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  1. Kevin - Arncroach Fife - 98mph 3 handicap - 15,5 degree 3 wood, 17 degree wood 22 degree hybrid Right Hand
  2. kdm

    Taylormade M2

    Why is it that the Taylormade M2 2017 version is still relatively holding its value as a 2nd hand purchase. I see M4s on ebay sometimes going for the same price or even less than a M2
  3. Kevin Fife Scotland 40 plus competitive rounds a year Facebook swing speed 95/100mph H/cap 2.5 (3) EPIC Driver , Tour Edge 3 wood and Hybrid ,Adams CMB irons (4 to PW) Yururi 53 and 57 Evnroll ER8 Cobra F9 woods and irons
  4. Go look at at Russ Ryden's site , devoted golfer , sure he says the Graphite Design YS Nanoreloaded has similar spec as the IZ
  5. Would love to test out the XR16 PROS Play off 5 and play regularly all over Scotland on different courses
  6. Like yourself I am looking at new irons it's just mind bogling. I presently play Mizuno MP30's DGS300 Superlite shafts all MOI'd and fitted correctly. That therein lies the issue getting irons fitted correctly cannot stress how important it is, just wish I could purchase heads only and then take to my guy to fit me. I have hit the Mizuno JPX EZ forged 6 iron, really sweet and easy to hit just cannot get away from the 'chunkier' topline and would really really like to hit the wedge, 9,8,7,5,and 4 iron as Mr_Theo says why only one iron demos!! Like the look of the Adams CMB's and looking at a set on net, like Titeist 712 AP2's
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