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  1. VRNYN Bad memory here...……………...but, a retired officer friend of mine, and 2 others made the trip to the "peninsula" most every Monday. That went on for at least a handful of years, and I'm fairly sure we never spent more than "about" $15. each + or -. I don't think we even had a tee time, as I don't remember any type of stress, time wise to get there. From week too week we'd change venues. Spyglass, Fort Ord, or Pebble.
  2. Forgive me if I am wrong ( which my wife says is often), but wasn't the rebound frozen a few years back? To my way of thinking (if correct) your best option would be a shaft fitting, yes?
  3. Tiger's speed is 129, so you're right there with the best.
  4. Very nice looking stick...……………………..however, don't know if I could hit it as it looks like the head is really closed. Maybe it's just my bad eyes.
  5. Anyone using the new ogio suspension strap, SHOXX X4. How do you like it, and what was the cost? Thanks
  6. SmoothG does that name indicate your tempo? At a 14 you and with a smooth swing you can't be missing that many fairways. Even if you do, that would eliminate problem # 2 lost balls. When you look for yours you will find many extras. In my years of playing I have found 10 5 gallon bucket full, that's 330 balls per bucket. To clean them just wrap your cement mixer blades with synthetic grass. If you play with a group that may not be an option, but if you walk now and then you'll find plenty. As far as practice goes, you're spot on with the short game, however the long game can be practiced at home. In my case I just hung a recycled commerical fishing net ($50.) between to trees and problem solved, also it's great exercise at a moment's notice. I have confidence that you will figure out your face angle in no time. For me the driver is to much fun not to have in my bag. Now tell mama you have business in Paris tn., and I'll buy you a round or 2, and we have an extra room. However it won't be free, as I'll be sure the lawn needs mowing!! Friend Bob ps. What I have found helpful, is I'll pick out an alignment aid about a foot or so in front of my ball and take my setup from that. From there I forget about what's "out there" and put a SmoothG movie star swing on it and let the producers edit in the results. Hope this helps (or at least makes sense).
  7. Steve if I were you, I think I would blow off the grips and add extenders. It would cost almost nothing and give you a good idea of where you're at. Also with your large hands you might want to add an extra layer or two of tape to see if you like the feel. At 6'8" and at 6.5 I don't to meet you at the course...…………...unless you're buying the beer.
  8. "The fat guy in the rain coat" Pelzy, if I remember right, stated the guys that could get it up and down from 100 yards and in, were the money makers. Of course he was a failed professional. So he went to his second love rocket science, so he probably knows something about numbers. I've worn out a couple of his books. I could usually hit (greens) at least a 1/3 and usually more than half, but rarely break 80. One day, I hit (I think) 16 or 17 greens and shot 74.....pretty pathetic if you think about it. If I was teaching, I would start them out around the greens and work back.
  9. I took your survey, and the last question I marked "other" as there was no "nothing prevents me" answer to check off.
  10. Could have went the rest of the year without hearing about Fort Ord. In the early 70's had an older friend retired Air Force officer took us too Ord every Monday for at least a few years. Memory is bad but we played all day 54 holes and I think started on Blackhorse because Bayonet had a reputation for having the US open qualifying before and was considered a track, and everyone wanted to try it. However our first round on Blackhorse then Bayonet had thinned out and we would hit that then back Blackhorse. I think golf was around 10 bucks (?) for the day however we did buy "SIR" gas and chow. Long day but worth it. sorry about the mistakes,wife went to bed and I can't fix them.
  11. Blackngold…………...ok I'm busted. Was just looking for a good excuse to buy a new $500. (?) driver. I knew people here would come up with good reasons for updating. You are correct a fitting for head AND shaft would be "required". Appreciate your input.
  12. I could be wrong (have I ever said that and meant it?) but didn't they freeze the rebound on drivers in 2007? To my limited thinking the only improvements would be adjustments for left and right and high and low ball control. So I haven't upgraded my 07 Taylormade. Your opinions on what I'm missing and why would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the welcome. I've actually been here for a while just don't say much. Truthfully it's not really a big deal (letting groups through), as me and the dog do this most everyday mostly for the exercise Cart people can easily keep the flow going but walkers have to be mindful of people suddenly behind you. Once in awhile when I want to keep playing I can control the flow so to speak. Example.... I call you up and invite you to play on through after I hit my shot, and just before I get to the green (and you're long gone) I wave the next group up, I then finish up and by that time the group behind has caught up and is ready to putt out. I usually tell them something like I'm gonna go tee off then I'll wait for you to tee off and then you can be on your way. You can play like that all day and everyone's happy. Happy that you let them thru and not wanting them to join you thus slowing them down. I guess what I'm saying is nobody wants a Volkswagen in a Corvette race. Although I did have an Austin Healey once that got blown away by a Volkswagen.....yeah don't ask.
  14. Walking, single, senior. ....Talk about having the plague!! Haven't seen another walker in at least 6 months (tough walk). My m. o. is before I hit my second shot I check the tee and if anyone is there, I'll wave them up. I move off to the side (as my ball is always in the center of the fairway) and let the blast away. Trouble is most people will hurry (being polite) to get by you. I usually don't have enough time to get through my routine before I hear them rumbling up behind, so I wait while they all jump out blast away again jump back in and (usually) with waves all around they are off in a cloud of flying grass clippings. Anyone see a crime here? Well I guess you have to be a regular walker to see it. I have given them 10 min. to tee off and another 10 min to find their second shots then chip on and or putt out and clear the green. Now I can start my routine again. First order of business..............that's right check the tee again. Actually I've checked the tee long before that, but you get my point. My gripe is why didn't they invite me to play my second shot when they were playing theirs? If they had and by the time I got to my third shot they would usually be long gone or darn near, and with an inconvenience to no one. Now it's true I'm old and retired with nothing to do but go home and mow the lawn,............but they didn't know that I coulda had a date!!
  15. W. Tn. I really don't know about the maintenance. Usually 1 full time mech, and a small handfull of part time mowers and such. Owner does a good portion on of the upkeep.
  16. The course I play can be bought for less than the cost of the cement cart paths (i'm guessing). Price is $800,000. It was rated in the top 5 public courses in the state in 05 I think. I have given some suggestions, but they were not interested...........Sad
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