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  1. I remember when Rookie first posted this.....kinda cool to see it's still gong strong......but.....where the hell have 8 years gone???
  2. Pretty sure these balls are not meant to be played :-))
  3. BIG congrats on shooting an even 9 hole round. Hell of an accomplishment. You didn't play 18 though, so don't even worry about 18 hole accomplishments.
  4. Awesome!!!! We've been on here a while now. Pretty much since the beginning! Good luck!
  5. I've got MICHIGAN going all the way again!!!!! They never win, but I just can't bet against them! GO BLUE!!!!!!
  6. Remind me where you are located again? I'm a Coach at The First Tee of Greater Houston as well.
  7. Redbreast is a really underrated Irish whiskey. Good stuff!
  8. and suddenly....my 10 year old daughter is getting close to beating me.

  9. Ha! Actually I don't think I ever fully adapted to Wisconsin weather. Too d@mn cold up there.
  10. I use the 95Ëš rule......if it's hotter than that I take a cart....otherwise....I'm walking :-))
  11. I played like Tiger today....85...meh

    1. Kanoito


      In that case, I beat Tiger last weekend xD

    2. Kor.A.Door


      Funny how we all start comparing ourselves to the awful playing Tiger.

  12. We have a TENS unit too. Love that thing when something is sore or I pull a muscle. The implants you mention sound scary.....but pain sucks so...
  13. Me too. I have a bunch of stuff I should go take pictures of.
  14. Looking for 3 more guys to join me in a charity scramble for a good good cause...

  15. Me either...but I posted after the cutoff so really wasn't expecting one.
  16. 24 Hours till the MGS Texaas Open!!!!

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    2. BK in TEXAS

      BK in TEXAS

      I've never used my twitter account. Maybe it's time to start...


    3. The Dansome
    4. BestGrips.com


      Looking forward to meeting you!

  17. I come here because I trust the forum folks to give honest opinions and advice. All the bloviationg that goes on on other sites is just a waste of time. It's just to hard to sort through the BS to get the true info.
  18. Why is it so hard not to reply to a thread titled: " Do not reply to this thread"????

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    2. GolfSpy Dave

      GolfSpy Dave

      Where is this thread? I've got to reply now!


    3. hckymeyer


      It was my first instinct, but I managed to reign in the impulse

    4. GolfSpy WD

      GolfSpy WD

      lol, love you guys

  19. Even if it's only from 115yds....there's just something about rattling the flagstick that makes you feel good :-))

    1. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      Hat's Off Bro, That's Great, nomatter what the yardage :)


      Fairways & Greens My Friend,


    2. BK in TEXAS

      BK in TEXAS

      Thanks RP....one hop...hit the stick.....dropped a foot away....put a smile on my face :-))

    3. kygolfer1980
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