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  1. I go to a regular public school. Golf academies only study the minimum credit and curriculum Required.
  2. I am a junior golfer who plays tournaments and is looking for a bit more forgiveness.
  3. i like them but HATE the 5-4-3 irons. SOOO FAT. for me its actually harder to hit
  4. title says all. would love to hear review or despriction
  5. very busy. think the original x forged looked the best. they really don't read that callaway logo there. otherwise it might look ok
  6. would be VERY suprised to see tour players saying "they look great" in any interview about them. maybe with the mb.
  7. that rubber is soooo ugly. like the old ap2 better. why would they put rubber sticking out like that
  8. i have the mp 68s. hit them well but i play in junior tournaments and figure that i'm going to need help on some of my bad days. so i'm looking for something slightley more forgiving but still a players iron. i am also thinking about bagging an older set. such as nike cci forged, tour preferred, old ap2, oldest x forged. any thoughts? only problem is that they might now have conforming grooves to the rules of competition. any thoughts or suggestions???
  9. these are dissapointingly ugly. huh. really wanted a taylormade iron set this year. :( :( :( :( :( :(
  10. we've seen the new forged line up. unfortunately, they look Terrible. i would really like to see some r11 irons this year.
  11. title says all. would love feedback and description of these irons.
  12. only thing i like is the finish. hate the plastic. really ugly. was so eager to see what we had installed for us but these??
  13. with they came in just a mb and a cb set. not everyone is down to play a combo
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