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  1. i have the mp 68s. hit them well but i play in junior tournaments and figure that i'm going to need help on some of my bad days. so i'm looking for something slightley more forgiving but still a players iron.


    i am also thinking about bagging an older set. such as nike cci forged, tour preferred, old ap2, oldest x forged. any thoughts?


    only problem is that they might now have conforming grooves to the rules of competition.


    any thoughts or suggestions???

  2. well. they are all good clubs. in my opinion i think that the mp 62 and the cobra cb look better than the x forged. to me, looks play a great deal in deciding. i currently have the mp 68 and love them. and i see why you'd favor that soft feel, but tell me this. if these cavity backs are for off days, do you really think you will be hitting the center that often and getting that soft feel? if you have a set for you on days that are soft i think that you should focus on forgiveness because isn't that what you want on a bad day?


    if it were me, i would get either the cb or mp. really tough decision for me, but i would prob. lean towards the mp.

  3. I did it for my mp 68. only problem was that it was at my driving range and the fitter wasn't a real representative of mizuno. nice guy, but still. he didn't check for lie angle (which should be 1 degree flat) or length ( which should be 1/4 inch longer because mizuno is 1/4 inch shorter in their stock shafts than other brands). so I'm a little pissed.

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