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  1. Thanks for another great give away!


    1. Seth - Wisconsin



    2. Ping G30 9* Tour 65x

    Cobra bio cell+ 3-4 wood Aldila Tour Blue X

    Titleist 816 H2 19* Diamana D+ white 90x

    Callaway Apex CF16/Apex Pro combo 4-PW DG s400 Tour Issue

    Callaway MD3 51,55,60*




    3. Hcp 3



    4. To get to a handicap of 1 or less, have more fun, win some tournaments and get to play an all cobra set and give some great reviews!

  2. It's kinda funny going now that I've tested the Hogan's and my regular clubs and now am going to play with the Srixon Z 545s 5 his morning, I feel like I'm going to miss the loft stampings! Looking at the spec sheet for the Z 545s, the lofts a quite a bit stronger throughout the set and if I had the loft stampings, I feel as though I'd be much better off as it would give me a better general idea of what yardage I would expect to hit them right off the bat.


    AP, I think you come to realize after a round or 2, the loft stamping becomes second nature and a non-issue. I feel like you may even grow to like it! Change is hard sometimes!


    I'll try and put a little write up somewhere in the future on the Srixons if I have time. Have a good Labor day everyone!

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  3. Heading out this morning to try out the Srixon Z 545s I got in the trade. Should be interesting and hopefully I get on a little better then it sounds like AP did with his 1st round. They are quite a bit stronger in loft than anything I've played, soles are quite large, stiff flex (usually play x), standard length (usually play 1/4" to 1/2" long but I should be able to adjust) and ~2° upright. I'm really interested in the forgiveness aspect relative to the Hogan's and Adams CMBs.


    Also excited about the Titleist SM5 55 and 60 wedges and see how the soles work out compared to the Hogan V sole. The 55 is a S grind and the 60 is a K grind so it'll be very different.

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  4. I watched one of sncgolf03's videos.  Very nicely done.  I wish there had been a bit more info regarding the distances as it was hard to see.  I could see the initial ball flights so theat was good.  I liked the comparisons so you knew what clubs were being matched.  On another note, what type of camera was doing the video, iphone, android or go pro?

    Glad you found it helpful somewhat. I just used my Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone for the video, unfortunately don't have another video camera at the moment. Yeach I was hoping you could see ball flight a little better too, probably didn't help that it was a little overcast that day. As far as the yardage go...the only flag that was lined up with the camera was 150 so the 9 irons were flying to that green. On course distances were pretty similar comparing the CMBs and Hogans, maybe a touch longer on the CMBs when lofts were equal. But my typical full shot yardages go somewhat like this on a calm day:


    4 iron 210-215

    5 iron 200ish

    6 iron 190

    7 iron 175-180

    8 iron 165

    9 iron 150

    PW 140

    GW 130

    Sw 110-115

    Lob 90-95


    It would've been nice if I had a flightscope/trackman or something!

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  5. Here's some of the videos I took during testing. I'll attach them to my review as well as that was the original plan.

    https://www.youtube.com/embed/NRpBkIyuDAY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

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  6. Here's my thing, I don't believe they've ever been hit off of grass. Ever. And I don't think there was ever any intention on giving these a shot at the bag. I believe he signed up with the intention to flip them if selected. I still believe that was the intent all along. Why? Well, the irons were up on eBay before the review was posted. They were up again on wrx before the follow up was posted. This person doesn't care about this site, the review process nor the members.


    And as for the accusation that I changed shafts to up the value in the other thread. No, it's the closest thing Hogan offered to the shafts I've played for a decade at the time (they now offer DG TI's). I know KBS doesn't work for me and I know I bend the tips of KBS shafts because of my swing type. So if you want to know why the shafts were changed, it's because I went to the shaft with a stiff tip and extra strength there versus the new shaft which is actually their old shafts with New labels slapped over the butt sticker (this is a provable fact). Their new KBS is the old KBS but soft stepped. And their shafts are not at all consistent. You see, I went into this wanting to give a fair and unbiased review (not a flip but a review). I enjoy this site, I enjoy these opportunities as well and don't choose to spit in the face of those that own and operate MGS nor the companies providing product for review nor the membership here by flipping the review item. I have sent a wedge I reviewed here along to another member. I got a 3 wedge set, 1 didn't work. I sent it to another member to try.


    I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's in poor taste. It's poor form. And it says a lot about a person and their motives for being here. And I did suggest to another member in a pm that I'd love to see all companies that do offer product for review personalize every item. Stamp the heads or laser etch them to tank the resale value. Etch or paint the graphics on the shaft with the oerson's name or initials. I have a feeling Nike will do something special for the testers. Don't know what but I do know what they're capable of because I've seen it. I'd love to see every manufacturer do it on review product.


    If you're having financial struggles (don't buy that much either), golf is the wrong game for you. Sorry, but it's true. Golf is an expensive hobby. I'd try basketball at a public park or cornhole or something without recurring costs.


    If someone is flipping review product and doing so blatantly and especially before completing the review (or attempting to), I'd love to see them removed from this community all together. A full IP address ban.

    First off, like I said before, I played more often than I normally would to review the Hogans in full. Played with them fully in the bag at least 10 rounds including 2 scrambles up until the Final Review was posted.  Then I alternated rounds between my Adams CMBs and the Hogans to further compare which ones worked better, although given the prior rounds I had the feelings the Adams would probably stay in the bag.  Kept stats comparing the 2 sets which lead up to the Post Review questions which leads us to where we are today.


    Secondly, I'd appreciate it if you were to not make up lies and assumptions.  The ebay listing was NOT posted before my Final Review was done.  The Wrx listing was NOT listed before my Final Questions post.  I didn't go into this review thinking about a 'flip'.  The work we as reviews put into this was not small.  We all have busy lives and all testers in all the reviews done on MGS that I've read have been very well done and thorough.  


    I'll be posting the videos I made DURING my review process hopefully in the next few hours/days.  They're pretty large files, especially the range test, and are taking a long time to download.  I'll post the links here and on my Review when they're done.


    But, with that said, I wouldn't mind, at all, seeing a progressive cavity offered at least in the top half of the lofts.  If they could get the playability of these where they are in the long irons, I'd love to see what they could do with more weight/mass to be able to move around the perimeter.  I think it'd take them from playable for lots of golfers to playable to all golfers, honestly.  Ams, even the ones that struggle, will be fine with the short irons being blades, but the long irons could be intimidating because they're blades.  Hell, I'd game the progressive cavity type in the top end myself, and I hit these fine.  It's all about appearance and being as my 6 iron has always been my favorite club, I believe the loft equivalent here in a 6 iron (possibly down to a 7 iron replacement) being offered in a cavity design makes them even more appealing and user friendly


    Although they are forgiving for a blade, it seems as though the majority of the people that have played them (and all 'players' clubs for that fact) feel like a little extra help in the long irons would be helpful.  I'm very curious to see if Hogan comes out with that option in the future!


    1. Will these irons stay in your bag? Why or why not?

    As was alluded to in my Final Review, I really liked the overall irons and wedges that Hogan has brought out.  That being said, I also really like my current set of irons and found the overall forgiveness to be better in the Adams CMB irons I have.  There's not that much difference in the mid and short irons as far as distance loss on off center hits between the two but was more noticeable with the 5 (27*) and especially the 4 (23*).  Mind you the Adams CMBs aren't extremely forgiving either but it is a noticeable difference.  There is a pretty significant loss of directional control on the Hogan's when my clubface was not square, which was really accentuated in the longer irons.  For my game, which is one that I don't tend to consistently try and work the ball left and right I am better suited for an iron with more perimeter weighting to help decrease twist on impact.  The tungsten weights on the heal and toe of the Adams CMBs seems to do a solid job of that for me.  Even the Adams though in the long irons are a little inconsistent for me and now that I am not playing quite as much (although I've played a lot more than normal during this review process), I may soon go even more forgiving than my Adams CMBs. 


    The Hogan TK wedges overall were great.  I still though think they don't quite make it in my bag for a variety of reasons that largely have to do with my swing.  In my “Final Review” I mentioned how much I like the Adams CMB Gap Wedge and the little bit wider sole helps me not dig as much on my relatively steep downswing.  Although not bad at all, the V-sole was a little bit inconsistent when I was on tighter lies that were soft.  If I made a poor swing I took some pretty large pelts of turf and came up quite short.  The sole on the CMB helped forgive me more on those occasional poor swings.  Up in Wisconsin we aren't faced with a ton of really dry conditions and fairways are often softer so I feel I will be much more consistent with the Adams Gap short irons and GW.  The Cobra Trusty Rusty's, to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of for my game either and think the Hogan TK wedges were a little bit better than those as far as turf interaction.  I'm not sure of the exact bounce on the Trusty Rusty's (I think the bounce varies from heal, middle and toe) but I think they are pretty low bounce which for my swing isn't ideal.   


    As nice as the Hogan's feel, to me the Adams CMBs feel quite a bit better, and not a knock on Hogan's, just to me the CMBs are the best feeling irons I've hit.  They just feel so soft to me and love it.


    In the past few weeks since the overall review, I've been alternating playing rounds with the Hogan's and the Adams CMBs, keeping track of greens in regulation and scores.  Overall this is the main factor of why the Adams CMBs will be staying in my bag.  My GIRs have been much better with the Adams over the CMBs.  Like I previously said in my other reviews, hitting greens has been not my greatest part of my game.  With the Hogan's I've been averaging about 40-50% of GIRs, but the last few rounds with the Adams when they go back into the rotation I've hit 7/9 (the 2 holes I missed where when I hit drove it behind a tree and had to punch out, and the other was a 240 yard par 3 that I hit a hybrid off of).  So with that round every realistic chance I had to use my irons into the green I hit it.  Then yesterday I hit 14/18 greens, 3 of the ‘misses' were just on the fringe, 2 of which I made for birdie, and the other miss was due to my tee shot amongst the trees.  The conditions weren't benign either; 15-25 mph winds and I hit a solid 3/14 fairways!  I just hit the ball much more accurately and the tendency to miss right and left is much less with the CMBs vs the Hogan's.


    1. To whom, if anyone, would you recommend these? Why?

    For someone that likes working the ball, I really think the Hogan's would be fantastic.  The overall quality and performance is fantastic for someone looking for a unique set of irons that not many people have.  You will likely be the envy of your foursome!  For someone who previously owned or wanted to own Ben Hogan irons, I think will be very pleased with these irons.  They stayed true to the Hogan roots and crafted a wonderful iron.  I think someone who wants a more blade-like iron, yet still doesn't want to sacrifice complete forgiveness these are great. 


    1. How has this experience shaped or changed your impression of the Hogan brands?

    I have been completely blown away by Hogan's dedication and commitment to customer service and willingness to satisfy the customer.  There communication and turnaround time for answers were something I don't think I've ever seen before.   I know there were some issues with some of the testers' lofts being off, and they went above and beyond to try and figure out and correct the issues.  I never did get my specs measured elsewhere, but by how they played on the course, my yardage gaps were great and consistent so that's good enough for me.  I really look forward to seeing what they come out with next in the future.


    1. What features would you change or eliminate in the next generation of this model?

    I would like to see them change their standard length gap be more ‘standard'.  I think the ¾” gap is a little too much especially in the long irons.  Maybe give some more sole options in the wedges.  Like I stated, for me, I would prefer a little wider sole in the wedges to make sand shots a little easier, and more forgiving when I get a little too steep. 


    1. What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?  I really like the looks, classic and clean, and love how they blend from one head to the next.  As many of the testers stated, the long irons can be quite challenging to hit, and miss-hits can be punishing.  I'd like to see them evolve and offer maybe a blended, easier to hit option in the longer irons.  Just to help those who need a little more help launching the ball and maybe a little more heel and toe weighting for those mishits.  I'd like to see them evolve the “Hogan Fit” and work out the few kinks.  Maybe add a shaft fit tool to help narrow down shaft options, as well as getting some static body measurements to get the lengths and lie angles as a starting point.  I know it would be as good as a real life fitting, but I think it would help get a better online fit for those of us that aren't going to have access to fitters and places that carry the Hogan line.  I made a post earlier about some of the kinks that I noticed too in case you didn't read it:


    “When you fill out the HoganFit initially and put all your current set specs like Midsized grip, current length and lie, and then get your initial HoganFit Analysis results they have the grip size as Midsize...but then when you go to the Next Page to Purchase and they give you the summary, it resets the grip size category to standard. So if you're not careful, you may get the wrong grips/sizes.


    They also don't automatically fill in the length adjustments and lie adjustments to match with your 'current set' so I'm assuming they mean for you to fill it in on your own.


    I'm not sure if that's where some testers got messed up with the thinking that the HoganFit was designed to also 'fit your length and lie and grip size'. I was under the assumption, whether or not it's correct I'm not sure, but the HoganFit was designed to only fit the lofts and loft gapping, not anything else.


    If they were wanting, which I think they should, to do a more comprehensive online fit, they could include arm length, hand length, height, etc. similar to the Ping Online fitting tool, to help get you on the right start of what length and lie and grip size you should get.


    One other critique I had of the HoganFit was that after you put in your current set makeup, me for instance I have a driver,3 wood, 19* hybrid, 4-GW, 55* & 61* and putter, their recommendations give you too many clubs. So with the set I was given, I was rocking 15 clubs in the bag.”


    Any other lasting impression or parting thoughts you'd like to add?

    Again I want to thank MyGolfSpy and Ben Hogan golf for this once in a lifetime opportunity given to me and a few other lucky members.  I hope I helped give a little insight on these great clubs.  Although ultimately they aren't completely perfect for me, the vast majority of people that try and see them really do love them.  I really hope the Hogan brand will be successful and will continue to do great customer service and bring out other great products.  

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  9. Just because its tour issue doesn't mean that it isn't still adjustable. My tour issue SLDR is adjustable. Most driver lofts are higher than what is stated and that doesn't work for me as I need a very low lofted one. At least this way I know exactly what I'm getting. They are also COR checked and tell you the exact lie and face angle. Tour issue doesn't mean its magical, to me it just means you know the exact specs. 


    For someone like Rookie who is a gear junkie and knows exactly what he needs and wants, that is pretty important.


    I know. I was just going by what he said when said he likes glued heads and his percentage of even putting it in play was quite low even though he new all the exact specs. But anyways, I wish I had the funds to try that many sweet clubs!

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  10. Don't those people just blow your mind? Seriously. In the town that I live in I could probably count on one hand the number of people who know half of the stuff about golf clubs that we are talking about on here.

    It's just so interesting how important something can seem to people, yet how unimportant that same variable can be to so many others! When I talk about clubs the way I do people think I'm full blown crazy. Because it's just so over their head.

    Sometimes it's frustrating. But that's where the board comes in! Haha.

    Crazy to me. I feel like I would have much better success getting an adjustable driver and tweaking that vs. ordering a tour issue 9.7* glued in head. Even if you know your preferred loft, unless you're getting the same head again and again, with all the different CGs in heads ordering a glued head it must be hard to get the correct fit.


    @Rookie do you think you'd have better than a 10/45 chance if you went with an adjustable head of beating out your current gamer. Or is it just the thrill of trying something new or Tour Issue that you love?

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