it over the alignment sticks. Can’t fall off.
  19. Windy day on the course today. Didn't feel like I hit the ball too badly but just couldn't score and the 10 that I took really didn't help the score; taking 6 strokes to get out of a bunker is never a good thing. Also had 4 three putts and 2 penalties on a single hole. I think I need to figure out club distance; hitting the center of the face more consistently since my lesson and my clubs seem to be flying a bit farther. . 44/45:89 8 FW 8 GIR 37 putts
  20. Miss that site. Had heard it was supposed to come back, but I guess that was a false rumor.
  21. If you hit 9 greens that means you had 2 three putts? How far were your putts? When you say you go by feel, how do you know what the right feel is? To me, feel is something that is learned through experience. People always talk about throwing a ball and just feeling how far to throw it. The first time you threw a ball you had no feel, you had to practice. After throwing lots of balls, your body knows how to react. I don't think you necessarily need a system, you need to build those feels. Distance control is one of the hardest things to practice because you actually need that distance to roll the ball. Most people don't so we have to go to the putting green. Do you have 25 feet available in your house? If not, I have found the ExPutt simulator as a great tool to help build those feels. It doesn't help the visualization, but really trains your body on how far to swing the club to get the ball to roll a certain distance. Also, when putting do you do longer distance same tempo or same distance faster stroke to control your distance?
  22. Good putters are probably going to be good putters no matter what. It will also depend on how the players processes information. The one example I know is Harry at MGS. He has posted this on his Instagram story but he says the books are Extremely helpful and significantly helped his putting in tournaments.
  23. Every player is different. Some use the detailed books others don’t. Just like on here everyone has an opinion. Does being the best putter really make their opinion more important? PGA players will adapt over the long term. For regular tour stops the players book will become more refined and detailed as time passes; Including Augusta. For lesser played courses like a US Open, the players will just visit the course in advance or hire someone to build a book that complies with whatever this ban will really mean.
  24. they look like the below image. The images shows the topography of the green which includes the slope and slope direction. The closer the wavy lines the steeper the slopes, the arrows show the slope direction. Systems like Aimpoint have shown that give an percent of slope and a green speed you can accurately predict the balls break for a particular distance. The horizontal and vertical lines are distance lines that are typically 5 yards. If you look on the various phone app stores you will see apps that will show you the line you should play; you also see the line during golf coverage. Those lines are based on this type of information.
  25. Glad your conversation went well and hope things change for the better
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