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  1. I too am a bit older. I have reviewed most of these brands. Given your preferences you should check out QED Style. No big logos, pants that fit right and solid colored shirts (the plaid is just one style).
  2. Great list and I can say with certainty that you are correct on the Kentwool socks. I have about 7 pairs (some 3 years old) that are still in great shape. They are absolutely worth the extra few dollars. I also have a pair of the QED Style shorts which are also a favorite of mine. Again, a few more dollars than most shorts, but they hold up forever (mine are 3 years old) and still in perfect condition.
  3. I too am a big fan of Bunker Mentality. I literally wear the wind jacket everyday. While the sweaters are tight, as long as you are comfortable with your masculinity, they are very cool. Plus, the price is way below what I would expect. While the shirts do not hold up quite as well as a more premium brand, they do quite well and as I said, they are about 1/2 of the price. Thumbs up!
  4. We have reviewed some summer gear from Bunker and while it is clearly more funky than most, I kinda dig it. We also have some fall stuff in for review which I really like. Specifically, the jackets are great. Plus the pricing on Bunker Mentality is significantly less than most comparable gear.
  5. Yikes! Never used a Nike putter and certainly never a yellow and green putter.
  6. Fellow blogger and huge fan of My Golf Spy. Spent about 2 hours reading all of the golf reviews on the site before settling on the Taylormade 2.0. Like My Golf Spy we also do product reviews and we also just write about golf and all of its goofiness. We don't have a forum, so its a great outlet to post random thoughts that are too small for a full blog post. We would love to hear what My Golf Spy readers think of our work as well! In either case, I am thankful for this site! Adam Threeguysgolfblog.com
  7. Should be getting some in for review soon. Fairly Euro looking but still quite sharp.
  8. Good post. Sand baggers are true evil so I am on board with your ideas. In the meantime we will have to suffer their wrath. I actually wrote my own rant about this very subject. http://threeguysgolfblog.com/sandbagger/
  9. Clearly a bad-ass and a great golfer but the mustache must only be a test to see how cheesie he can look and still make time with the ladies.
  10. I must admit, I was a bit worried about these-mostly because the ones I got were all white and not exactly thin around the toe area. However, I have been very pleased with them on the course. I just wish I got the brown or mixed color version.
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