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  1. Still loving the XR16 Pro driver, 6 out of 8 fairways hit for me on a twilight round.
  2. Poor Phil, if only he would have read my review of the XR16 Pro in time for Sunday. He could have switched from the Sub-Zero to the Pro model and probably won.
  3. I like the head cover as well. I did have someone randomly comment how they loved the driver(let them hit it), but hated the head cover... Hated a red, white, and blue headcover! So I accused them of being a communist and left.
  4. The Follow up The big questions: 1. Will this product go in my bag? Absolutely, I have not even swung another driver since the first day I got the XR16 Pro. I haven't even looked for internet deals on drivers since, no more wandering eyes here. I am still enjoying the accuracy and solid forgiveness on offer here. As for the 7 wood, I went back to my old one. 2. To whom, if anyone, would I recommend this driver and 7 wood? Why? I would only recommend it to the narrow range of golfers who enjoy hitting consistently long and accurate drives. Really though, in 10.5 loft I find it very
  5. Callaway XR16 Pro driver and XR16 fairway wood – Official MGS Forum Review by N8ball One thing my Papy taught me is to never look a gift horse in the mouth and I couldn't have been more excited to get some new toys to play with. However, do the best things always seem to happen when they are least needed? Sometimes it seems that way, like when you get picked to review a driver and fairway wood. One of which would potentially attempt to replace a current favorite club in my bag(Tour Edge XCG7 7 wood shortened 3/4"). If you attempted to take that club from me when I got selected f
  6. Club review time, the staple of any self respecting internet golfer! The dream of buying a game will never die. Let's get right to it and find out all about me: First things first! I am a Gemini, I like long walks up the fairway to find my golf ball, and I am into taking long scenic drives with the right club. I am a total player and definitely into games, though not very good at them currently(~13 Handicap). How about we get into a few details of my game and situation, so maybe a few of you guys can relate and see how it might be applicable to your game. Age: 37
  7. You are correct, they were definitely defective. Our group quadruple checked that on every par 3.
  8. So, maybe its time to start planning for another MGS Minneapolis outing. I'm thinking late June or mid July. Lets get the wheels rolling boys and girl
  9. Congrats,that is awesome. How long have you been doing S&T?
  10. Yeah, I've noticed that using a swing style which doesn't move off the ball(right for a righty) on the backswing, definitely improves my contact. Certainly there are some difficulties with the swing as well, I've struggled sliding my hips far enough left on the downswing. but overall it feels like an improvement so far. I've been working with a Stack and Tilt instructor in my area, which has be quite helpful(even if I get stubborn sometimes)
  11. Last year my handicap finished the year at 12, but I haven't been posting any of my rounds this year. I do tend to have 1 wild drive per round which ends up getting lost. I was looking at the average stats for GIR per handicap and it seems like I somehow never manage to capitalize on it since I haven't ever shot a round in the 70s. I certainly wasn't hitting this many GIR last year, so I bring it up as a one area which seems to be improving since switching back to S&T. I somehow still manage to put 1 or 2 triple bogeys per round out there which hurts(not in the last round thankfully).
  12. A bit better 2nd outing. Got out last night for 18 and shot an 83 at a decent course(2nd best round so far this year). I hit 9 GIR, but didn't drive the ball particularly well.
  13. Haha, I knew someone would comment on that. I my defense, I had just started hitting there(that crater existed before me) Yeah, I have taken some lessons from a Stack and Tilt guy over the winter. It has just been a longer more difficult road back than I imagined. Thanks, I think I might(when my current lesson plan runs out).
  14. So, I have been working towards getting back into a bit more strict S&T swing. I'd had some previous success with this swing(best center contact and repeatable ballflight), but also got a game ruining case of repeatable shanks while trying it(3-4 years ago). The two most difficult changes trying to go back have been the flat left wrist at impact, instead of my patented delayed flip maneuver. Then getting rid of my horrible over the top move at the top of my backswing. Here are a couple swing videos I took: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdVM-TdnS34 https://www.youtube.com/
  15. I tried the tour tempo app a few years ago as well. I didn't really find that I got much out of it unfortunately. It made my strikes noticeably worse when I first started using it. Getting used to starting a downswing on a beep and then have impact on another felt very foreign. Even once I got used to it I didn't feel like there was any noticeable improvement.
  16. Nate Saint Paul, MN approx. 100 mph Ping Anser 10.5 - Aldila RIP phenom 50 Stiff
  17. It was fun gentlemen, nice to meet you all. Both courses were excellent as well, good choices.
  18. Yup, 11:08 on Saturday at Northfork 12:10 PM at Dakota Pines in Hastings on Sunday.
  19. Nate, Saint Paul, MN Mizuno JPX-EZ forged, True Temper XP105 Stiff 13 Handicap
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