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  1. So, finally someone else posts the legit experience with a PowerBilt Air Force One Driver.....I've been tooting this horn for 6 months....I'm glad others are beginning to listen. Cheymike.....it's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.
  2. Anybody seen or tried the new Slotline 693 ??? My link
  3. Updates.....Updates......I need updates.....this would look proud hangin 'round the links.
  4. Thanks Boz, I look forward to trying them soon.....although I'll probably save the Pinky for when I go out by myself......still have an image to uphold you know!.....LOL Foz
  5. Thanks Justin66......I'll try that....I have been analyzing my divots and they appear to be about 2" flat (not deeper on either toe or heel).
  6. Not only that, but they changed out the grips to a midsize as i had changed the original set.....they gave me Golf Pride Velvet Tour....nice...
  7. Five rounds in the bank for the replacement PowerBilt irons and they are playing very well....93,92, 93, 92, & 90. Approach shots to the green are pushing a little right....guess I'm not getting my left hand and the clubface square at impact....will be working on that as my left wrist has a metal plate and 13 screws holding it together....I know I can get it square. Ordered a 4 hybrid and 5 wood from PowerBilt....both are nitrogen charged...the 4 hybrid yields 170-175 yds while the 5 wood is a much higher flight to 170 - 180 yds....great feel at impact. Thanks PowerBilt.
  8. Labor Day.....My 3rd day in a row playing golf....what a joy it is to live in Florida....Today's rounds will be 2 4somes using Modified Stableford points totaling the net +/- points from our weekly averages.....this means every shot counts ....or doesn't. I chose the Fantom as my projectile of choice....hoping to gain some distance with the lower compression. 1st drive of the day was a flop....I came up over the top with my drive and the ball went to the edge of the fairway....a very long way left to play....in the rough, so I used a 4 Hybrid and smashed it well down the fairway, 170 yds. Back in the game, I was still 170 out to an elevated green. I hit the 4 hybrid again and absolutely smoked it...heading directly towrad the pin, but unfortunately a little breeze dropped it 5 yds short of the green. Although I did not score well on this first hole, I can still remeber the feel of the Fantom when I hit it square with my 4 hybrid.......sweet. 2nd hole was a 145 yd par 3...my 7 iron was hit well, but I pulled it into the bunker...pin high....again, nice feel off the clubhead....chipped out of the bunker and 2 putted for a bogey. 3rd hole put me in the rough again as I hit into the trees on the right and it kicked back just in front of the fairway. I grabbed my 4 hybrid and bombed it back into the fairway just 95 yds off the pin...overshot my wedge and took a six. Not a good score but striking the ball well away from the tee box. On the 4th & 5th holes I found my drive.....long, sweet and right down the middle...bogey, bogey. The day continued, using the Fantom as if it were a Bridgestone or a Callaway....great feel off the clubhead, reasonable release off the wedges. I was scoring my average game....finishing with a 92...+3 on my points for the day. I used my Ray Cook Gyro putter today...it's a mallet with a backstryke type shaft.....The Fantom rolled smoothly off the face. Hole number 18, the last hole, par 4. My drive left me at 170 to the pin...again I reached for my 5 wood and smoked it to 8 feet left of the pin.....made the put to end my round with a biride.....BTW, we won the game at total net points +22 versus +15.... Overall, I really liked the feel of the Fantom over the Arctic White X3 and the UV X3....so far......stay tuned. Foz
  9. I just switched from: 10.5 * Powerbilt Air Force One Driver...200 to 230 yds 2H - 17* Nickent 3DXDC hybrid....205 to 215 yds 3 Wood - 15* Cobra S9-1.. yds...180 to 205 3H - 20* PowerBilt AFO 3 hybrid....175 to 185 yds 4 iron PowerBilt Air Force One Hollow iron...165 to 175 yds to: 10.5 * Powerbilt Air Force One Driver...200 to 230 yds 3 wood - 15* Cobra S9-1....180 to 205 yds 5 wood - Powerbilt AFO ....170 to 185 yds high launch 3H - 20* PowerBilt AFO 3 hybrid...175 to 185 yds 4H - 23* PowerBilt AFO 4 hybrid...160 to 175 yds Don't know if it's better, but it feels right.
  10. Last week I analyzed the UV X3.....today I played the Arctic White X3...Remember when I said the UVX3 felt like a rock last week?....well no way today!...The X3 was booming off the driver today....I thought about last weeks performance so I teed up the ball a little higher, using the yellow tee with the smiley face on it that was included in the package...I figured my balance must have been off so I played the ball more to my center than my left foot.....the result was very acceptable...and the Arctic White made it easy to spot my ball down the fairway from the others. Hybrids and fairway woods were fantastic.....great feel off the ball either when I swept the 3 or 5 wood or when I pinched the 3 or 4 hybrid. Irons were solid.....only issue here is I was leaving my clubface open resulting in a push to the right with my 5, 6 & 7....great feel and response using the 8 and 9 irons....Used my SW quite a bit as the greenside rough is in high bllom and was thick as spinach....my issue here was I played the ball too softly. It came out of the rough well, but I failed to give it enough ummmph to get it to the green....and sometimes it only landed in the rough closer to the green. Today, my putting was "hands like a rock"...I had no feel as most every putt passed over the hole and kept going....used the same putter as last week...Ray Cook Blue Goose 3. Midweek I went to the practice green with 5 putters and putted for 1 1/2 hours. Although the UVX3's and Arctic White X3's provided a different feel with each putter, the end result was usually the same...No one putter was better than another...These are the five putters I used: 1-Ray Cook Blue Goose 3 2-Ray Cook Gyro mallet 3-Slotline High Moment Inertial (Original design from the 80's) 4-Slotline SL781 5-Scotty Cameron Newport 2 The order above is the order I decided after putting with both the UV and the Arctic White. Note that the most expensive putter is at the bottom of the list. Overall, I prefer the Arctic White X3 over the UVX3....but will continue to use both. I did lose an Arctic White on hole # 13 today. 160 yards to the green over a pond...I left my weight on my right foot which caused me to skull the ball. It skipped across the pond dying about 4 feet from the other shore. For a moment, I thought it was going to skip across. To date I have lost one UVX3 and one Arctic White X3....at this rate I should have several rounds left before I have to go back to my Callaway & Maxfli's. Very Important.....I have been fascinated at the difference in construction of the hats, ball marker, tees & towels from Oz....different than USA stuff....the towel is much higher quality and feel than USA golf towels.....the hats have a different sweatband...one that really works, the Tees are fatter, but performed well, but the ball marker is defintely different....Why?..when I had to move my marker out of my partner's putting line, I flipped it over, as I always do to remind me that I must replace it to it's original position, err I get a 2 stroke penalty, well as I flipped the marker over, and went to remove my putter, the marker stuck to the bottom of the putter. I had to re mark...In the USA, the magnetic ball markers have the magnet in the part attached to your hat, whereas the OZ mfg ball marker has the magnet in the marker. Definitley the opposite as Oz is the land from down under. The glove definitly Rocks!...used it all day, felt like I was a tree frog when holding the club. Note to self:I must get more gloves from Oz! Also wore the Teal Hat....everybody noted the Vision logo on everything today. They wanted to know what brand was making this stuff....When I said Vision, they still said "who?"..then I would tell them about the Boz from Oz. Playing tomorrow on Labor Day (hooray..3 days of golf in a row!)....gonna try the UVX3 again....but will have the Arctic White if I can't get the UV off the driver.....now if I only had a Vision Golf Shirt.....
  11. Thanks for the feedback Boz, I plan on trying the Arctic White next week....but won't give up on the X3..as I really liked the putting action and iron play.....I can tee it up higher and see if it flies....I don't mind getting razzzed by others ....I am used to it....My favorite sports teams are: University of Kentucky Wildcats Tampa bay Lightning Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Storm Tampa Bay Rays To date my teams have NCAA National Championship Basketball, Stanley Cup, Superbowl Champion, Arena Bowl Champion & World Series Finals.... I also play with PowerBilt Driver & irons.....not the regular most popular clubs from Golf Digest...and I get a lot of ribbing from the PowerBilt Fuzzy Zoeller infomercial....Air Force One Nitrogen charged driver. I really love it when I beat them!
  12. I got to spend some time with the Vision golfballs today, I selected the UV X3 Went to the putting green.....as suggested, I was playing with a group of guys who made alot of tacky comments about the flourescent yellow color which I ignored. It took a little while to get used to the soft touch off the putter.....was plenty short at first, but as I got used to them, I began to stroke through the ball and noticed a much better result.....during my round today, I was consistenlty close but as the day got hotter, the greens dried out more and my putts started doing a Linda Rondstat on the hole...."Blue Bayou..." so I had to re-adjust....overall, I liked the soft feel when putting. I tried both alignmemt aides....the VISION was good for short to medium putts and the website address worked well for longer putts. I was somewhat dissappointed with the X3 off my driver....felt like a rock and did not achieve my normal distance....my drives were about 20 yds shorter than usual....even when I crushed it....the result was considerbly shorter. The ball seemed to respond correctly, it just ended up shorter than usual. I have an 80 to 87 mph swing speed...my driver is the PowerBilt Air Force One Air Foil 10.5* with Fujukura E-350 regular shaft....my drives are normally 195 to 235, with an occasional 250 yds. The fairway wood and hybrid shots felt good....I got my normal distance from the 3 wood (180 - 190), 5 wood (170), 3 Hybrid (185) & 4 Hybrid (170) yards. Coming off the clubface the ball felt like it had some pop. The irons were where the X3 excelled. From my 5 iron to my sand wedge(56*), the X3 popped off the clubface and traveled through the air as it was designed to do....I had several approach shots from 160 to 75 yds. that were spot on. I used one UV X3for the entire day....until the last hole, when I was in deep rough with a 70 yd approach to the green. I chunked it into the creek running across the fairway in front of the green.....it was too deep to retrieve....so deep I could not retrieve it....it was not the balls fault....it was mine...I did not get my SW into the rough from a vertical angle....and when I tried to sweep through it, the deep thick grass grabbed the clubhead and wouldn't let go....end result was lost ball in the creek. Final score was a 92 for the day.....should have been an 88. Overall, I had no trouble locating the ball when I went into the rough and eventually got used to the yellow color....I still have four more in my bag.... Why is my driver suffering with the X3?
  13. I have an 87 mph swing speed........do you think the Pink will be a good fit for me? Currently, I have a Fujikura E-350.....57g, 4.20 Torque. The Aldila NV 55 is 55g, 3.90 Torque The Aldila NV 65 is 65g, 3.90 Torque Any suggestions?
  14. Hey Guys, These reviews are spot on! I can't wait to try them out.....was out last night for a bucket, then went to the practice green with the X3 Yellow & Russell.....after about 5 minutes (not even enough time to gauge anything) it started raining....so I was done. My plan is to use all on the practice green before having a go on the course. I'm playing a different course this Saturday, one I haven't played in a year, so i probably won't break them out. I want to try them out on my regular course, as I now the distances and layout well. That will be a better test of each balls performance.....maybe Sunday.
  15. My Vision Care Package was sitting at my front door when i got home last night......and what a care package it is! Logo Towel, glove, hat, visor, tees, ball marker and 18 of the ugliest golf balls I have ever seen. That's right...they may be ugly, BUT I really like the idea of being able to easily ID my ball. I can't wait for the rains to subside in Central Florida so I can give them a spin. I want to start with the putting green, then will progress to using in my normal rounds. Let me say that I am very impressed with the quality of the Vision Logo accessories. As this stuff is not made in the USA, I looked at how differently the hat & visor is made realative to others. They are both great quality & value. One is going to be able to notice the Vision logo from a distance (good marketing). I tried the glove on....WOW! terrific fit, especially for one who has a Cadet Medium hand. I like the texture and look forward to using it on the course. Thanks Boz
  16. I opened the box last night and found, 7 brand new PowerBilt Air Force One Air Foil hollow nitrogen irons with Regular graphite shafts and Golf Pride Midsize grips (4 thru PW). I know that I had put GP Midsize Tour Wrap 2G grips on and noted that Powerbilt put GP Midsize Tour Velvet grips. I'm okay with that as the Tour Velvet actually has more dampness control than the Tour Wrap 2G, but not as much shock absortion & tackiness. So I wrapped up the old irons, including the broken PW and they are now in a box waiting for FedEx return....at no expense to me. Through all of this adventure, I can say that PowerBilt's distributor agents in Thousand Palms, California have been Outstanding! Thanks Ryan, Brian & Cameron! Thanks PowerBilt!
  17. My replacement irons came in last night.........I'll get them tonight. That was pretty fast.....one week after calling and they are delivered cross country. Thanks Powerbilt!
  18. Great preliminary reviews........just checked the tracking notice....my box has left L.A. so I guess it's heading cross country for delivery in a few days. Anxiously awaiting my trials with Vision!
  19. Well, the third club (out of 7) broke on Saturday.....my PW broke after a 20 yard pitch on a par 3....as I was laying the club on the green, I felt and heard a cracking sound. Before the shaft was out of my hand, it had snapped and separated from the clubhead. This is the exact same break as the first two (9 & 6 irons). The original shafts say "UL 65 Powerized"......they are made for Powerbilt by Apollo I found this concerning Apollo Graphite shafts.... Apollo shafts have had a long and distinguished history in the golf industry. The company was started in the Midlands of England, the main site of the industrial revolution. In the mid 1890's as one of the founding five members of the TI Group (Tube Investments), the company was then known as Accles & Pollock. The company was referred to as a “tube manipulator”, which produced all types of steel tubing. In 1913, Accles & Pollock received a patent for the first tubular steel golf shaft. After the steel golf shaft was finally legalized by the R & A, golf's governing body in 1927, it rapidly replaced the wood shafts that had been used since golf began in Scotland. Accles & Pollock soon worked with an American company, named American Fork and Hoe, which eventually became the present day True Temper. As a licensee of the American company for nearly forty years Accles & Pollack produced steel shafts under the True Temper name for the European and Japanese golf markets. The agreement was dissolved in 1977, and Accles & Pollock began selling directly into the North American markets of USA and Canada, under their own brand name and shaft models. In 1986 the company was split to focus more on the golf side of the business, and took on the name Apollo Golf, which was the name of the shaft models. In 1988, Apollo golf was the first steel shaft manufacturer in the world to also offer its own branded graphite shaft models. The present day Apollo Golf Company is as dedicated to shaft quality, performance, and customer service as the original company. We will continue to offer a variety of shaft models in both steel and graphite, backed by engineering and quality assurance. We look forward to servicing your shaft requirements and helping your company be successful. Some of the more popular Apollo shafts are the Apollo Shadow, Apollo Hump (which has been played by Vjay Singh, Jim Furyk and many other PGA tour pros), Apollo Acculite, Apollo Masterflex, Apollo Balistik, Apollo Shadow UL, and many more! So I guess the shaft is pretty legit...I got an AW, SW & 3 Hybrid after I bought the irons...and have had no problems with them....only 3 of the initial 7 irons with the Hollow nitrogen filled clubheads have broken. My guess is the PowerBilt graphite shaft is the same as Apollo Shadow UL Graphite Iron Shafts....here is a brief description for the web..."The Apollo Shadow UL is one of our favorite shafts – because it's hard to get a solid ultra-light graphite shaft at a reasonable price like the Shadow UL most definitely is. Designed for the mid-handicapper, this light shaft will allow a quicker swingspeed, and the mid torque provides a smooth feel and excellent kick through the zone." I honestly believe that the problem was in the assembly of the shaft to the clubhead as all three have broken the same way in the same place, just inside the Hosel. I am hoping that with the promised complete replacement set that the shaft breakage will not be a factor. I'll find out something later today.
  20. Thanks for your comments Rookieblue7, but the other clubfaces are not 2.6 mm.....as most of them have reinforcing trapezoids and circles to support the clubface...which PowerBilt does no have.....their clubface is designed to provide a better trampoline effect for players with less than 110 mph swing speeds. As for the shaft, my driver has the stock Fujikura shaft.....my PowerBilt nitrogen filled irons have an Apollo shaft designed for PowerBilt....that is the shaft that has been breaking at the hosel.....my shaft is stock 45.5 inches I believe.
  21. Guess I'll be in the second group......looking forward to testing the Visions...
  22. The opposite side of the Logo imprint has a bunch of lines carved into the grip....just as rough as the Logo. I just regripped 4 month old clubs with the Midsize Tour Wrap 2G as i have slight arthritis in my fingers.....sure you have to be careful where you lay the club....as it will pick up any sand particles. That's why I always have a towel, or use a divot tool or tee to prop up the club from the ground around the green. The grips are terrific! I don't have to squeeze as hard and my aching fingers feel much better.
  23. Good discussion guys....... That means there is a very healthy appetite for golf in this Forum.... As for me, I grew up playing PowerBilts, given to me by my Grandfather. I used them for 20 years, then passd them down to my nephew. When i saw they were going to have a booth at the 2010 Golf Show in orlando, i decided to visit and see what they have to offer. I hit both the 2nd Gen AFO driver and the AFO hollow N7 irons. Both felt very good to me. I am pretty picky as I have a steel plate, 13 screws and an inch of my hip in my left wrist. How a club handles ground shock & vibration are very important. Otherwise i could not continue to play. I had been playing Callaway Fusions for several years as they seem to handle the vibrations better than others...but the new AFO irons seem to do a better job. I felt I could hit them all day long without damage to my wrist. They made me a very sweet deal, so i said okay. Before I received the new clubs, my H-cap was 21....and I live in FL so I play every week year round. Since putting the PowerBilts into play (April 2010), my H-cap has dropped to 13.6. I know some of it is not just the clubs, but they sure don't hinder it either. I have been able to hit one or two clubs shorter on my approach due to the added distance from the Driver (Avg 205 - 250 yds). My Cobra L5V only got me 195-205 yds. Using shorter irons on my approach gained me better accuracy and a better chance to score. You can cite physics and chemistry until your blue in the face, but I am here to say that it is not just malarky......the trampoline effect off the thinner driver face has provided more distance as I only have an 87 mph swing speed. If you took the time to watch the infomercial (which i had not watched until this past month), you will see how they developed a resin to seal the inside of the clubhead, then injected the clubhead with Nitrogen, to be used as a constant pressure to help support the thinner club face. This is not bull#*&@. It is sound chemistry and physics. As for the legality, all of their Nitrogen filled clubs have been rated as 100% USGA approved. Powerbilt's customer Service is exemplary. They processed my broken clubs with no hassles whatsoever......and they said if I break one more, they will replace the entire set. That's taking care of business in my book. BTW, I played two rounds this past weekend after receiving my replacement 6 iron....no more broken clubs to report. Thanks PowerBilt!
  24. My 6 iron arrived Friday afternoon......got the grip changed to the Midsize GP Tour Wrap 2G.... Played two rounds this weekend.....no breakage to report...... Thanks Powerbilt .......you stand behind your products!
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