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  1. Thanks for the feedback on the site “TheRod”…! We all worked very hard to give the industry something new…and the site's just a baby as I/we have a lot of additions/upgrades to the site including a new blog, a “Dealers' Only' section+++. Now even though I was a bit hesitate to bring back/release a 105 gram version of the PRO Xs, I've changed my mind and know exactly how to improve the original designs which were OK….but not Xcal-worthy. Look for the new designs sometime in the 2nd qtr. because... Right now I'm working on a new line to be called the Xcaliber Xclusiv line w
  2. Hey Nick - Great post methinks... Heck I started my learning in golf at GolfSmith w/ doing everything you mentioned on persimmon and laminated head w/ those epoxy inserts. Then I met Elmore Just at a PCS Show and obviously Louisville Golf was a leader in that field....still is I guess. It was kule, here I was coming from General Dynamics and helping design and manufacture composite parts for little things like the Space Shuttle, Atlas Centaur rockets, F15s... Then I got a "schooling" in golf and its history, nostalgia, equipment, clubmaker/fitters/OEMs... and esp. the state of the industr
  3. Thanks Dr. J for all your kind words and prayers !! For the last 2 years believe me, my family and friends have said a bunch as well. I know The Great Spirit still has a lot of wonderful tasks that I (and we) can accomplish to help make this world a bit better place. Sand it's funny....I've been blessed so much in my life that when I do pray, I ask Him or Her to give all my blessings away...and just keep me on the right path Anyway, thanks again and we're getting REALLY close to launching. We're having a big Team meeting all day on Mondayand obviously the major topic is our launch date
  4. To the reply to Popeye's post..."Spy Analyst"? Popeye's right. I'm mega-healthy, back in the gym 5x/wk, eating my nuts and grains...... and have a long, long-term bill of health. DEAD issue. That's the past. No was discussion needed. I'm moving on like a raging bull. Hope y'all join me and I can still be of value to this industry...methinks I can...
  5. Hey Matt - Sorry for the confusion. The report that the site was up and that's the only place to buy shafts was premature and incorrect. I never reported that. I am getting a definitive date today and am taking orders via my email address. The old website was taken down without my knowledge and there should have been a note saying "Down for Reconstruction" or to that effect. Stay tuned... R
  6. Hey TRod...... Right now I'm focusing on releasing all new shafts for '18 and need a bit of time to improve upon the 105 versions but def plan to do so. I may have some '16/'17 TX 105s back in SDiego if interested. I'll be in back 1/5 so give me a shout and we'll go from there.
  7. Many thanks Sir Robere!!! You too and enjoy this fabulous Holiday Season !! Peace Bro!
  8. Hey Matt - I just checked the zone freqs again on both the the Recoil 95 and the Xcal T-X both s-flexes (I don't have data on the 860 because at the time I was told by "someone..." that the 95 was a lot better playing shaft than the 860 - it was def. a lot more expensive...). Anyway, strictly speaking from a spec standpoint, the Recoil 95's stiffness distribution is a lot stiffer than that of the T-X shafts esp. in the lower 16-18". So one might expect the former to play/feel stiffer than the later but obviously that wasn't the case. I'm assuming you were using the exact same head, checked
  9. Hey Matt - Thx for the post! hey at least I beat 5 other shafts eh......? Which flex did you test in the Tour Xs? We had both 110 and 95 Recoils in our p. testing along w/ my friend Chris Hilleary's Steelfibers, a Dynamic Gold, Kim's KBS Tour and Tour 90s, Adila's SLT Tour plus a couple others. In all cases my 95 and 85 designs were either first, or second in all tests inc. head-head vs. Recoils in testing without me there in 4 places across the country. That's when I knew i has something esp. in the 95 and 85 gram range. never heard any played boardy but will take that comment to h
  10. Thanks Pops de Eye! I really want to expand upon your testing with the Tour X irons where you combined the 85s for the longer irons, 95s for the shorter ones, and 105 for the wedges. i've done that in the past of course but w/ your thorough testing, and the improvements I've made, and am going to make on the 105s, providing a package of shafts might be pretty kule and helpful to a lot of folks. Let's revisit that asap. Thanks again for the post!
  11. Funny! And sound wisdom...heck I can smash at will even w/ both index fingers...one talented Hillbilly aqui!!! Now go find Olive Oyl and have fun you Beast!!!
  12. Hey Popeye! Thanks for the post, and your comment/review on the Xcaliber Tour X irons . I can say this truthfully about the 85 gram and 95 gram versions of the T-Xs - the 85 g. version is probably the best iron shafts I've ever designed with the 95 running a close second. Now the 105 gram version needs a bit of help I think. The 105 shafts plays well, especially in the shorter clubs, but in my constant mantra of always striving for "continuous improvement" I know I can make them a lot better. I plan to have them completely redesigned, player tested - and even re-designed as req'd./p.
  13. Hey PJ Will def. do and keep you informed. I could also help you via email immediately if you're interested. Besides the xcals of course, I have a data base of over 1200 shafts - both other shaft co's & OEMs - which I use to fit folks and am successful 98% of the time. So if interested, let me know and we'll rock!
  14. I'm just hitting "quote" that says "reply directly to this post...". So to make it a personal reply, I'd have to follow your tip right? I'll learn all this eventually.......
  15. Hey 'Migo - I've gotta learn all this...like what's a tag and how do I tag someone? I thought we were communicating via personal mail....derrrrr... Yea the T6+s are as good as i've designed for better/hi sspeed players ...>. If you want to learn more, just email me via the site. R
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