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  1. - Bill - Delaware - Ping Vault 2.0 Dale Anser - Frontline 4.0
  2. Wow quite a putter collection. Go Birds!
  3. Nice looking bag. Ben Hogan irons look great. Big fan of Snell balls as well. Jealous of San Diego weather. We are expecting snow later today.
  4. I would not be surprised. That course does not drain well.
  5. I normally play Rock Manor here in Wilmington. It is close to the house and I play in a league there’s over the summer. I also try play Odessa, Frog Hollow, DCC, Glenn Mills, and a few other courses in the area as a change of pace. Baywood is a fun course to play.
  6. Welcome. I live Wilmington Delaware, nice to see another member from the first state. Where do you play most of your golf locally?
  7. I have always liked Ping irons, but my favorite are my current ones my G25 irons.
  8. 1. Bill -- Wilmington/DE 2. 14 3. Launcher HB Driver Launcher HB 3 wood Launcher HB 3H & 4H Launcher CBX Irons 5 - D Launcher CBX Wedge 54 & 58 Huntington Beach 10
  9. Bill Wilmington/Delaware Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2 34" O-Works Black #7s 34"
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