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  1. Walk and carry only. Only time I take a cart is in a tournament. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. MGS is the only for me. Not everyone here hits a 7 iron 190 which on WRX seems to be the case and they are serious. Have not been on there in ages. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Jeffrey Simpson, Saratoga Springs, NY 7.6 HB Launcher 9* Kuro Kage TiNi 60s HB Launcher 3 Wood 15* Kuro Kage TiNi 70s HB Launcher 5 Wood 19* Kuro Kage TiNi 70s HB Launcher 4 Hybrid 22* Rouge Black 80s CBX Irons 5-PW Steelfiber i95s CBX Wedges 50, 56, 60 KBS Custom Black Huntington Beach #6 35" Srixon Z Star Tour Yellow
  4. Jeff Simpson 40 Saratoga Springs, NY Fat and pulled iron shots cost ALOT. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Thanks Carolina. I forgive Shankster for his comments. Jealousy can be an ugly ugly thing when it rears it's head. :D
  6. Will this product go in your bag? In short..yes they will. As I stated in my Stage 2 review I was not impressed at first and was looking forward to getting back to my Mizunos. After I adjusted to the irons and changed the grips I am a full club longer and much more accurate than I ever was with the JPX irons. The ability to draw and fade the ball (as well as I can) has dramatically improved my game but the biggest factor is my ball flight is almost completely straight with little curvature to either side. On the norm it is a 3-5 yard draw. To whom would I recommend this product? I would recommend the i200s to anyone under a 14 HDCP or lower looking to get into a more playable set. Granted they are not going to take 5 strokes off your game but with a good custom fitting they can help for sure. I would absolutely recommend anyone within the above HDCP range to take a hard look at them when you are looking to get into a new set of irons. How at all did this product change your impression of Ping? I never really considered Ping as an option for me when I was looking at irons. When I was getting fit for my JPX 850s they were neck and neck with a set of Cobra CBs. As I stated in my Stage 2 review I went with numbers instead of looks and feel and regretted it ever since. The look and feel of a golf club to me are the most important factor in a club from driver all the way to putter. The i200s absolutely changed what I thought of Ping irons and products as a whole and encourage everyone looking at new clubs to give them a good once or twice over before moving on to another OEM. What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of the model? Considering they have already changed it is a nonstarter but the grips were terrible, have I mentioned that? Other than that I would like to see a little more “help” in the longer irons. I realize this can be accomplished by getting a mixed set but it is a tough transition to go from G400 to i200s in the iron set. The 3 and 4 iron performed admirably but a little more help in getting those clubs in the air would be a nice improvement. What feature did you like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models? Being as it is a cast club I would like more of a forged feel to the iron. The irons do feel soft but not forged buttery soft. If this could be improved via gel back technology or something of the like it would be the icing on top for these irons.
  7. PING i200 – Official MGS Forum Review by opsimpson Player Biography Current irons in my bag are the Mizuno JPX 850 with xp105 S300 which I was custom fit for about 2 years ago. They are standard loft and 1 degree upright along with standard Golf pride Multi-Compound grips. For the majority of the test I used the Pro V1X and TP5X which are in a dual for a permanent spot in my bag but as is everything else I own so no surprise there. Of all the products we have had the chance on MGS to review this was by far the most exciting to me. I am currently a 9 hdcp and have been trending downward as the year progresses but as I stated in my Stage 1 review once I get to where I want to be the upstate NY winter will hit and we will start all over again. I normally play a straight to 3 yard fade with my irons. I can reach back and get more but my accuracy with a draw suffers immensely. As I was custom fit for my previous irons I was skeptical of the PING online fitting but I said to trust the process and on the whole it has been very good, except for the grips. I went with the recommended color code of Aqua (1/16” smaller) and have regretted that from day 1. I will get more into that later. Performance at the Range I had to split most of my range time between a range close to my work and the range at my home club to be able to get the amount of time I thought was necessary to give the club and honest review from the range perspective. This to me was the most difficult portion of the review. On the range I always want to work on a certain part of my swing and try to get better so that would creep in from time to time but on the whole I just practiced normally, trying to hit a certain target or get a certain flight etc. Accuracy – The irons are very accurate with little movement left or right. The less amount of offset on these irons compared to my Mizunos allowed for not to worry about the left side of the course (see big hook). I was able to hit a target with multiple irons. Distance – This is where it got a little dicey compared to the Mizunos. On full shots they tended to be about half a club shorter for me. I think this can be attributed in some part to the shaft differences and getting used to the flight in general. Once I had that dialed in they are impressive. I was starting to slightly turn the ball over a little better with these without fear of a hook. Is this attributed to a shaft and grip combo? I feel the Modus were A LOT smoother than the S300 and produced a much better ball flight. Trajectory Characteristics – This is where the i200s really shined for me. The ability to change trajectory was amazing!!! I was hitting the ball on more manageable trajectory than I was used to. My trajectory with the Mizunos was a much higher no spin flight than the i200s which has a more medium, and boring trajectory that cut through the wind. Forgiveness – I did not see a discernable difference between these and any other iron I have hit. Hit it almost off the grooves on the toe and it is going to stink. I would say the Pings are not the most forgiving I have hit and that takes away from them a little bit. Control – With the Mizunos I hit the ball much higher and never could flight it down without dropping 2 clubs and going from 9 to 3 on my swing. With the i200s I could just grip down an inch to two inches and make the same swing and get exactly what I wanted, a lower more boring flight and not worry about the balloon ball that was eat up by the wind. The ability to work the ball was a lot easier especially hitting a draw with the Pings vs. Mizuno. I felt more comfortable trying to hit a draw and not worry about a hook or the dreaded pull hook. Range Score: 9 out of 10 points Performance on the Course Accuracy – One of the more accurate irons I have played for sure. Full shots at the target were normally not a worry but shots that I tried to take a little off of or add a little too were not as accurate as I would like to the be but of course a lot of that could be me more than the club. On shots that I executed the way I wanted to they performed better than my favorite irons of all time the 710 AP2s. Around the greens and inside 120 yards is where I find these clubs really shined and would make them a permanent place in my bag. I normally would chip with a 54 or 58 degree wedge. I always struggled with getting the ball to the hole on my chips and pitches and since testing the i200s I have almost gone exclusively to the PW and 9 irons around the greens and it paid off immensely. Course Score: 30 out of 40 points Performance Notes Overall performance of the irons was on to above par with all others I have played. To say I was pleased with the performance of the iron would be a fair statement to make. In comparison to my current Mizuno irons I would have to say that they were better. The look, sound and feel, which to me are more of a selling point than about anything, were better in every way. The ability to make a “players” iron into something that a mid handicap player like myself can game confidently is huge and the most endearing aspect of these irons. When I put the i200s side by side vs. my Mizunos the scores were better with the i200s. That to me is the bottom line all other things aside. Not matter what the range works shows the on course performance, what you write on the score card is what matters. Granted it took me a little bit of range work to get comfortable with the changes in look, feel etc. but once I did the results were better period. As I stated before the on course performance to me is where the i200s really performed. On the range or at a demo day I think just about any iron is going to perform well since well, the end result doesn't reflect on the score card. You can get a good idea of what you like but it does not really show until you have a 185 shot to an uphill green into the wind. Subjective Looks The shape and looks of the club coupled with the smaller amount of offset makes the club look amazing. It sits by the ball and frames it in a way that would not scare off a 15 hdcp and appeal to a 2 hdcp in my opinion. The little no offset will appeal to all handicaps. The look of the long irons (3-5) give a visual appeal of being easier to hit without looking like a hybrid which will appeal to better players but give the appearance of playability to mid handicap players. These babies are gorgeous!!! The looks and simple badging of the irons give them a curb appeal that is hard to overlook. From looks alone on the rack I would give these a hit. The look of the iron with the extra weighting appearance behind the head is what I think will really appeal to the mid handicap player. It gives the appearance (and really shows when you hit them) that you can get the ball in the air. The extra weighting that extends on both sides of the sweet spot gives the idea of help on off center hits. Which as a 9 HDCP player, I look for in an iron. The technology is right there for you to see without having to think COG, cup face etc. at first glance. The overall package as I have stated in the previous couple of bullets is what gives this iron such a “rack appeal” for the average person who wants to try the iron but is unsure if it fits their game or HDCP. There is no comparison to other irons is this better player category when it comes to looks and curb appeal. Looks Score: (14 of 15 points) Sound and Feel This to me is the “red line” that's gets a club into my bag. I enjoyed the sounds and feel of the Mizunos but never loved them and ended up with them based on numbers alone. To say that I regretted that ever since would be an understatement. The feel (see sound) is what is most important to me unless it just performs ungodly then I can learn to deal with it, which is why the 850s ended up in my bag. The crisp soft feel of these irons are terrific. When struck in the middle of the face it is a “forged” feel for sure. This again will appeal to the lower and mid hdcp player alike. There are a few caveats to this though. Mishit on the toe is noticeable right away. Although the distance that you suffer (10-12 yards from my estimation) is not as bad as some other irons in the category that I have tried in the past it is noticeable. Heel strikes on the other hand are not a noticeable to me as I could not really tell if I heeled it vs. catching it on the sweet spot. To compare this from worst to first in the feel and sound category if you will, they fall more towards the first category. The best feeling iron I have ever hit (Yonex blades) vs the worst feeling I ever hit (714 AP1s). Sound and Feel Score: (12 of 15 points) Likelihood of Purchase This to me is a tough decision. Price as we know is king for a husband and father of 2. It is hard to say without factoring the performance of other clubs in the same category in a fitting and playing environment. However, based on the performance and how in my opinion these irons have changed my iron play and my ability to execute shots on the course I would purchase these clubs. I realize that can be a very strong statement to make without hitting them against other clubs but the performance, looks, sound, and feel have me sold. It may have been sheer luck or Ping's algorithm in their web based fitting program (save the grips which I am changing after this stage, I would have changed sooner but I wanted to maintain the integrity of the review) but the i200's coupled with the modus shafts have given me the iron game I have wanted for a good while. LOP Score: (17 of 20 points) Subjective Notes The overall looks and course based performance is where I judge a club. I have seen too many times where a friend gets fit for a set of irons and says that they are 2 clubs longer and playing so much better then they get out on the course and are 5 strokes worse. The on course performance is where the rubber meets the road to me. At my home course here in upstate NY, McGregor Links Country Club you can get some squirrely lies for sure but extracting the ball and get it stop never seemed to be a problem for the i200s. They will get the ball out nicely (be it on a lower trajectory than the Mizunos) and give you a chance to write a par or birdie on the card and not have to worry about a flier. Conclusion The overall experience of being a tester for MGS was much different than I ever thought it would be. As they say the most important 6 inches in golf is the 6 inches between your ears and that would absolutely pertain to this test for me. After being fitted and playing the same irons over the past 2+ years to change to from a SGI to better players iron definitely took its toll but led in the end to better scores and that is what we are all after. Trust is a big thing (if not the biggest) in golf (see Henrik Stenson's 3 wood) and once I was able to trust them I did not need to find Will Hunting to add up my score card for me at the end of the round. From the time of being notified of selection for the irons and until posting this review I have seen more ups and downs in a golf game than I can remember save for a fateful day at McGregor Links but that is another story for another time. For those of you who get selected in the future (especially with irons) enjoy the ride. I was very confident in my game and then started the full testing process for the i200s and my game went downhill what seemed like almost overnight or 9 holes. A trial of emotion would pester me throughout the round almost to the point where I just wanted it to be over so I could go play my Mizunos again. Stay the course I would say to myself, except for the grips they can go to hell!!!! Once I got more comfortable with them and trusting them my scores started to go down and that my friend is what is it all about. Total Score: 82 of 100 points
  8. Good Morning one and all!!! To say I was excited to be part of this review would be the understatement of the century. I just hope that I am able to keep pace with my fellow reviewers and the fantastic jobs they have done in their reviews. ***Disclaimer*** I am not as good with all the picture taking and formatting as they are but I will give it my best shot. · Handicap- As it stands right now I am a 9 but trending downward and hope to continue doing so but I am sure once I get it going the way I want our wonderful upstate NY winter will arrive and I will once again but left frustrated and wanting of the spring once again, but hey the wife loves the winter here and we all know how that works. · Strengths of my game- Though I am not the longest hitter at my club or the straightest, you ever get a driver you absolutely love and then the head cracks on it and you are left on this endless endeavor to find one to replace it. Sorry back to our regularly scheduled programming, I am never really out of a hole and my short game allows me to write a lot more pars than my long game allows for · Weakness of my game- As I mentioned before the long game keeps me inhibited somewhat and I am working on that diligently and trying to work it out as my PGA Pro will elude to but it is a work in progress. · Typical ball flight/miss- As I endeavor to find the one swing thought that will turn me into a scratch player I usually end up with a high pull hook when I get a little out of sequence and we all know that end result of that sad story. Normally I play a fairly straight ball with little to no movement but the dispersion can be 2-3 yards left or right. · In my bag- I believe that the replacement for the aforementioned and beloved SLDR is in the way of a BB Epic (standard) with 9* and a Fujikara stiff shaft is going to stay in for a while as long as it continues to behave. 3 and 5 woods are Cobra King F6 with stock stiff shafts, 50* and 54* Vokeys and a 58* Scratch wedge, that I will use until the grooves wear out. Cleveland Putter (can never remember the name but I absolutely love it!!) and of course the crown jewel the Ping i200 irons 4-PW. Prior to be selected for this review I gamed Mizuno JPX 850 (non forged) with S300 shafts. Now on to the stuff you have been waiting for with the upmost anticipation and angst the i200 stage 1 review: As previously mentioned I was shocked to say the least about being selected for participation in this review. I did not at first know how to process the idea of this opportunity but I was in time able to make my peace with it. It was a tough a rocky time for our house hold but through the support of my wife and children I was able to be at ease with the opportunity that was presented to me. As per the directions given I went to the PING website to the online fitting and send my specs in. The overall process was one that I often wondered how accurate it could be. Fairly simple to do just a tape measure and a little knowledge of how my game is played and I was done. I was recommended for color code Yellow (1.5* upright), with Nippon Pro Modus 3 in stiff flex, which I never thought would fit me in the least as I have always been an S300 guy but then again I am also not a certified club fitter and to say I would know any differences between the two would be a slap in the face of those who actually do know. The most curious one to me was the grip code of aqua which is 1/16” below standard, I was very cautious about but thought in the spirit of the test I will use these specs. However, that will come in to play later. Specs are sent in and now we play the waiting to game. On 17 May, I get a call from the wife notifying me of the arrival of a long brown box which she knew contained golf clubs but for some reason she did not seem as excited about this as I was. Weird right??? I got home and immediately had to slow my preverbal roll as I knew there needed to be unboxing pictures etc. as I take part in the review so off to the man cave I went. My first impressions were WOW!!! When I set them in address they looked exactly like what I was looking for. The profile and length seemed to fit the mold of what I think an iron should be. I had always had a desire to give the S55 a try but never thought my game was good enough for them but loved the way they look at address and this were right in line with what I wanted. I could not wait to get these out on the course and give them a hit even if I felt a little guilty about hitting them and getting them dirty, even our puppy was so enamored with them and felt it was appropriate to give them a courtesy lick. I hope you enjoyed my Stage1 review and I look forward to keeping you appraised in Stage 2 of my results. I will do all I can to provide the best feedback possible about them and what I think moving forward. Let me know what questions you have and I look forward to hearing your comments and what you would like to know about the i200s moving forward.
  9. That stinks. I cracked the head of my beloved SLDR and things have never been the same. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Solid solid bag!!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Above the logo to the left of the TP5X I put my wife and 2 boys initials. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Welcome to the best golf site around!!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. I agree. Some personality would be nice. It is a little dry. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Mine is a picture of my score after becoming a Galactic Hero on Buzz Lightyear's Ranger spin at Disney World. Yes there are tips online of how to do this. Plus my wife wanted proof since she was in the trolley in front of us with our other little one. No I did not tell her my secret and will take it to my grave. Unless she googles it and finds out herself. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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