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  1. I have the Si4 and LOVE it. It gives me the confidence to know I'm gonna make the putt. From 6-8 ft it feels automatic, and my putting is now the strongest part of my game. I have the velcro cover as well, and it as strong now as when it was new. I'm a SeeMore fan for life.
  2. Just wanted to say this putter is the answer I had been searching for. After trying all manner of head shapes; mallet, mid-mallet, blade a friend let me borrow his Si4. I immediatley began sinking 6-8 ft putts without a problem,and 10-15 footers were burning the edges. I bought it from my friend, and have been working with it every day for the last 3 weeks. This putter is amazing, and I finally feel as if I'm rolling the ball, not hitting the ball. I went to Seemore's website and watched the instruction about their putting system (especially ball position and grip) and it all came together for me. I now feel my putting is the strongest part of my game, and I haven't had a 3 putt since I started using the Si4. It gives me that "your gonna make this putt" confidence that I was always missing. I finally found what I had been searching for...a putter to love!
  3. I placed my first order with GuaranteedGolfballs and was very pleased. I ordered 2 dozen Titleist SoLos in near mint grade, and paid less for 2 dozen (with shipping) than I would have for 1 dozen new. I inspected each ball after arrival and found them to be in great shape. I found the following; 8 of them were what I would consider mint and I couldn't tell they had ever been hit. The other 14 had some players marks/logos (nothing extreme) and had some very minor scuff mark somewhere on the ball. None of the 14 looked like they had been hit more than a few times. None of the balls were discolored in anyway. I knew when I placed the order that they don't seperate golf balls by year, so was pleased to find nearly half of them were the 2012 model, and the others were 2010. Performance: I could tell no difference from a new ball. I have ordered from another on line used golf ball company in the past, and while satisified with them I found GuaranteedGolfballs to be a few dollars cheaper. Shipping was fast and ordering was very easy. I highly recommend this company, and will use them again. I refuse to pay retail for new balls; after the first hit, isn't it a used ball anyway?
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