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  1. What the Cut Number Will Be: +3 What the Highest Round of the Week Will Be: 80
  2. Alex Nolan, -15 winning score (tie breaker)
  3. This is fun project to do, which can be addicting, especially if you don't have self control. I've rotated the colors around... Red White Blue May-July Green and White (Michigan State) July thru end of football season. Sometime go with oranges color during fall Naked (no fill, give it a try) during winter time. It is fun to add some accent colors like neon here and there... Endless combinations. If you don't like it, just repeat the process again. Have fun folks.
  4. USA will win, maybe with less experience for the younger players playing their 1st. 1.0 UltraSlim
  5. There are few different options for shims, and if installed correctly, there shouldn't be any issues. I've used sugar before, didn't like it as much. I've used brass shims from Golfsmith, works great, sometime you have to cut it short, or remove some legs (there are 6 legs). I've used those fine mesh tape for the drywall application. I think this works the best and cheapest option as well. Once installed, there shouldn't be any issue at all.
  6. I like my clubs to be on the heavy swingweight and/or heavy club weight. I like it because it is easier to let the club do the work, instead of trying to muscle it.
  7. My current index is about 16. This will provide me opportunity to not only be a tester for the Scor clubs, provide another opportunity to see if adding a gap wedge (51*) and Lob wedge (59*) can also help my weakest part of my game, inside the 100 yards. My current "scoring club set up" Goody but oldie of Tommy Armour 845m, plus Eidolon 56*. And my Scor analysis shows the 5 scor club set up as follow:
  8. I use Fairway Wood shaft, which is I guess meant for the 3 wood and down, rather than driver. It works for me, as it is heavier shaft, but went with R flex, rather than S flex. Like the over all weight, ball flight, feel, gets good distance, as I focus more on making solid contact, rather than killing it. So, it all comes down to fitting. Use the shaft that works with your swing, rather than worrying about using same brand of shafts.
  9. The current model and flex of your wedges: 52* & 56* Eidolon; 60* Mizuno, all with KBS Tour stiff flex Your Handicap: 15 Your Age: 39 Are you Right Handed: Yes Do you know your wedge specs: Yes (lie angle, club length, and swing weights)
  10. Looks mighty nice. Love the showing of using sightline as balance point to show how well the putter is balanced. I might check my putter to see if it does that.
  11. I have 25*, which actually replaced my 4i, not 5i...as my irons are bit on the regular on the loft (my p wedge is 47*). Anyhow, I picked it up late last year from BJ site when they were on sale, and I had the same thought process as you...for $50, good experiment. Well, it was my first hybrid, and fell in love. You will enjoy it for sure. Who care if paint chips off...as long as club performs, right? Since then, I make my own 19* hybrid with Acer XF with FST Pro 115 shaft for around $35. Money club again. I love how the club has some weight to it. I can't hit those super light weight clubs, however, this BJ hybrid is one of my favorite, and introduced me to the world of hybrid.
  12. RR, xcaliber tour series does come in xstiff flex...they are just worded differently...and it is called Tour Stiff=x-stiff. However, if you do some googling on these shaft and/or talk to Robin himself, he will tell you his xcaliber tour shafts does play on the stiffer side, as some x-stiff users are using stiff flex and don't notice the difference. Of course everyone is different, so they have to match the shaft with their swing.
  13. they should've gone with black on metal look. This white thing has going on too long.
  14. Awesome! Let us know how the shaft works out for you.
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