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  1. I just entered the contest for a Rapsodo MLM Personal Launch Monitor. They pick the prize winner next Saturday, which is my Birthday. That would be a great present! It's also the day I get my 2nd Covid-19 vaccination shot. Big day possibility on the 27th!!!!
  2. 1. Putterslut, Western MA and SW FL 2. Course in both areas, but mostly on carpet in both areas. 3. I have a $40 mat in both locations, but it is a fast surface which does not match most courses. 4. I prefer a medium speed surface.
  3. Has anyone used/compared the Hot Launch 4 clubs and/or Knuth High Heat clubs? The HL4's seem very reasonably priced. The Knuth clubs are Pro Shop priced. Are there performance differences?
  4. While they weren't shoulder separations, nevertheless I had rotor cuff shoulder surgeries in my right (dominant) shoulder in 2012 and in my left in 2017. Both resulted in approximately 7 month recovery periods. As a result, my range of motion has shortened and thus I don't hit it as far. As the gentleman above mentioned commitment to physical therapy is a must!
  5. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Francesco Molinari Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Charley Hoffman Tier 5: Padraig Harrington Winning Score: -11
  6. Wayne Meunier Florida 17.1 I'd like to test your range finder. I have an unsupported and un-updatable Callaway GPS.
  7. Wayne Pittsfield, MA 18 I used to play Hogans. I'd like a chance to test these!
  8. Sentiment has me rooting for Mickelson. Sense has me picking Spieth and his terrific pitching and putting.
  9. profile update

    1. Paul S

      Paul S

      I really like your screen name. putterslut... That's just great!

    2. HighFade
  10. Ok...I'm curious about tomorrow's post. I know moveable weight technology works, It just ain't easy to modify on the range. I hope you speak to ease of modification of movable face technology on the practice range.
  11. I was pretty excited when I read that Putterplating won, then I realized I'm Putterslut. Oh well, was I close?
  12. Who is gonna tell Mr O'Hurley that I have the pictures of that...."business" trip. He can have them for the "secret to golf". I WILL be standing by!!!!!
  13. My lottery number is 404. Thanks for the opportunity!
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