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  1. not sure, but i hope nike comes out with something a bit more classical looking than what they have now. i used to be such a fan of them. i went from whole bag nike to now only the 3 & 5 wood.
  2. not impressed. feel that the 909 look WAY better.
  3. i feel that the sv and vr wedges look better. i don't like the honey comb but what i hate more is the fact that the put the nike sign that far in, towards the heel. it looks so much better if the swoosh was at the edge like in their other wedges.
  4. i, too, like the second one. but it will also need to look good from the bottom
  5. yeah, i think it looks better too. it has the black driver look without the black face. wish the r9 supertri didn't have a black face.
  6. i JUST bought it TODAY. and i hit a pop up ater 5 shots. now theres that pop up mark on the top. i never had the problem with my nike 5000, but my alignment sticks did scratch it pretty bad. anyway what can i do. if i just color over it i can still see that difference in height. How the real coat sits a bit higher than just ink or marker. Dear MYGOLFSPY, do you guys know where i can buy just a head?
  7. a lot of the taylormade players are switching to the r9 supertri and superfast. i just want to know who still uses the original r9. plus the r9 is now 199, and there is no more customizing. so are they going to discontinue the r9?
  8. im stuck between these two. i hit them both great but at first i like the classical look of the 909 but now i leaning towards the r9. Or should I wait to see what new stuff will come out?
  9. well this isn't on the list but i love the mizuno mp 68. they are blades but they have a taller face so more room or error and forgiveness. they also look beautiful. the x 22 tour aren't forged so you don't get that pure feeling. they still have a pretty thick topline. the mp 58 feel pretty much like the 68 but i love that simple look of a blade.
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