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  1. Just purchased a custom fit set of ORKA RS10 irons from the UK, but will seriously be looking at a set of the 221 when available.
  2. Sold. Close. Thx. Mizuno BR-D3 stand bag . Bright blue and white. Near-mint condition. See pics. Used one range session. All working zippers. Perfect leg stand. Cardboard insert still in large side pocket. Snap-on rain hood included. Thanks.
  3. Yes, the 17.5 Titleist is available. Message me

    1. davo32683


      Or allow messages

  4. Longshot: this still laying around? Looking for one. Thx
  5. Please CLOSE. Hoping to find a RH Rogue 3 wood with Synergy regular flex shaft. Matching head cover preferred, but not required. Thx.
  6. Original build. Regular flex. 44" uninstalled. Used one round. New GP full cord grip. Mizuno ST adapter. $75 shipped CONUS only. http://imgur.com/gallery/PAkvrU6 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  7. I have one. Custom ordered and used for one round. Mizuno ST200 adapter. Golf Pride BCT full cord grip. 44" uninstalled.
  8. Sold!. Please close. Titleist driver shaft adapter. New. OEM 2001582.
  9. Thanks. Another email sent. Please send paypal address.
  10. Still interested? I can have the adapter pulled. Thanks. Email sent.
  11. Still interested? I can have the adapter pulled. Thanks.
  12. Still interested? I can have the adapter pulled if you can't do it. Let me know. Thanks. PP needed too.
  13. If you can pull the adapter I can PP you. No rush. Send address please for payment. Thanks!
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