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  1. What year are the Maxfli Tour and Tour X?
  2. SOLD. Excellent condition. Only light use. Clean crown and no idiot marks. SteelFiber cf75 stiff shaft. Brand new Karma crossline-style velvet grip. Matching headcover near-new.
  3. SOLD. (6) PXG G5 midsize grips. One-time pulls. Great shape.
  4. Too bad I already have one of these. This is quite a good deal. Can't believe it hasn't sold yet.
  5. Titleist 915H #3 and #4 hybrids in good shape. Some face wear, but no idiot marks. Tensei Blue R flex. New Excel undersized grips.
  6. Found one. Close post. 9.5°. RH with stock PING TFC700 stiff shaft. Sent from my SM-S901U using Tapatalk
  7. Thank you. I'm a 4 x week player, with no organized competitive desires at any level. With that, I don't see any benefit to getting fitted. The price I was offered is $200-300 cheaper than anything I've seen in same condition. It's also 7 years newer than my current set, which is also forged. The factor for a strong lean to buy is that the shaft is the same shaft I currently play. The downside is that the Callaway is more of a players forged iron and 1/2" shorter than my cavity back forged Cobra. I'll probably flip a coin. [emoji1787]
  8. The price is indeed very good. Thanks for the thoughts.
  9. I've never played Callaway Irons. I have an opportunity to buy a set of these in 3-PW in nearly-new condition for $500, but if they are viewed as too difficult to hit, I may pass on them. For anyone who has played these, how do they compare with other forged irons you have used with respect to feel, forgiveness and distance? I'm currently a 4 hdcp and play 2012 Cobra forged S2 Irons. Thx.
  10. Looking for one for my blade style 1/2 Wack-E.
  11. BackNine29

    Maxfli Tour

    Let me start off by saying I play to a 3.1 hdcp. After seeing the Maxfli review, I purchased 2 dozen of the Maxfli Tour X. After playing it, as well as the ProV1 and Z-Star, the only difference I could determine, for me, is that the PV1 feels a tiny bit softer and the Z-Star a bit firmer. The Tour X spin into and around the green is far better than the Z-Star and is very close to the PV1. I also find the Tour X as durable as the PV1, but not as strong as the Z-Star. I am very surprised with the solid performance of the Tour X. For the foreseeable future it is my new ball.
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