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  1. I lost my Pinky today!.....took a dunk in the drink.....but not before I was able to really score with it! Just got back yesterday from an 8 day cruise to the West Indies, Virgin Islands & the Bahamas...needed to swing a club so I played Sunday morning..... After a horrible front nine....I knew I needed a change so I reached into my bag and pulled out the Pinky for the 10th hole...Tee shot good but on right side of dogleg left par 4...I had 170 yds to the green over the trees at the dogleg. Pulled out my 5 wood (thanks Powerbilt) and put it over the trees, landing just 5 yds short
  2. Hey Boz, I called SMT wanting to purchase a couple gloves (Cadet medium).....they do not carry them.....so where do I go for more Vision gloves?
  3. I've been looking but can't find any in my price range.....actually, I can't find any in Tampa to look at and do the touchy feely thing before I buy.
  4. Thanks speszel......with your direction, I have attached the pix of the proto with the cut.
  5. As for the 2 man scramble...my partner and I could just not get it together...I lost another Arctic White on a Par 3...pulled my 5 wood into the O.B.....the only good news was my partner was just off the green....I made the 25 foot putt for a Birdie....I decided I did not want to lose the Pinky, so put it back in its box for play at my home course....I used it on several holes and it performed well, but I was not striking the ball today. Postscript......I did get to write my name on the Longest Drive sign with the Pinky.....of course we were the first foursome to play the hole.....BUT I
  6. Thanks speszel......with your direction, I have attached the pix of the proto with the cut.
  7. Played 36 holes today......about 9 with the Arctic White (love the big numbers)and just 3 with the Proto.... On the 3rd hole with proto, my drive was pushed to the right, under a large oak tree. So with 185 to the green, I pulled my 3 hybrid out, set up with the ball off my right foot, so I would deloft the shot, keep it under the branches and out back into the fairway.....evidently I hit the ball with a descending blow and it shot out about 150 yds again to the right slightly....played it out to the hole and noticed a slight crease in the cover when cleaning it for a putt.... Looke
  8. I need to watch "The Legend of Bagger Vance" as I truly believe that I lost my swing.....shotan a 94 today. Seems that I was just not getting my balance correct so I could hit the ball.....no losses today..... You know, after playing several rounds with the Vision ball, when I switched back on a couple holes with a conventinal golfball, they just didn't feel right off the putter.....so I found myself going back to an Arctic White X3...there the putting was much better instantly. Why is that? Got a 2 man scramble on Monday.....should I use the Pinky or the Gel? I am th
  9. Wait until you try the fairway woods and hybrids......they are awesome!
  10. Got off work early so my wife said "why don't you go hit some balls?"....so I did.....I pulled an Arctic white and used it for 4 holes...2 over par so far.....had a 175 yard approach shot over a lake...an it didn't make it.....so I grabbed a UVX3 and continued play.....my recovery shot was 3 ft from the hole for a bogey......today is a sad day for Vision fans....I lost not one, but two balls today...........I have my regular 18 holes tomorrow, a practice round at an exclusive private club on Sunday, then a two man scramble on Monday....My plan is to use my last Pinky on Monday.
  11. The public links that I choose to play in Tampa gave us a "deal" a couple years ago when we moved our game from a club that was going to close (and did so a couple months later. They have winter rates ($54)& summer rates ($34)so they gave us a flat rate of $30 year round for a shotgun start every Saturday morning at 8 AM. We provide a modified stableford points game every Saturday for about 20 to 30 golfers. Then every 6 months, we hold a 2 day tourney. To be a member of the club, you pay about $120/month + $16 cart fees. To play as a member, the cost would be about $2,200 versus
  12. The Air Force One comes with Fujikura E350 shaft.....and its terrific!
  13. ....and their customer service crew is top knotch!...when I experienced a few broken shafts during play, they replaced them to my satisfaction....when the third one broke, they replaced the entire 7 club set...no questions. I don't have the 3 wood, but got the 5 wood and the 3 & 4 AFO hybrids.....and they are as terrific as the driver and irons! I am proud to be a return to PowerBilt owner.....I used PowerBilt Levelume irons and Citation woods for over 20 years...back in the day.
  14. I got an email today asking me to re-verify my profile on titleist.com as they were probably going to send some my way for testing.
  15. I tried the Pinky on Sunday......what a terrific feel off the Driver, irons, wedges and putter. Boz, I think you were right...I really liked this ball!....Please note that I said "liked"...as it went in the drink on the 8th hole. Other than I wasn't hitting my drives down the middle, so i was constantly looking in the rough...I found it in short order as it was the only Pink ball in play. My best drive was 221 yds. Please note that the Pinky is also easy to follow in the air. When Pinky went for a swim, it was just a "bounce" that put it in the water so I was sure I could find it....probl
  16. The C3 line was from Maxfli before Dick's took over the line.....Maxfli had some balls called C3 but are no longer available.
  17. I had a few more thoughts about the glove, after using it both Sunday & Monday. The Temp was in the low 90's,very little wind. I usually take my glove off after the tee shot then back on for the approach, then back off to putt. That's a lot of work.....But with the Vision glove, I left it on from tee to green....and throughout the day as it got hotter, I was not experiencing any discomfort. As for the tree frog like grip, I remember when I was a boy (in the 50's), my first golf glove had no thumb, open fingers and a diagonal rubber stripe through the palm. It lasted several seasons and
  18. So, finally someone else posts the legit experience with a PowerBilt Air Force One Driver.....I've been tooting this horn for 6 months....I'm glad others are beginning to listen. Cheymike.....it's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.
  19. Anybody seen or tried the new Slotline 693 ??? My link
  20. Updates.....Updates......I need updates.....this would look proud hangin 'round the links.
  21. Thanks Boz, I look forward to trying them soon.....although I'll probably save the Pinky for when I go out by myself......still have an image to uphold you know!.....LOL Foz
  22. Thanks Justin66......I'll try that....I have been analyzing my divots and they appear to be about 2" flat (not deeper on either toe or heel).
  23. Not only that, but they changed out the grips to a midsize as i had changed the original set.....they gave me Golf Pride Velvet Tour....nice...
  24. Five rounds in the bank for the replacement PowerBilt irons and they are playing very well....93,92, 93, 92, & 90. Approach shots to the green are pushing a little right....guess I'm not getting my left hand and the clubface square at impact....will be working on that as my left wrist has a metal plate and 13 screws holding it together....I know I can get it square. Ordered a 4 hybrid and 5 wood from PowerBilt....both are nitrogen charged...the 4 hybrid yields 170-175 yds while the 5 wood is a much higher flight to 170 - 180 yds....great feel at impact. Thanks PowerBilt.
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