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  1. For 99% of the golfers the approach of tweaking what you have is probably the best way since they won’t invest the time necessary to completely overhaul their swing. I asked about what pmookie was doing because the coach he is using teaches everyone the same swing and the junior players he coaches are successful. Look on his Instagram page and every kids swing looks basically the same. They do a lot of indoor time working on technique due to the weather in Denmark.
  2. Kerr was the first to come to my mind. Angela Stanford and Stacey Lewis after I searched some. Probably less prevalent now than it was before but I have seen a few outbursts during my volunteer time at my local LPGA event.
  3. are you going all in with his swing approach? I was pointed to his site a while ago and he definitely teaches a specific golf swing method.
  4. Some; there are some players that get pretty angry.
  5. Went to the range yesterday and hit the ball pretty terribly; then went to the short game area and hit pitches for a little while. wasn't looking forward to the round today based on how I hit the ball yesterday. Warmed up and was hitting the ball pretty well and it carried over to the round. Overall pretty solid ball striking with irons and short game. I changed the shaft and loft of my driver and struggled with it a little bit. Tee shots were either good or kind of popped up. Greens had been recently punched and the ball was bouncing a bit. 7 FW, 10 GIR, 32 Putts 41/38:79
  6. I know your frustration especially with the short game. This is what I have been working on for the past year+ and while I ma better it still isn't where I want it to be. I can hit the ball pretty well during my practice and warmup sessions and a about 70/30 when playing. All I can say is keep practicing your low point and wrist angles.
  7. cnosil

    Shorter Shafts??

    In my opinion: Maybe choking down changes the leverage that increases control; but I would say that you really don't get more "control", you in theory get less club speed with the same control. Since the ball goes a shorter distance, the same face angle results in a ball that is less offline. is that more control? Short may also enable you to swing the club better and get the path and face angle numbers to have less deviation. That would be more control. Trimming shafts; in theory, makes them stiffer not softer. Trimming the butt end an inch really doesn't make a significant difference in flex in either graphite or steel. Ultimately we shorten or lengthen a shaft to improve contact conditions and there isn't a single answer, the answer depends on the player and the players specific needs.
  8. How did it go with your playing partners?
  9. Does your coach say you need different clubs or a different setup? How qualified of a fitter is your coach?
  10. How does you loft lie machine compare to theirs? There is a tolerance for the machines as well. If yours reads 1 degree flat and theirs 1 degree upright there is a 2 degree difference. Not saying that they shouldn’t meet your specs but there are a lot of tolerances to deal with.
  11. I’d say different “issues”. Camera based LM have flight limitations as their algorithms calculate based on a few feet of information and don’t consider the balls aerodynamic properties. Radar units look at flight but as you mentioned struggle to capture things like spin. Was an interesting answer during the last MGS ball test when they explained why they were using both a GC Quad and a Trackman. Independently they are both good but In tandem they provide a more complete picture.
  12. It shows that the video that you posted isn’t really 100% accurate the numbers in the videos I posted are pretty close to the carry distance with today’s 46” drivers; not the total distance shown on the pga tours website, and with practice players would continue to hit them better and longer. The 46” limitation is a step to limit the the use of club length to increase distance and it is the ruling bodies being proactive to try and limit distance. Even if we stop all equipment advances, players will continue to swing faster and more and more players will hit the ball farther. While a handful of players will be impacted by limiting driver length the overall impact of the change is negligible if any at all. The only reason this is a topic is because it is a new change; probably won’t even be discussed at any depth in 6-8 months because the impact is so small. It won’t make a course play differently, it won’t change strategy, it won’t impact scoring, and for those that think distance is a problem it won’t reduce distance.
  13. I wouldn’t look for a zero’d out face and path either; just wondering how consistent you were across all the putts at different distances.
  14. And you have to consider the calibration of the loft/lie machine too. The 7 iron does seem to be out of a normal tolerance for lie angle.
  15. While it is an interesting test, few metrics were provided to show contact locations and swing numbers. I have also shown “tests” of older clubs that show no significant distance differences that you dismissed as being invalid. provide all the data that can be captured on a GC Quad and it would be a more compelling story. I don’t disagree that equipment has helped players more consistent hit longer shots. But there are other factors that contribute to lower scores and longer distances. As technology has advanced manufacturing processes have improved as well making clubs more consistent. but here are some other tests of old technology: https://golf.com/gear/drivers/paul-casey-persimmon-driver-modern-golf-ball/ https://www.golfmonthly.com/news/tour-news/dj-hits-nicklaus-persimmon-driver-163339
  16. Yes technology in drivers has resulted in allowing increased distance when there are slight miss hits, but increased swing speed by players has also added to that distance increase. I’d personally say that increased swing speed and better understanding if the swing is a bugger contributor to that increase. you also talked about scoring average for tournaments going down even though course lengths have increased. Is there any any data that totally separates the equipment from the quality of the players playing in the events? Meaning are tournament fields comprised of better overall golfers? While the advertised distance of courses are increasing what is the actual played distance of the courses on each tournament day. can’t believe I am taking this side but everyone talks about jacked lofts and how the 5 iron from the 70s and 80s has become the 7 iron of today. So maybe they still are hitting that long iron into the green, it is just that the number on the bottom doesn’t equal what you want to see. Even if we somehow rolled back the distance I believe your hope for risk/reward type play is also a thing of the past as playing strategy has changed. Played now have access to detailed stats that show hitting the ball as far as possible on every shot is what should be done. Looking at course architecture, they are mostly built based a formula that supports that strategy. Players coming up through the playing ranks are simply better when looked at as a complete group. Like it or not, I think strategies founded from stroke gained metrics will cause scoring averages to continue to go lower. Golf has changed over time and some people like it and others don’t.
  17. Would be interesting to see the 30 putt analysis and how your face angle and path look.
  18. Basic info: Obviously club speed is how fast the head is moving at impact. An ideal ball speed would be 1.5 time times the club head speed. You will see this called smash factor. So for a 113 mph club head speed you would ideally be near 170. Ball speed is impacted by where you hit the ball on the face; misshits result in lower ball speed. Ball speed and things like launch angle and spin influence how far the ball carries. Launch angle and spin can be influenced by your angle of attack into the ball and where on the face you hit the ball.
  19. I think the answer to your questions is…maybe. Lots of things to look at such as how you use your wedges and are you able to accomplish the shots you need. If you use them for full swing shots then maybe it makes sense to more closely match the shafts. If you are only using for partial shots you may not need to. There are no set rules on how you configure your setup; you have to try and see what works.
  20. i like darker putters so i say whiskey
  21. The numbers aren’t that hard to compute so this is relatively accurate. Correct, you aren’t doing poorly in that round. What are you long term trends?
  22. Squeezing a driver into a spot that narrow is tough even if hitting it well. As long as laying back to the widest spot takes away some of the danger it is the smart play. Something like a 3w or hybrid won’t be that much more accurate you just have more space especially since both left and right are dead and those misses result in a penalty. If the trees on the right were something that allowed you to advance down the fairway then maybe take the driver and just accept that you will be right sometimes.
  23. I’m playing whatever club gets me to the wide part of the fairway off the tee. I am assuming that if I am outside of the 35 yards I am OB or deep woods. Hard to tell on the right but in the tee shot picture it looks somewhat open on the right. Second shot is to the wide spot short of your second circle. Don’t know green width and depth but based on plan I should have short iron in which should setup for par. Difficulty on this hole seems to be the tee shot.
  24. I like to talk and learn as much as I can about putting and putters. - You say you try to feel different stroke lengths with the same putter speed. I'll assume you mean tempo and not speed since you refer to the 2:1 ratio. Putter should move faster in longer strokes to have the same tempo and timing. - I might work in more than one distance into your practice. Maybe drop balls into the center of a practice green and putt to the edges since that would be different distances and different slopes. Goal is to learn the stroke that will hit the ball X distance on that speed green. When you travel, you see how for the ball goes when you make your 10 foot stroke and make adjustments. Just like you make adjustments for wind on full swing shots. - I personally wouldn't worry about your tempo as much as face control since you really seem to struggle there and it is the primary reason you miss short putts. You should be 99% or better inside of 3'. Controlling face will also help you as you move out to 10 feet. At 5 feet, your face angle can be up to 2* open or closed and still make the putt so if you are missing that many putts you have a huge issue in your stroke. Seems like something deeper than just the putting stroke. - I mention dispersion because everyone talks about never being short of the hole, but just like with our irons we have a dispersion pattern. If you can be within 3 feet long and 3 feet short with your first putt then you can almost guarantee a 2 putt. If you missed everything long then you would probably be facing a bunch of 4-6' comeback putts that have a higher miss rate. Here are a couple of videos that talk about dispersion and putting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxHPmAYVpec go to the 50 minute mark in this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xlk70PFwyJI The question is how are you working on face control? Gates, ruler, some thing else? You definitely have a 2 way miss so I am guessing you are getting to the point of trying to fix/adjust the stroke when you miss to one side. Since you have blast, try something. roll 5 putts with your eyes closed for each putt. setup with your eyes open but I want to know what happens if you don't look at the results on blast; also stop the ball after a couple of feet. After the 5 putts, what is the face angle?
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