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  1. First name : Bob City & State : Galveston, TX Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds : Yes, 1-2 rounds per week. Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one : Yes, ClicGear 4.0
  2. Bob - Houston, TX Current Handicap - 12.6 Currently playing Mizuno MP59 with DG SL R flex shafts.
  3. I remember when Rookie first posted this.....kinda cool to see it's still gong strong......but.....where the hell have 8 years gone???
  4. Pretty sure these balls are not meant to be played :-))
  5. BIG congrats on shooting an even 9 hole round. Hell of an accomplishment. You didn't play 18 though, so don't even worry about 18 hole accomplishments.
  6. Name and Location - BK in TEXAS, HOUSTON, TEXAS Have you ever used a GPS device or watch? Which one(s)? YES, SHOTSCOPE Current method of determining yardage? SHOTSCOPE AND RANGEFINDER
  7. Awesome!!!! We've been on here a while now. Pretty much since the beginning! Good luck!
  8. Name/State: Bob K, Galveston, TEXAS Current Putter: NIKE Method Core Handicap: 9
  9. I've got MICHIGAN going all the way again!!!!! They never win, but I just can't bet against them! GO BLUE!!!!!!
  10. Remind me where you are located again? I'm a Coach at The First Tee of Greater Houston as well.
  11. Perfect timing. I'd love to give these irons a workout and review.... - Your first name BOB K - State/Province/Country HOUSTON TEXAS - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup MIZUNO JPX 850 FORGED REGULAR FLEX KBS TOUR - Your 7-iron distance 145 CARRY 150 TOTAL THANKS!!!!
  12. Bob BK in TEXAS near Houston/Galveston Mizuno 850 Forged w/ KBS Tour Reg flex shafts 9.6 C300 Forged
  13. Ouch. That was brutal. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. I always pick Michigan to win.... even years they aren't in the tourney :-)) Gotta play with your heart! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Graham..... please make sure I am able to drop OBJ now that he broke his damn leg...grrrrr. He is currently a "can't drop" player
  16. Golf???? I thought this was a football forum :-))))
  17. 5 years ago I won the MGS "member of the month" which included a set of personalized PURE Grips. 60+ rounds per year here in Texas and they are STILL like new. That's 300+ rounds for you mathematically challenged golfers. Still. Like. New.
  18. Graham...count me IN! Been busy with the Hurricane and all but should be good to go!
  19. One good thing of tough/tricky/unfair pin placements is that while teaching a younger kid to play it makes them think about the putt, even if it's only 2' or so. I've on-course mentored many kids who take the tricky "short ones" for granted. It provides an excellent learning experience.
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