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  1. Mike La porte, IN 10.4 GHIN TaylorMade P790 T-200 Pleae Thanks for the opportunity, should be fun!!!
  2. Headed to California for the next several months out of the cold. Mike/La Porte/Indiana TaylorMade TP 5x 100 MPH Driver SS
  3. Mike/La Porte, IN Handicap: 8.3 Current Irons: TM P790 Original version Carry distance 7 iron = 160/yds Appreciate this so much.
  4. Mike, LaPorte, IN Index 9.9, swing speed 95 Cobra F9 I would choose a 19 degree to take a run at the Cobra. It was between these two great clubs in the sim (which I hate) and the Cobra edged the CBX by a smidge. Real world, on course might be a different story and I would like that opportunity to test.
  5. 1) Michael Byrnes, La Porte, IN, >100 Rounds 2) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 3) Handi = 9, Swing Speed 95 mph Driver 4)Current Set: Mizuno ST190G, Cobra F9 3F, Ping G410 3H, TaylorMade P790 4-W, Titleist 50, Callaway 55, 60, TaylorMade Spider Tour Black P 5) Desired Cobra Set: Yellow/Black 9* Driver and 3 Fairway, F9 3H, 4-pw F9 Conventional, King wedges in 50, 56 bent to 55, and 60 bent to 59*
  6. Mike, Indiana 8 handi, ss 100 Ping G400 G410 Plus and thanks for the opportunity!!!
  7. Mike La Porte, IN 10 HC TaylorMade P790 4-pw Would love to give the I-500's a go!! Many Thanks PING!!!
  8. Truley black beauties: Mike from Indiana 66 8.5 index TM P790's 4-PW, Srixon 3H, 50* Titleist SM 7. 56* nd 60* Macdaddy
  9. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Louis Oosthuizen Tier 3: Xander Schauffele Tier 4: Jimmy Walker Tier 5: Andrew Landry Winning Score -9
  10. Am I technically challenged? I can't find where they post contest winners. I didn't get a notice I won anything but I would like to know who did. Probably just me.
  11. Mike from Indiana Gaming: Mizuno MMC's, w/Modus Tour 120's Handy is 10.5 index Would love to give the C300 Forged a go.
  12. Thank you Ping and MGS for this great opportunity!!!! Going to be hard to beat my Epic but have heard nothing but good things about the G400 series. Mike, in Indiana Cap: 10.8, Driver SS: 95-100 Current Driver: Epic Ping Model Desired: G400 MAX
  13. Tier1:JustinThomas Tier2:AlexNoren Tier3:KevinKisner Tier4:MartinKaymer Tier5:KyleStanley WinningScore:Minus10 LowAMScore:-1
  14. Mike Hometown: LaPorte, IN State: Indiana Handicap: 12 Cleveland Bag: Launcher Driver, 3 Fairway, 3 Hybrid, CBX Irons, RTX3 Wedges, TFI Rho Putter
  15. Wow the best golf school in the country? High expectations, great opportunity. Name Mike Age: 65 Location: LaPorte, IN Bugaboo: For the last 3-4 years I have not been able to rid myself of Shanks, especially on chip shots. I have had multiple lessons from club pros, as well as well noted top 100 teachers that I feel need to remain nameless. None have been able to solve the problem. If you can cure these you probably are the best academy in the world. Forwarned is forearmed.
  16. Michael/Indiana Callaway Epic/Hzdrus Handcrafted 95-100/240-250 Facebook: Michael Byrnes Smartphone: Iphone
  17. Michael, LaPorte, IN Handicap: 7 Taylormade P770 I think I would fit very nicely into the Tours. Much appreciate the opportunity to try these out.
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