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  1. I suppose by now these are long gone? (Recently joined this site). Larry
  2. For years, I thought iron covers were silly and seen only used by senior-aged, cart golfers. Then, coincidentally, I purchased a set of forged irons AND became a senior golfer. I was then overcome with an iron cover obsession to protect my new forged irons. Despite the jazz I receive from my friends, iron covers definitely protect my set from bag chatter. And no, they don't slow down play as a friend suggests. And they are invaluable when traveling.
  3. Thank you! Had the shafted up yesterday. Rookie learned something!
  4. Nothing spectacular, but it seems to get it done. Most of the time.
  5. I am not a club maker. I recently picked up a Nakashima NP1 420cc driver head that has a threaded hosel. I assume that means I need a shaft adapter in order to install a shaft. If so, is it proprietary and where might I find one, whether such or not? Can't find a reference anywhere and the Nakashima site has not responded to my inquiry. Or, alternatively, can the thread simply be removed to then install a traditional tip shaft? This driver head won't do me any good sitting around unshafted... Anyone help me?
  6. I don'r recall how I found you site, but it looks promising! I've been an "addict" for 43 years and reside in the Pacific Northwest. My golf equipment is everything Srixon and my music is anything Lana Del Rey. BackNine29
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