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  1. I agree, it would look pretty sweet a little more flag looking, maybe some blue and stars at the top.
  2. I want this stuff so bad. I missed the black and white "painterly" gear but I will have this on sooner than later.
  3. I would totally put this in the new limited edition cobra amp cell driver. The combo would be sweet and I like the fuel shaft in general.
  4. Does anyone know how to get ahold of paint for a Cobra AMP Driver. One of the guys in my foursome was trying it out and scuffed the crap out of my driver and I want to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. It sure does. I have another that isn't though. I would really like to send them both off to be customized and milled as well bit my wife would shoot me. My Cobra putters are my favorites, and believe me I've been through my fair share and then some.
  6. About 14 or 15 years ago, when I originally started playing, I fell in love with Cobra golf... I've played Cobra since I got my first job and saved the money to get myself the offset cobra driver. I since then have moved up to S3's and have been gaming them ever since. I have recently upgraded to the original Amp driver and everything this company has become is amazing. I would be an honor to play and review these irons for mygolfspy. Thanks for the consideration.
  7. i know i am way behind but this thing is sweet. too bad the link is no good anymore. i would really like one if i could get my hands on it, show a little mgs love on my local 18
  8. Those are sweet... go great on my cobra putter.
  9. I agree with BK, my foursome would crap a brick if they saw that thing cone out of the bag... wait, doesn't tmag have a hockey stick out now. Lets make this happen folks. I can see it now, "The Gilmore Ghost" haha.
  10. Like my dad always says. We can work on pretty when we get good. He hit a ace in a similar situation, but his didnt come off the ground more than 3feet but it was still a 1 on the score card, and at the end of the round that is all that matters.
  11. I have a set of 690mb's i want to strip and refinish. Also a couple of putters, i have access to a dremel tool and several stripping agents. Anyone has any ideas let me know, would greatly appreciate it.
  12. Absolutely the best driver ive hit in several years. I have hit many of the newer drivers lately, and this is my winner. I will be gaming this one sooner than later.
  13. I owned a set for about a month. Obviously not a huge fan, I felt the face was a bit too soft. That being said i felt the same way with both sets of nikes ive owned.
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