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  1. Roderick - Honolulu, HI Currently alternating between Cobra King Black and TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF Series 54° or 58° Mid Sole, please and thank you!
  2. 8.1 GHIN, Honolulu, HI Currently gaming a 5-AW set of P790s. I carry the 8 iron an average of 167 yards. I've read a few things about SUB 70 but without a dealer in the islands, I've been unable to see or try any of the company's offerings. I have the greatest respect for a small company taking on "the giants".
  3. •Roderick, HI •107-111 •Bridgestone Tour B XS •Tour X
  4. 1. Roderick, Hawai'i 2. 9.1 / 111 MPH 3. PING G400 4. G410 Plus
  5. 1. Roderick - Honolulu, HI 2. 9.1 3. TaylorMade TP xFT & TP EF ATV 54/58 4. 50/54/58
  6. 1. Roderick. Orlando, FL ​2. 7.5 index / 108 MPH 3. TaylorMade M3 460 9.5 4. PING G400 LST w/Tour 65S
  7. Roderick - Orlando, FL/Honolulu, HI TaylorMade M3 9.5* Speeder Pro XLR8 63S TaylorMade M1 3W(2017) Speeder Pro 76S Cobra Fly-Z+ 4-5W Speeder Pro Tour Spec 74S Titleist 915Hd 23.5* Matrix HX4 White Tie S Titleist 816H2 25* Matrix HX4 White Tie S Nike Vapor Pro Combo (JDM) 6-AW Projext X PXi 6.0 TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF 54* & 58* KBS Black Nickel S 7.5 7.5 to 4.5 by December 2018 Working on better accuracy with my wedges from 120 yards in.
  8. I'm a retired military operator and amateur club builder residing in Greenville, SC with a currently handicap of 4.4. I will have the esteemed honor of performing as Mr Mom this summer with my two young golfers! We'll be on the course 4-5 days per week which should provide a perfect opportunity to test the new C-Taper Lite against my current C-Taper, PXi and Dynamic Gold sets. I'm getting a bit older and am starting to have slight problems in my wrists and shoulders so the PXi shafts have become my favorite set because of the lighter weight. I've always been a KBS fan though and would love to put the PXi's and C-Taper Lites up to a comparison testing.
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